January 26th, 2004

running, bomb tech

Day: Matrix Revolutions, connections

Woke up two-ish; have been having sleep problems, which have been compounded by cats being noisy.

Went to the Spectrum mall to catch Matrix: Revolutions. I'm an action junkie. I adored Neo's altered vision, and the Oracle's earrings just rock, given her self-stated job description. (Hmm, if I ever start working on Oracle databases a lot, remind me to get some of those.)

I'd been thinking that Neo would use some of whatever was in the program father's suitcase to get himself out of the train station, but alas -- Trinity to the rescue!

And yes, I cried when Neo's fanboy got the gate open.

And woah, talk about assimiliation!

By the time the movie let out, the mall was closed, and I had to go out the back door and around. Wound up going shopping at Wallyworld. Chips, a scrubby thing, and dish soap. Woo, I am a big spender.

Am contemplating a bread machine.

Cats have been hyper.

Have been thinking about the wierd way the world sorts itself out. I am in the second degree of more famous magicians than I can shake a stick at, thanks to at least two first-degree contacts. I am in the second degree of a lot of powerful, famous, and talented people thanks to the Nexus powers of shadesong and the general fabulousness of manifestress. I'm in a lot of good company onList with lmbujold. For someone who doesn't really consider herself well-connected, I'm in damn good company.
old school hacker, bug

GIP: bug

Snipped and rearranged from the actual logbook entry. Really bad quality. Am to be making a better one sometime later.
running, bomb tech

Icon Race

Challenge: Find visual representation of Enki, especially in connection with the legend that says that he gave water to a dry land by gifting it with "water of the heart" (y'know, semen). The one where he has several daughters.

Caption it "Wank Me A River".

First one done wins ... the honor of being the first one done.
Best one done wins ... worldwide admiration. Or something.

wank me a river, Enki

GIP: Enki, wank me a river

Have been inspired by latest fandom_scruples action, and reading Snow Crash (a cyberpunk adventure based on Sumerian mythology) to create an icon.

The legend goes like this: Enki, the god of water (and semen) was asked to give relief to a dry land. He created a river to water the fields -- from his own semen.

So this icon is mythologically correct.