February 19th, 2004

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I hate allergy season.

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That was with the window closed for most of the night, and with having taken allergy meds before crashing. Yesterday the window was open.

I will be so, so very glad when the cooling system is running, because my body now says, "It's too hot to sleep! Why are we not cooler?" and refuses to sleep until I soak my feet and/or put the fan on.
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As most of those who have met me in person will know, I have the habit of wearing a strand of hair in a small, tight, braid, with pony beads strung on it, on the left side of my head.

I'd been wearing this latest strand since at least October. Today I cut it off for the interview.

I feel so very naked.
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Oh god.


Never, ever, ever register for classes again without checking for sure to make sure that the class that you're registering for is actually the class you want.

Thank you.
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Go, me.

Since I was there, on time, in decent clothes, with information to fill out application, and was able to spell ten words correctly, write down what the lady said verbatim, and read aloud nicely, I am to report for training at 4 pm Tuesday, without the Little Fayoumis.
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A nice evening...

easalle showed up to take us off to freshstartwrite's book night. Yay the book night! JD was along. He and the Little Fayoumis get along like a house on fire -- fast, warm, active, and often flaming. It got pretty intense in the back seat with them yelling at each other, JD seeing how loud he could yell, and Little Fayoumis yelling back for JD to turn the volume down.

Little Fayoumis is getting a chance to be the older, more in control one for once, and it's a role that he's not quite comfortable with, but is adjusting to. There was an incident or two, with the spoon bonking (they both like the Tick, so that's a plus) and then with the out-of-control pillow piling, but all in all, a decent time was had by all, and they look forward to seeing each other.

easalle will be bringing JD over on this Tuesday and this Wednesday, so that I can attend my training classes! Excellent, truly excellent. I am one happy fayoumis.

We discussed The DaVinci Code at the book club, and are reading The Red Tent for next month. After that, The Vagina Monologues.

My proposed schedule for work:
3-10 Friday, 8:30-4:30 Saturday, 8-2:30 Sunday. 21.5 hours.
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I got almost an hour of walking in today. I haven't really been walking extra-extra, I've just started becoming more aware of how much I do walk, and occasionally doing a little more.

It's amazing how much you do walk in Phoenix when you don't have steady access to a car, and you've got a kid to pick up from school, and errands to run...

Now, or pretty soon now, I go and hit the gym...