February 12th, 2004

high energy magic

Virtual hug request...

Virtual hug request for my friend. I'm not sure how he'd react to me hitting up my friends list for virtual hugs for him specifically, but he did say that he was in bad, bad need of hugs from anyone who was willing to offer them, soo...

Short story: He was working when the Guy in the Mask came in, and had to empty the cash drawer under threat of presumed weapon. He diverted the robber's attention from his co-worker by keeping eye contact. The guy left, and he was able to call 911.

He's understandably in shock right now, and needs hugs. The company will be supplying counseling. Any virtual hugs, good energy, et cetera, that can be spared, would be appreciated.

Post-traumatic stress is the worst, especially when we think we should have been stressed more during the trauma itself, and aren't expecting the aftereffects...
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Plants are such sluts.

...Hmm. That theme would make such a nice, niiice icon. I don't know if I'd want it myself, but something, along the theme of "Oh, yeah, give it to me, baby!" and tree bukkake, would be hysterical.
Eris Raven, Marah

A Night of Vomit & Yowling

I think we're about done with the "vomit" bits. I hope. eris_raven is not feeling at all well, and decided to announce her intentions with some good, loud, unhappy meows before horking up quite a bit of half-processed cat food on my carpet, probably everything that was in her crop*.

Fortunately, she did so all in one place, and right while I was watching, so I was able to catch her (priority #1) and contain her in the bathroom (priority #2) before cleaning up the mess before anyone could step in it (priority #3).

She has been announcing her displeasure at being not only sick, but locked in the bathroom, loudly. shammash has been most concerned, and is even now lying on the floor outside my bedroom door, with one paw tucked under the door, to keep an eye on things.

Now that the howling has died down, I think I can maybe go in there and change out her litter (before she threw up, she had some digestive nastiness from the other end) and deliver a bowl of water (versus the toilet, which is her favorite anyway) before leaving her in there for the night.

*Yes, I know cats don't have crops.
running, bomb tech

Things my cat does when she's mad

When my cat is closed in the bathroom and angry about it, she yowls, then reaches under the door and takes angry swipes at the water dish.

My bathroom floor is now wet.

My cat is somewhat wet.

Ahhhh, cats.

But I daren't let her out, because I know she'll hide in the closet, or else barf on me, or something. Cats.
running, bomb tech

Hissy Fit

A new annoyance, and a new term for same, has sprung up around LJ. The annoyance: journals deliberately designed to provoke and annoy, that add people as friends for the purpose of annoying them. The term: serial adders.

That term always makes me think of this classic computer moment, even though I'm fairly sure that garter snakes aren't adders, and a power supply is hardly a serial port.
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Good Old Days

I'm really glad I fell in with a good group of fen when I first discovered the internet. It could have been so much worse. As amusing as Something Awful can be, it's not where I really want my fifteen-year-old self to have been, and I'm glad I wasn't.

Thanks be to my inspired idea to do a paper on Heinlein and Bujold. The paper really does suck, but I came across the List that way.
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To do: article

Write a piece on "Breaking the hell Up". (versus just breaking up).
loud fayoumis

Scary question of the day

I was chatting with good ol' Shawn last night about the fact that one of our buddies from high school is going to be a father soon.

Shawn: "When are you gonna squeeze one out?"

Gee, Shawn. Your eloquence and tact are an example to us all.
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Went to the Valentine's party in Little Fayoumis's class. He was surprised to see me, and asked me what I was doing there. I observed that he's still one of the last ones to actually do what the teacher says to, even though he's really trying. He's used to taking a while to process things. I'm not concerned, because he's trying hard, and is actually getting done what he needs to get done.

The party was a fairly typical first grade party, complete with teacher leaving, and kids running about and shrieking because somebody was trying to kiss someone else. (Evidently the girl Little Fayoumis has a crush on has a crush on all the guys in the class, which is only logical.)
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I am... lessened.

I have been using hairspray for the past few days. This is to keep the flyaway strands of hair under control when I have my hair in a ponytail or braided.

This is scaring me.
high energy magic

Out of Time

I've been spending quite some time being a Support volunteer these days. One thing I notice -- when I'm there, it's like I've slipped Underhill or something. I remove myself from Time, and go into programmingtrance, and don't come out until I get to the top of the list, or someone distracts me.

I'm taking this seriously. I use LJ for so much, it's time I gave something back. I help out my friends page -- user education, minor support -- but this is more universal.

I trance out. I suppose I dissociate some. I go to that place where I only remember bits and snippets of my thoughts during then. Like reading used to be all the time. Like concert singing is.

It's funny. We spend all this time and effort getting ourselves aware, and present in the moment, rather than doing it all on autopilot, and then we take ourselves back into autopilot for a vacation.