January 13th, 2004


Shopping with Gayboys

Was bored, and also out of lettuce. Came up with the idea of shopping.

Just about then, Mr. President's roommate signed in to Y!. We chatted, and then we wound up deciding to go shopping together.

I called sionainn and left a message, then rainstorm13 got to hear about the Corner of Doom and the bad Arizona drivers.

I had a delightful time shopping with the gayboy. It is good to go shopping with gayboys. There were some wall sticky jelly things that we decided that we would trust Little Fayoumis with, but not Mr. President. The stocker person on the ladder was amused. I also shared the story about "that ancient bitch" and V's new legal name, an amusing tale from 2001 sometime, in combination with sleep dep.

Ben & Jerry's was on sale. Mmm. My digestive system may hate me later. Also, avacado. (Why does that remind me of Avada Kedavra? Also, can I even spell that spell?) Chatted with sionainn, who is having a Siblings' Night In, it sounds like.

The joys of borrowing one's roommate's cellphone with unlimited long distance on it.
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Who's the genius?

I've been very impressed with my own work on the set of mood icons I'm making. Gods, but I'm good with Paint.

I'm taking the little LJ person, and I've blown him/her/it up to about double height, double width, and I've started adding little things. Exclamation point, heart, question mark, horns, and most recently, a very good raincloud.

I hope to someday make it a public mood set.
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Draft: Changes: fresh start

By midnight, I was crabby. There hadn't been enough time to identify everything I wanted to bring, and now it was three hundred miles behind me, and getting further. Halloween was supposed to be the new year, ending of the old, a new start, and I was getting more than I bargained for. I was going, finally, to college. I'd bombed out at my first try at the local university, but now I was traveling halfway across the country, a thousand miles from home, a town where I had no friends and knew only two people: my fiance and our new roommate. I wasn't exactly sure how it was going to work.

Psychogenesis, again (ramble in progress)

Always know where your inputs come from. When you stop re-analyzing them and go output-only, you get excessively eetee.

Never accept anything as truth if there's no solid proof behind it. Be willing to say, "That's a very pretty idea, and I like it, and I can provisionally accept it as a nice idea pending further data."

Go back over your old influences, to find out where your ideas came from. Watch it, read it, record what you're taking in. Each new reading, each time you re-input the input that you took when you weren't aware of it, you become more aware of the things you didn't know you thought all along. And then you can ask yourself if, really, a sitcom about a dysfunctional family was the best place to pick up the Rules of Interaction between mates. Watch and read all the trash you want, but keep track of it so you can use it to debug later.

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Onion horoscopes

Gemini: (May 21—June 21)
You're not the kind of person who constantly goes around saying the sky is falling, which makes you ill-equipped to cope with the events of this Thursday.

Cancer: (June 22—July 22)
You're ready to put that bad relationship and all its painful memories behind you, but unfortunately, it'll be available on DVD starting next week.
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Cue the damned unfunny part of Arizona: the Lunatic overheats and dries out.

Evidently I need the air conditioning to kick in by January. It's been uniformly too hot, both outside and in. I'm wearing a tank top with the fan on, and I'm sucking down water. It's 75°F out there, which is at the high end of room temperature for me. Given that inside is usually warmer than outside, it's ... too hot.

Our apartment complex has water-driven heating and cooling: in the "cold" bits of the year, the water running through the pipes is hot, to heat the air, and in the "hot" to "way too hot" to "infernal" bits of the year, the water is cold. This adds up to the general concept that when the average Arizonan is freezing or saying, "Ahh, what nice weather!", I am boiling, and can't turn on the cooling. Last night I wound up putting a bottle of ice-water at the back of my neck until I cooled down enough to sleep.

You never want an overheated Lunatic. Misery ensues.
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Yay for books!

After supper, sat down on the couch with So You Want to be a Wizard, and read the first chapter. Little Fayoumis was quite happy, and wanted to know what happened in the next chapter, and perhaps I could read it after school tomorrow.

He had twenty or so minutes to play, and then he sped through his bedtime things (why does he do this so well for me?) and we first read his reading book, and then we got through his Martin Luther King, Jr. book. He's usually still on the fuss-and-feathers phase by 8:20; tonight, we had lights-out at 8:17.
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fandom_scruples is causing quite the stirring.

A copy of my (so far screened) comment here:

I nominate myself, azurelunatic, for the Black list, as my fanfic handy links bit has some NC-17 work that is not protected in any way but the good behaviour of anyone underage who may be reading it.

As a fanfic reader who was reading adult-themed fanfic while underage, I appreciate the authors who label their adult-themed stories as such, and trust in the good behaviour of those who are reading it. I'm glad to report that I made fewer stupid teenage mistakes than many people, due in part to having that pseudo-literary outlet for my frustrations.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

one for the Holy SHIT! files: green beans

Made supper. Little Fayoumis had a grilled cheese sandwich, and then I prepared green beans.

He got to choose whether he wanted them still firm or soggy; he chose still firm (I can't blame him) and we had mushroom sauce and ketchup on top.

I got the lion's share, of course.

He was told that yes, dessert was in the offing, and should he pitch a fit, he would not be getting any.

He happily ate the green beans, calling them his "best food", and delicious. Those lessons that marxdarx has been giving have been sticking.

He got the Smarties.
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Un-secret snark


Maybe, someday, I will make a board/community that is for parents who can write only.

Have been in parenting community off LJ. Have just had brain go numb from all the "I can't spell and I don't give a shit" that has been displayed. Can't spell, can't write, probably can't think.

Am snarky. No longer give a fuck.

dh for dear hubby, dd for dear daughter, ds for dear son; FS for FUCKING STUPID.

-- my dh doesnt get along with my ds they fight all the time i dont kno what too do please give me some advise im desprit--

"Desprit", honey, I'm so sorry that DopeHead doesn't get along with DogShit. Were you looking for some advice, by chance? Advice is what people who aren't clueless morons seek from people. And then the other people advise those who aren't clueless morons. My advice: capital letters, apostrophes, and periods. archy you aren't, hon.

Why is it that boards devoted to the more "domestic" endeavors seem to be clogged with people who write like that? Perhaps because they were more focused on getting a husband than getting an "edjacashun"? Speaking of shun...
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