January 17th, 2004

running, bomb tech

Clustered anti-sobriety engineers

Loud party going on upstairs and across the way. Doors open, speaking in that "It's a party and I'm talking over the music so everyone can hear me" tone of voice.

Am surviving. Short story: PMS.
running, bomb tech

Ooog: sleep? what's that?

Bedtime: 2 in the morning. Not bad.

Wakey-time? 7. Why?

M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow? M'yow?

shammash was having some existential crisis or other, mostly composed of the element I didn't learn about until the second round of this, little miss half-siamese outside the back door. I opened up my door, he came in, he got a snack, he wandered back out, I shut the door, thinking that the issue had been the munchies, and what but the m'yowling doesn't start back up again. I scoop up Raver-girl, head out there, and oh, there's the miss outside. So I scoop up the Mosh and bring him in my room, and of course now he's asking me, "M'yow? M'yoooooooo? Meep-meep mrrrrrr?", followed, of course, by crashing as he plays with Eris and moshes into things, especially trash cans.

shammash is used to having access to the entire apartment, and he complains when he doesn't. eris_raven is used to my room.

Now Mosh is hyper, and when he's hyper, he makes Eris hyper.

running, bomb tech


"Pornographic mermaid" makes perfect sense in the context that you were promising us mermaid sex if we wrote you some, and I haven't seen any yet, so it's obvious that you're still deviously crafting it.

But then, I've been woken up at a time that I do not prefer by a former tomcat with an existential crisis (the one that involves, "There's a very hot lady out there, and I have no balls, and anyway why are you locking me up so I can't see her? Huh?") so I suppose I'm sleep-depped enough to understand.
And he's still yowling out in the living room. I put him back out when the moshing got too bad.

If I can, I think I'm going to try to go back to sleep. Doubtful. But I just am tired enough. I hear the hummingbirds waking up; they're making their little metallic twap twap twap noises.
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Yesterday & Today So Far: Hitler, Dress Code, Cover Letter, Plasma, PMS, Sleep, Booze

Yesterday, pried myself out of bed and attended lecture on the aftermaths of the Great War, and how the disgruntlement of the German people was a great foothold for a psychmaster like "the little man with the mustache" (as Sherwood cheerfully calls him) to start taking over.

Next up was the Career Development presentation on how to dress. Boys got to stay in the classroom. Girls wound up going over to the Career Services department and getting the lecture there. Since there were only three of us in class that day, it was very cozy. My beads, as I knew, will have to go. Pity, since it's such a pretty style on me, but that's the price of professionalism.

Last-minutely wrote up a cover letter targeted for a certain job I'm eyeing (that's eyeing me too). Turned it in. Was informed that there was supposed to be a thank-you letter too. Ooops.

Went home. Friends list is getting more doomful. Do not be surprised if there is a trimming. *sigh* Is it time to start making up more reading filters? I don't use them, normally, but I have one that's supposed to be one for only the people I must read. (The normal one is the page size one, which is for page-breaky things only, and is linked to in my sidebar so anyone reading my friends page may use it if the page gets breaky and I'm up on who should/shouldn't be in there. Usual suspect is pennyarcaderss who never leaves it.)

Went, gave plasma. Movies: Finding Nemo and The Two Towers.

Came home. Got unaccountably crabby, and had to go out twice -- once for my Red Meat Craving, and once for Junk Food & Chocolate. Ben & Jerry are both my friends. Especially when on sale. $2.88/pint.

Got to talk with Dawn. Shared the vole de mort joke. She was speechless for a bit because of the sheer horror of the pun.

Decided to sleep late this morning. Decided against heading out, after getting dressed and heading out the door. Am instead going to read, eat the fruit left over from the blood cordial project (when I last strained the cordial, I reserved the fruit and left it in the freezer. This is what I am nibbling right now) and stay cool, because it's heating up out there/in here. Changed out of the sweatshirt and into my nasty yellow T-shirt because I do not care if I ruin this shirt by spilling vodka-soaked cherries and blackberries on myself.

Later, perhaps when sobered-up, or even before, I think I shall do a bit of housecleaning. Already have put the beer that was on my bedside shelf (2nd tier) for lack of a better place to be into the closet. Have affixed lamp to shelf securely with cable ties, so that cat cannot knock it off. Have put pillow in place for said cat to perch on. Cat should be happy fayoumis.

Hee. Literally.
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Return of the Idiots

Mentioning that I'm taken doesn't scare off the idiots, demonstrably.
are_u_it (2:07:32 PM): so you lesbian
azurelunatic (2:08:17 PM): Do I know you?
are_u_it (2:08:32 PM): no but just curious
Debated replying with something very snarky, but decided against it.
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Mars, yes.

Tha moon is very useful everyone.
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Best Friends

For once, I'm not talking about Darkside, or even eris_raven. No.

I talk about the drunk's best friend -- the cane.

You see, when I am wobbling and weaving, I like something to hold onto. And, a cane is good. You can use it to find the floor. You can use it to poke people with.

So far. I have been using it to not fall over walking.

Did I mention that I'm a cheap drunk?
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Hey, swallowtayle


You've already got a pretty devoted cult fan group here -- "Calico and Velvet" is a big hit with the household and friends.

You need to start selling CDs so that I can totally pimp them.
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Observation: deleted journals

If someone has a zillion deleted journals friended, I tend to wonder what the drama rating is in that general area.

Either that, or they haven't touched their journal in a billion years and since then people have also given up on LJ.

Or something.

Is this the hangover?
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decided to go LJ-surfing by friends from someone in note_to_self.

Some million clicks later: Project English Language.

Probably will not be joining, as I enjoy my particular mutation thereof, and various l33t insertions such as the aforewritten mutation of the word 'elite', which happens to be the name of a certain cultural/language subgroup. I consider the words from there loan-words, and not in any way proper English. That's my excuse.

It's an interesting thing, though.
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Hijacking the Earworm

Internal jukebox goes mad, plays a stretch of song over and over and over. Or there's a phrase you mutter to yourself.

I've had two of these fairly recently. One's an old one that I've had since childhood.

It's a round, a fairly old one.
Rose, Rose, Rose red
Will I ever see thee wed?
I will marry at thy will, Sire,
At thy will.
Notice the anachronism. Women don't tend to marry at their father's bidding anymore; yay longer lifespans! For a modern woman, having this in one's head is unsettling and disruptive to the development of individual Will. And I couldn't get it out of my head.

So I hacked it. Subtly.
Rose, Rose, Rose red
Will I ever see thee wed?
I will marry at my Will, Sire,
At my Will.
That's much better.

The newer one is the one that I repeat to myself in the mornings when I'm depressed and can't always make it out of bed. "I hate myself and I want to die." Not the sort of thing you want to repeat. I managed, finally, to redirect: "I hate everyone and I want them to die." Still hostile and hateful, but it's easier for me to squash outwardly-directed rage than it is inward-turned rage. After all, I can always hold back myself if I want to kick someone in the balls, but who's going to stay my hand against myself?

Hijacking earworms is fun.