February 21st, 2004

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And my mind went where, again?

I woke up at several points this morning, none of them the desired ones. Phone calls and assorted panics, and random cats, and so forth, and then votania home from the dentist.

I realized, belatedly, that I never did put out the bucket of sorted-to-go toys that we were going to donate before eight, when $CHARITY's pickup vehicle came by. Oy.

I wandered, buswise, to the plasma place, carrying Memory and The Red Tent bookwise. The process went swiftly, and I was out in only a few minutes over an hour, which is impressive. Then, of course, we made up for it by having a metric assload of people at the bus stop; I had to wait for the next bus.

Home, to find that we had to go out to the bank, and shopping. My right knee is bothering me. I got in some walking, with the shopping and all, but didn't time it quite as well as I should have. With this knee feeling like this, no way am I hitting the bike in the workout room. After the bank, but before shopping, we went and visited Clover. A fun time was had by all, though I do find her husband a trifle long-winded. I guess I put up with silliness being read verbatim from online stuff better when it's a guy I'm personally smitted with (and when I'm on the other end of a phone line and can quietly do other stuff).

Sloppy Joes and dishes. More book. metaphorge posted an oddly compelling photo. (Very gay and not work-safe.) shammash is wreaking havoc in the vertical blinds on the glass doors (the cat that Little Fayoumis calls "Snowbelle" has been lurking outside, the one that belongs to one of the caregivers). Marinated mushrooms.

There was a really cute cat out there. Not Snowbelle, but a little black scrap of a kitten, body no bigger than my two fists, and tail the size of the body -- half as wide and twice as long. It's another witch's cat -- there's a larger duplicate of it as well.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Friends, empathy

Must write up a more detailed version of why hanging with JD is so good for LF. I explained it to votania very briefly today; happily, we know LF well enough that it could be conveyed briefly.

He's used to being the one who's told he's not quite in control and needs to chill out. Now, he's in the position where he's telling someone else to chill out and tone it down. Not only is he experiencing being the responsible one, he's also perhaps gaining empathy for us when we say the same things to him.
running, bomb tech

It's one of those interesting calm days.

No one's really doing anything today, and stuff's getting done anyway. votania's friend from her old job, who hooked her up with this new job, is over. He's looking into getting an apartment in this complex. If so, we get a sweet deal on our rent next month. (He's the one who thinks I'm hot stuff.)

Little Fayoumis likes the guy, and is in hyperball mode.

I'm doing that sort of cleaningish thing. Rent's paid for March. I finally tossed out my old TI-82 manual. *sigh* The cardboard box of random manuals has been put into another, less broken, cardboard box. The cardboard box of random electronics has been merged with one of the plastic buckets of random electronics. Assorted other closet boxes have been shuffled.

I got another Business Reply Mail envelope. This one's card says "fhqwhgads", with the usual glitter, and this time a Star of David wax seal, return address "Strongbad".

My cat is Not Amused by all the goings on. Our doorknob has been sticking more and more over the last several months, and yesterday it was nigh-impossible to open. It was excessively old, and today the red-headed maintainence witch replaced it. (Incidentally, the Asshat Manager has evidently mellowed out.)

votania and the very smoky charcoal and resin incense smudged out the Temple, which caused much coughing and complaining on the part of the Little Fayoumis. Also for much LF complaining: the onions in the lunch votania made, though of course at first the complaint was "I'm full," not "There are onions in this and I cannot stand raw onions!" Both of them are capable of being legitimate complaints. One of them is more true than the other.

I have the Household Happiness & Harmony candle going. I've desgnated Hazelnut Cream for that purpose, just because it's nice. I also have some Lotus Bouquet incense going, the stuff that's infernally difficult to keep lit properly. Later, I may turn on the Partnership candles. I cleaned the leaked wax from the Household Harmony candle up off my altar today, which is why I'm able to have stuff going on there. I've also got one of the pale blue-purple "I'm thinking about you, you know" spiral taper candles on (no points for guessing who I'm thinking about) and one of the little sweet-scented votive candles on the monitor, and two Muse candles near the lamp. The lotus incense is actually a belated honoring of Valentine's Day, which has become a relatively significant personal observance of love, based on personal tradition.

Yep, it's some form of Spring Cleaning. I found two crochet hooks. I think I'll maybe even find the couch next. Oh! And if/when votania's friend gets that apartment, I'll probably cede him the couch from my room, as it is a large chunk of space that gets taken up and mostly used as a table.

Everybody else is over in the West bedroom, watching silly Flash animations.

metaphorge linked to the first flash mob supercomputer project. I am thoroughly in favor of the concept.
pretty, Francine

Several different species of *Yay!* (talking to Dawn, getting rid of stuff)

As I was punching up easalle's number in my address book, I tried calling Dawn one more time to see if her phone was back in order. To my delight, it was! It seems that she took a cab, and there was something fishy, and amidst all the turmoil, she wound up losing her phone. So she had it shut off until she could get a new unit, and then their server was down, and it took time to get the new cellphone, and then she couldn't log in with the phone to get it all set up...

It's up now, though, which is good. We'll talk more tomorrow. Gossip with her is excellent. She was at work. I was doing dishes when she called back.

I've been going through my room (mostly the closet) and seeing what I still need. I very regretfully decided that those lovely mid-calf zippered boots are really cool, but not something I'll be wearing in the next few years, and taking up space in my shoe area besides. So I handed them over to votania, who will see if they can fit her. This takes me down to three pairs of sandals (one thrashed cheap pair, one comfortable pair, one semi-classy treehugger pair), two pairs of sneakers (one battered white canvas pair, one decent black heavy pair), two pairs of dress shoes (one black high heel, one navy flat), and some heavily battered rollerblades. (I really need to throw out those cheap sandals that aren't good for much anymore.)
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Phrasing peeve: "Lifestyle" as applied to non-heterosexuals

Why in the Bastard's hell do people use the word "lifestyle" to mean "not straight"?

When I think "lifestyle", I think ... I'm not sure what I think. I think "Lifestyles of the rich and famous." I think of it as something that one can change at will, or something that can be changed with the help of a fashion consultant or with a change in income.

I don't think of it as a sexual preference. An expression of sexual preference, sure. I can be living a "lifestyle" where I'm getting it with somebody different every night, with bars usually involved. I can have a "lifestyle" like Hugh Hefner. But to say, "I don't approve of your lifestyle, but it's your choice," to one's single (and not getting any) gay college student son, and not feel that one's single (and not getting any) straight college student son has a "lifestyle" worth commenting on... that leaves me with the distinct feeling that the person using the word "lifestyle" is using it as a weasel word because they don't feel that "sexual preference" or "sexual orientation" is quite the thing.

I think that the reason that "lifestyle" used in place of "sexual preference" or "sexual orientation" is that "preference" and "orientation" both imply that it's something that is less likely to change, with the cause for the sexual orientation more because that's just the way it is (why do I prefer chocolate over coffee? Because.) rather than by a conscious choice of the person's.

I think that people have three or four settings on their sexual orientation. Collapse )
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Further evening householdings

Now that I actually have access to the phone reliably in the evenings, I do need to set up regular appointments for phone gigglefests with sionainn, so it's not quite so hit-and-miss. Yay for the internet!

Because I wanted to find something to eat, I gave the contents of the fridge your basic once-over and rearrangement/toss. Then, since I was on a roll, I went over the main portion of the living room. The Little Fayoumis had been submerged in the darkened West bedroom, with no signs of life, with his toys still strewn all over the floor. Up they were picked, and put high up for tomorrow's not-playing-with. Then I attacked the bad place under the good computer desk. The random newspaper strips in the paste bucket and the random newspapers disappeared. The random newsprint stayed; I think I'll see if there's a better place for it. The little blue stepstool is about to go, I think. I will review with the rest of the household the function of the cardboard box with all the foam padding in it. Then I moved the espresso machine off the high-use counter and elsewhere, to make room for the new mixer on loan from votania's mother. There are still two brown paper bags with random kitchen appliance parts in them, sitting by the Little Fayoumis's toy box, but it's much better than it was.

The Little Fayoumis and marxdarx emerged about then; they'd evidently been watching a movie. LF picked up his toys and put them away, and then they had ice cream. (Mmm.) I then discovered that the large bag of chicken bits that was thawing in the bottom of the refrigerator had started leaking. marxdarx assisted, and in a remarkably short time, we had everything cleaned up and squared away.

Happy household. Clean household. I need to light that candle more often.
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