January 9th, 2004

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Summing up: shopping, switches and cables, freshstartwrite, ralmathon

It was a bad day for wakefulness.

Afternoon, votania and I went to her workplace to pick up her paycheck. We went to Fry's electronics and got a new cat-5 cable, as we were short one. Then we went to Sam's Club and got groceries, within the constraints of the screaming budget, as well as renewing the membership.

It turned out that the extra cable was ... well ... heh. Hehe.

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Didn't I feel smart.

After all that, there still wasn't connectivity to the internet from Marx's box, even though it was connected correctly. I eventually traced the fault to Tigereye's not sharing the internet connection as she was supposed to, and smacked her around a bit. Bitch. ...Well, yeah, M$ Networking's fault, yeah.

While I was getting ready to go to the writing group, I heard the dulcet mellow tuneful musical vigorous strudent harsh evil evil tones of the kid across the way's new pennywhistle. I beckoned votania into the room, and told her to give a listen out the window. (I'd informed her of this development while on the shopping trip, and she'd been amused, and perhaps not quite believed.) Three blasts, and she was a believer. I told her how long this had been going on. She declared a very appropriate intent for later on in the evening, which intent I applauded.

After I got a shower, easalle came to pick me up for the writing group night. We had a new person there! Yay! The librarian discussed how she was going to be part-time now, and going to be studying more, and there was consequently a job opening, and she would be accepting resumés. When she mentioned that, I opened up my folder, and pulled out the extra copy I'd printed only yesterday when I'd made it for Career Development class. If it pulls through, it'll be a full-time library aide job at the women's center downtown.

We read, and had fun. One of the group members, the cheery one who reminds me of othercat on Perkium, had a brilliant idea about doing a round-robin something or other, and started off an interesting story with this ghost. I created freshstartwrite for the group; we should be collecting members.

On the way home, easalle's son was hyper and very, very silly. I may have given him a new vocabulary word. He might not remember it, though.

I came home. Mmm, family supper! Yay! Meatloaf, mixed veggies, biscuits, mushroom soup sauce stuff. Yum. Slightly burned biscuits, though.

After that, votania needed eggs in order to make cookies, so we headed for the store. She ran back for one last purchase while I loaded stuff in the car. She came back out in company with my dear big bro ralmathon. Yay! He came over. She gave him the tinned ham that had come with that $WINTERHOLIDAY gift box from her uncle. (We avoid pork, as it makes her puke.) He brought soda. We gave him cookies. marxdarx showed him some animations and games. I told him the story of Darkside's Halloween kiss. (Aww.)

It was a good day.
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Geek Humor: Networking, Serious Errors

sithjawa (12:36:14 AM): so I uninstalled the client/server for MS networks
sithjawa (12:36:16 AM): and reboot
sithjawa (12:36:20 AM): and the computer... it goes
sithjawa (12:36:27 AM): "The computer has recovered from a serious error."
sithjawa (12:36:31 AM): Repeat five times fast.
azurelunatic (12:36:32 AM): *snork*
sithjawa (12:36:45 AM): I dont' think it's quite recovered...
sithjawa (12:36:50 AM): it's not running linux yet
azurelunatic (12:36:54 AM): Hee.
sithjawa (12:37:18 AM): but sadly, I must now repeat my serious error
sithjawa (12:37:22 AM): ::reinstalls ms networking::
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Morning was good. History, and then Career Development, where I actually had the homework!

Minus side: the teacher doesn't know my name.

And it's a class of less than twenty.
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Part of growing up is learning, "I can deal with this. It doesn't have to make me cry anymore."

(Thinking about things to talk about with LF)
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History Done Right

I encountered Nicholas and Alexandra and their frail son, and the Russian Revolution today in History class.

Miles Vorkosigan of Barrayar echoes that historical story, only done right.

Clearly, his mother and father were able to stay in touch with the plight of the commoner, emerging from the Time of Isolation, and not pay too much attention to the poor kid. Bodyguards, yes, to keep him from hurting himself. Long lunches from his father. Poor man must have been worked to the bone.

But he wasn't politically isolated, and he wasn't the cause of an Empire's downfall.