February 14th, 2004

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Doctors (transgender-specific)

I've got the usual assortment of transgendered friends. I'm wondering: Does anyone know of any doctors who specialize in the care of transgendered people? For example, gynecologists specializing in ftm men, or prostate specialists for mtf women?

Finding that sort of doctor can be really hard already if you're one definite gender with the standard set of plumbing. I'd imagine that it gets more difficult if one is nonstandard.

Does anyone know of any resources on finding that sort of doctor?

Three Years

Three years ago today, I was smiling, and my smile didn't leave my face for the next three days. Three years ago, I was laughing and listening to the rain. Three years ago today, I was happy almost to the point of tears. Three years ago, my paranoia was taken up and replaced with perfect love and perfect trust. I learned compersion, patience, empathy, adoration. I dropped my star on the couch, and found it in my pocket. I was mastered by the entertainment system. I was left alone with my journal, a pen, the phone and a number with no answer, a complex entertainment system and a movie I couldn't make play, and my heightened, bonded senses listening in the rain. I was left on the outside of an unlocked door. I was left alone, but not excluded.

Three years ago today, I was loved and cherished, healed and held, on the fringes of a deep and complex bond. I didn't understand it, didn't care to try, couldn't imagine how I was worthy of such joy, and delighted in it anyway.
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Mote in the eye; the Friends practice Heisenberg.

Naomi says that she thinks that the directive about the mote in one's neighbor's eye is meant as a directive as to where most of one's energy should go. Naturally, pull the sodding great pole out of one's own eye before hollering about the neighbor's mote, but... if you're in a position to note the mote, mention it as a courtesy. Don't go around on mote inspection; that's what's the bad thing, and not your duty. But, if you're helping them with their makeup, and have occasion to see the mote, let them know. But it's not something to go out of the way to do. If I had huge issues in my journal, would I go to the support boards and be helping out? No. I'd be working on my own journal. But if I saw a journal with something I knew how to fix offhand on my friends page, I'd let my friend know that if they wanted, I could help, or I could share how to work on that issue right then.

I was raised at least quasi-Quaker, and the Friends have the tradition, the belief, that to observe anything is to become involved in it. By witnessing something, I am obligated to evaluate whether or not I can be of help, and how best to apply the help. And, if I can't be of help, perhaps someone that I know can be of help, and I can be of intermediate help in passing along the information about what I witnessed.
Eris Raven, Marah

Happy bleeding hearts day!

Happy holidays, everyone. May you keep the love you've got, and find more. And stuff.

Me? I've got a girlfriend, a best friend, assorted snugglies (especially eris_raven), a virtual nephew, a biological family that actually gets along with me, a rocking friends list, and freshstartwrite. Oh, and pizza.

So I'm very, very happy.
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So what if I went, like, pro-ish?

Poll #248958 Journal content & subdivision

If I made another journal in addition to azurelunatic for less frequent and more polished content, would you read it?

Yes, in addition to azurelunatic, to catch all the discussions and any refinements!
Yes, instead of azurelunatic
Probably not, if it's just reprints and no unique content; I'll stick with azurelunatic.
I don't read azurelunatic regularly, but I might read a high-content, low-volume journal
Still not interested.

What content would be appropriate for a high-content, low-volume blog-thing?

Musings on parenthood/childrearing
Musings on sex/sexuality
Musings on society
Funny kid stories (current)
Funny pet stories (current)
Geek items
Musings on mind/learning/personality
That Idiot Shawn stories
Chicken stories
Assorted past stories
Musings on religion/magic/philosophy

Other content to include?

If I made it, what should I call it?