February 1st, 2004

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In this case, the subject is somewhat misleading.

Setting the scene: one living room, darkened. 11:something pm. One seven-year-old boy, asleep on same couch. One hyper tomcat accustomed to being Pinball Cat, also in living room.


shammash had been Pinball Cat, and bounced down on Little Fayoumis's face, leaving his cheek scratched. marxdarx took charge, and everything was soon more sterilized, and also peaceful. I grabbed the cat and stuck him in my bathroom (catbox, water in toilet (which the cats usually drink from anyway)).

He (the cat) is awaiting a discussion with Mommy about appropriate places and times to be Pinball Cat. Crying and appealing to eris_raven got her to knock over the (empty) trashcan, and he pulled the bags in under the door. I removed the bags, and gave him some kibble to munch.

Mommy is not going to have happy words for him, but I am assured that shammash will understand her.
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Notes on thing:

Red and black dangly earrings?

Look up chronology of lightning danger dream.
Look up chronology of last group-type dream.
Look up chronology of discussion of dreams and non-dreaming thereof.
Look up chronology of the "too insane" LJ incident.

Also: more stubborn than a gander.
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Cat Sanity

eris_raven is probably trying very hard not to be bored. She is climbing the walls and going after my bead curtain made of CDs. She's pouncing at it, bouncing at it, being weird, batting at it, and looking like she's having a lot of fun.

They're shiny, and they BANG into the wall! She's enchanted. I'm less so.
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Matchmaking, brains

I don't think I could settle for someone significantly non-smarter than I am. Ideally, a person I'm in a relationship with would be smarter, and cheerily educating me as well; in practice, I don't mind if I'm better at some things than they are as long as they're better at some things than I am.
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Geek dating habits (my observations)

The List is active again, on dating/sex habits, and cluefulness to common signals.

I will attempt to diagram what I think is likely a common attitude towards sex/dating/relationships from the viewpoint of the lesser-socialized geek (usually male) who doesn't consider themselves particularly attractive.

Desire: a long-term(?), stable, relationship, definitely with sex, and quite possibly low-maintainence (or scheduled-maintainence, as one does to a car in good working order (flowers == oil change?) rather than having to perform unscheduled/catastrophic maintainence (flat tires == sudden insecurities?) often). Does not like rejection. Is accustomed to rejection. Often has difficulty decoding the subtle signs that say "I am interested, please ask me out" unless the target explicitly says same. Would prefer to find someone quickly, without having to endure hideously uncomfortable one-on-one social situations only to find that they are not a prospect for anything more than same hideously uncomfortable one-on-one situations, or group time.

Failing that, wants to get laid. Desires: someone genuinely interested in them and their interests, with possibility for a friendship/relationship. Expects/dreads: someone who just wants to get laid and will insult them or deny having slept with them afterwards.
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Chocolate (my standards)

  • I enjoy milk chocolate.

  • I enjoy dark chocolate.

  • I do not enjoy white chocolate except as part of something else. It is not "chocolate". It is ... ... not chocolate.

  • Chocolate does not contain ground nuts.
    • It may, however, contain whole or partial nuts, in pieces large enough for me to distinguish from the rest of the chocolate.
  • Chocolate does contain real vanilla.

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Livin' on the edge

I didn't really start to grow up to be a computer-intensive geek. Left to myself, I would have happily become computer-literate, able to navigate text-based file structures and type in command-line commands with a cheat sheet, but would never have gotten into programming or anything beyond cut and paste, click and drag.

I was quickly becoming a science fiction fan, for the stories; I wasn't in tune with the fan culture (mostly because I was shy and avoided people and had never met a Real Grown-up Fan).

When I was 15, in 1995, I met pyrogenic. He was so much a computer guy that he'd even brought his laptop with him. His laptop. To academic camp.

I was enchanted. I checked out The New Hacker's Dictionary from the public library shortly after coming home from academic camp. I read through the entire thing. I realized that I liked a lot of the culture in there. I took a programming course the next school year. I came to the belated realization that hacking wasn't just a hobby and culture I'd read out of a book, but in my blood.

I grew up not obsessed with computers, though. I grew up a bookworm, a science fiction reader. I grew up to be an English teacher, not a computer geek.

It shows, often. It's odd.
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On Janet Jackson's boob

Nice piercing. If only my boobs were small enough to pull that off, I might like something like that. Looks like she doesn't have implants, go her! That is one sweet costume, and looks practical for nursing, if the boob thing goes back on as easily as it came off. (Of course, evidently piercings like that and breastfeeding have been said around me to not mix, so you'd have to choose.)

A lot of parents are going to be answering questions that they probably didn't want to answer regarding piercing. (For the record, if my father had been watching and felt called upon to comment, he would possibly have made some mildly scathing comment, possibly modifying his usual comment on facial piercings (holes in the head) with a comment about the effects of gravity over time.)

That is a really nice bit of jewelry, though, and she shouldn't be ashamed to have shown it off, though the venue was not exactly ideal. When I saw one of the pictures the first time, without commentary, I thought that it might be some interesting new style; the nipple shield looked enough like a pasty that it could have been a one boob covered by dress, one boob covered by something else, style. (I'm reminded of a Heinlein dress from Number of the Beast, I believe?)