January 11th, 2004

loud fayoumis

late-night would-be intruder

Setting the scene:

Time: late night, maybe one and a half big ones in the morning.
Place: the Lunatic's bedroom, in a mildly dodgy bit of Phoenix, Arizona (about a quarter of the ground-floor windows have thick security screens over them in this apartment complex)
Characters: the Lunatic, at her computer; eris_raven, sitting by the window.
The window: is open. Blinds are down.
The Lunatic: is awake, sitting at the computer, by the window.

It gave me a funny turn when there was a sudden noise outside the window, right ON the screen, only a yard from my unprotected face. There was the sudden presence of someone or something, crouched down so only the head area of them was visible through the cracks.

I'm a Gryffindor when startled, more bravery than sense. I smack the blinds aside with the intent of causing a little mayhem first, to see that it's no man crouched out there, nor woman, but a CAT, that little queen who looks cross between Persian and Siamese, clinging to the screen with claws hooked into the spaces.

"Shoo!" I told her, or words to that effect. Clinging in the classic cat-on-screen-door posture, she didn't, not until I thipped her foot from the inside, at which point she dropped off and went ... elsewhere.
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multiple user

Actually a Lunatic

There are reasons why I'm actually a Lunatic, rather than merely an eccentric young woman.

One of them -- or several -- would have to be that I'm attempting to create a mood theme based on the many expressions that little exampleuserLJ dude can have. So far, I have angry, confused, in love, and probably more. I'll be doing something with it at some point.

It's also bedtime.

And my cat is not talking back to me.
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running, bomb tech


Had a bad dream about the plasma place. Due to the screw-ups of both me and the technician (fortunately, the technician was a dream-character, and not anyone I actually knew) I was almost injured, and booted from the place and fined.

Not a good combination.
grammar bitch

Return of the Idiots

The messenger profile of the ID that this luser sent the message to has this listed for hobbies: Being cruel to people who IM me to try to cyber. Being bitchy with people who use chat abbreviations like u for you. Being mean to people who try to use me as a dating service.

With that in mind...
Idiot: Would you date for $100?
azurelunatic: Who the hell are you?
Idiot: Why
azurelunatic: You sent me a message: "Idiot: Would you date for $100?"
Idiot: Would you?
azurelunatic: And it's not every day that I get a come-on that stupid.
azurelunatic: No.
Idiot: Well it was your lucky day then.
Idiot: Bi Bi
sad, greensad


Bored probably shouldn't be a punishable offense.

Or at least, it shouldn't be phrased that way.


Hiding now.
loud fayoumis

Yes, I love my neighborhood: yelling, screaming, and the cops.

Another visit of Happy Fun from the neighbors. There was some sort of domestic dispute or other, of an unknowable type, that erupted into yelling, of the "Everybody should just simmer down now" type, which was compounded by what sounded to be mental issues with a side helping of paranoia.

Try "Somebody call 911! They're trying to kill me!" sounds.

Someone did, and there was great debate out front.

The current themes involve, "Shut up, you piece of shit!" and several people all trying to talk at once over each other, and a crying small kid (possibly Pennywhistle Owner) on top of that.

"Welcome to Phoenix," as votania keeps telling me.

And now, there is a lot of giving of names, and figuring out how to spell them.
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