February 16th, 2004

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Aggh. Link?

Do any of the Mudd people* know what happened to that little bit of silliness about the woman's place being at home, keeping the web server going? A chick (igz00) wants a link.

*Any of Mudd's women?
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Removing the Evil

Need to go do research on whatever the fuck bit of evil adware type thing it is that is transmitted via AIM, because I may well have it. Gods damn it.
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PotC Icons

Why are there so few icons of Captain Jack Sparrow as viewed from the rear with the caption "Pirate Booty"? I don't think I've seen a single one.
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Dudes (where dudes = local) !!!! The Minibosses concert is tonight, isn't it?!?!?!?!

Yes, it is. At Modified Arts. 8 pm. Standard cover charge for there is 5 bucks. Anyone? (It's $8 for this one.)

407 E. Roosevelt
Phoenix, AZ 85004
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What the Lunatic has been doing with her day:

The Lunatic got to conk out at nearly 2 this morning, and wound up waking up around eight-ish. This was a good thing. There were probably dreams.

Doing laundry.
The Lunatic actually did laundry. This was quite a bit because there was nothing left to wear. I'd been planning to do that Sunday, but sleep interfered. Also, the fact that the laundry quarters are kept in the other bedroom, and that the occupants of the other bedroom are often up to things not meant for mortal eyes, helps with making the timing of laundry a delicate matter indeed.

I'm re-reading Lois McMaster Bujold's Memory, which has to be one of my all-time favorite books, dealing as it does with honor, personal transformation, and memory, in a science fiction detective story. Oh, and there would be a romantic sub-plot or two. And clashing multiple personalities. I also have been reading a few things recommended by amberfox, who gives excellent Harry Potter fic recs. (I have been trying to seduce her into the House of Ill Faith, but I'm not sure I've succeeded yet.) I found some other things, too on the same site as the Wizarding Marriage Law darkfic.

Short-circuited Potentially Nasty Scenes.
The Little Fayoumis had the day off school today, so I was watching him the whole day. Well before we had to leave, I had him get dressed, so that him getting dressed would not be a bottleneck when it came time for us to leave. After he got dressed, he wanted to know why right now, and I told him that actually we would not be leaving for a while, but I wanted him dressed so that I would not have to yell at him when we were ready to leave. He accepted this happily; he is learning the value of getting things prepared so that there is a minimum of yelling.

After I got my clothes all washed and dried, I took time out for a half-hour nap. Yay, naps, preservers of sanity. After I got back home from the presentation, I zoned out some more. Yay naps.

Debugging Relationships.
Today was the GSU's Debugging Relationships presentation with the head of Student Services. I went, with Little Fayoumis, and we had fun and pizza. It seems that the only thing that my parents have in common on the Meyer-Briggs personality scale is that they're both introverted (or seem to be to me). The rest of the factors -- not only are they the opposites, but they're on the same side of the scale. My father's the logical, hard-edged one; Mama's the fuzzy-feelings one. He's Sensing, Judging, Thinking. She's not. I laughed. At the end of the session, there were pizzas up for grabs. The vp had gotten far too many for the little crowd. So, she let us take them, for $2 a pie. I grabbed two (pepperoni on one, cheese on the other) and ponced back home with the LF.

Talking with Relatives.
swallowtayle called during my nap, ending it. Yay for little sisters. Mama has been worrying about me. I think I managed to convey that I wasn't actually okay, but I was "better."

I washed many dishes today. I also contrived to get the Little Fayoumis to help out. This was accomplished in much the same way as I get marxdarx to help with the putting away of the dishes -- namely, I stand there and pull them out of the washer, and hand them to the minionhelper, who then is obliged to put them away. Then, much to my surprise, the Little Fayoumis helped with loading the dishwasher. He's a quick study. He got a penny for this chore. Later, he helped unload the dishwasher again, and got another penny.

votania was home earlier than I'd anticipated. I helped do the thing with the potatoes. I'm slowly coming to think myself not entirely hopeless in the kitchen, though I still try to avoid cooking when I can.

The Little Fayoumis has been overjoyed to have his mother at home more, but unfortunately there have been some missed steps in the communications. He's eager to share everything; she's tired and needs some alone-time, and needs to get stuff done. He's bubbling over and has a hard time listening. Collision, especially when all parties are tired.
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...and a big ol' helping of WTF? sauce

I just don't understand the whole "furry" thing. Which is to say, I get neither the kink/mental setup nor the strong counter-reaction to same. Nor do I understand the "Otherkin" thing, although I can wrap my mind a little more around the position "So you're different. Big whoop," though extreme versions of same leave me fairly boggled as well. I also don't understand some of the pondering and angsting over sexuality and bodily plumbing, nor the objections to the nonstandard arrangements of same.

I'm not sure whether I want people to explain these things to me or not. I seem to have had the great gift of having been born into an appropriate body, with the appropriate plumbing, in the correct species, without any memories of any other life or lifetime than this, with a fairly mainstream set of turn-ons and kinks. Would I trade off what I've got for something more interesting? No, probably not. I'm comfortable in my own skin, most of the time, and that goes fairly well for all of us in here, though Naomi (*sigh*) just said that she's supposed to be blond, and Marah is generally cranky. My natural hair color should still be a shimmering navy blue, though, and I need the metabolism of an angry teenager again.
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Working out! Also, swimming pool and elemental things.

I haven't been so great about working out regularly, but lately I have been trying to get in at least 30 minutes of walking, dancing, or something. Not necessarily all at once, but cumulatively. My body likes it, and I can tell when I've been not doing it, as my body is very mad.

But tonight, I hit the complex fitness room, and then the pool.

Collapse ) I noticed that my exercise bike endurance is up. I got the feeling that I want to devote perhaps a whole morning a week just to that. Well, a nice portion of a morning, anyway, and not Wednesday or Friday.

After that, I hit the pool. First I hit the hot tub. Ahhhh, mmm. Then I dangled my feet in the water of the big (unheated) pool. Then back to the hot tub. I really did enjoy my Saturday mornings at the pool while I was growing up; I want to give Little Fayoumis somewhat of the same thing. Family bonding time. Now, with the new schedule, it may actually work out. Huh.

Water has some mysterious thing for me. I like putting my feet in a clear still sheet of water, and watching the ripples take over, making as few ripples as I can. It's one of the childhood rituals that still has power. I need to do it more often.

I decided that I was actually going to go all the way into the pool. Now, this is "winter" in Arizona, so the pool must have been a good 65-70 degrees. Maybe even 60. I waded in, and gradually worked myself deeper and deeper, pacing back and forth. When I was deep enough in, I started swimming. Wonderful. I love the water. When I was a teenager, boojum and I discussed things, and I decided that water was probably my element. It wasn't until I started to embrace my computer geek side that I felt a kinship with air.

Some of the young people passing by asked me if that water was not indeed cold. I replied that it was not so bad to me, but then, I was an Alaskan. They understood that.

I have a cunning plan to rebuild my affinity for things that are not hot: if I devote even ten or twenty minutes a day, especially during the winter months, to being in the pool (unheated!) then I will stand a chance of not freezing my buns off once I hit Fairbanks again.

My arms and upper back told me that whatever it was that I had been doing, they liked it, and they wanted me to keep doing it. Yay for building muscle! Yay for getting it so that the mind wants to stop before the body does! Yay, me!