February 18th, 2004

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Sick Video I Want to See

You know how there's a quiet fan film genre that takes popular songs and video clips and puts them together into a wide array of music videos?

Picture it.

Clips from every show featuring a faster-than-light or would-be faster-than-light vehicle. Specifically, clips of the vehicle accellerating, then blowing up, disintegrating, or otherwise suffering the gravest of perils or failures.

The song? "I fought the law, and the law won."

This Lunatic idea has been brought to us by the bumper sticker on the Lunatic's door, which reads: 186,000 miles/second. It's not just a good idea, it's the law.
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Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Explaining things to the Little Fayoumis: flags

Every now and then, the Little Fayoumis surprises me by asking me to tell him about something. He's figured out that I'm willing to explain the way the world works to him, and keep explaining until he gets it. And he likes that.

Yesterday we talked about porcupines and cacti. We worked on the plural of cactus, how it's cacti, not cactuses, and it took a few minutes before he got it, but he did, eventually, and now he corrects himself when he says "cactuses" by mistake. He's so cute.

Today, he asked me to come out into the living room and talk about the flags (he'd removed the decorative flags from his toy racetrack, and had them all lined up on the carpet). So I did. I told him that this one was the Union Jack, and that one belonged to Canada, and I was pretty sure that this one was for France, and that one was for Italy, and I wasn't sure about these ones, but that was definitely the flag for the whole United States...

I know so little, and he wants to know so much... Ahh, flags. The internet is good for so many things...
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Lunatic's day (so far)

Woke up. Realized that my behaviour when awake and not wanting to be is similar to, but worse than, my behaviour (specifically, coordination) when drunk. Made a note of it.

Went to plasma place. Waited for an hour before noting that people who came in after me were being called. Pointed this out to staff, who discovered that in fact my file had not been pulled.

Gave plasma. Headed home. Picked up lunch. Came home. Read e-mail.

Next: calling to see if the Maniac is in, then picking up the Little Fayoumis from school, then going to my school and getting some sort of special routing form that has to be signed under the dark of the moon with a silver pen filled with the blood of a goat and the bodily fluids of all the deans before I can actually be registered for my class.


34 minutes.

Nice long conversation. Very silly in places. Adult humor was used.
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Collapse ) With Blondie on the CD player. Did I mention that my little portable CD player is found and also works?

Also, unrelated, but I remembered it while walking to the complex's fitness room, "Gone With the Wind" discussion. He brought it up as a joke with the weeds, and it's yet another thing where he's seen the movie and I've read the book. He tells me that he's heard that the sequels are not worth the time.

I just keep pulling things up from these discussions. It's like trying to map a fractal. And yet I keep trying.
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trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

Voice Post: A demonstration of the typical amount of giddy giggliness after spending time on the phone with Darkside.

411K 1:51
“Hello, this is the Lunatic. I have been soo giggly tonight. I don't expect that half the people will be able to understand the post, just be-- [giggles] -- just because I'm so gi-- [giggles] see what I mean? [giggles]

Why, yes, I seem to be operating on some weird form of hormone high at the mo- [giggles] moment. [giggles]

Three guesses for what caused this, and the first two probably don't count, unless you're a new reader, in which case the answer is Darkside. [giggles]

And the only thing that I did was have a telephone conversation with him, and it was mostly rated, like, pg-13 or below, although there were a few r-rated moments, such as the chicken joke. [giggles] Oooookay, Loony giggly now. [giggles]

Ooo, happy Loony.

Anyway, yeah. See, giggly Loony. It's not all doom and gloom, it's [giggles] occasional moments of doom and gloom that are followed by giggly and [sine wave sound effect] and so forth.

Anyway, laterrrrr. [giggles]”

Transcribed by: azurelunatic
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Bah, phone.

Dawn's local area code number cellphone seems to be down. Drats. And I haven't asked her for her there-number, to have it in my phone book thing. Drats.


Shall e-mail her, then...