January 12th, 2004

running, bomb tech


Woke up late. Went to pick up LF from school. Got mail. Happily, mail had two research checks and a Preferred Reader coupon. Unhappily, mail had a bill that was bigger than I thought it would be.

votania and marxdarx came home. She had sushi for me. I went and gave plasma.

I talked with a guy at the bus stop coming back. Some guy giving plasma fainted. The guy at the bus stop (who'd gotten on the bus with me when I was headed out) had seen his head bounce on the floor. ...Ow...

The guys were playing Jenga.

votania brought home an M&M memo recorder toy and four tubes of Smarties last night. Those only tingle my tongue a little. We've been having insane amounts of fun with the ten-second record/playback function, LF especially.

We need lettuce and bread, and probably Stuff. Should go fetch.


I hope some sort of job comes through for me, something I can survive at.