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Blood Cordial

Back before Christmas, I started some Blood Cordial, so called because it's deep red and thick and a little scary for the uninitiated. Tonight, it is finished (or so we think). I decided to decant it from the large iced tea jug that it's been brewing in for the last several months into a final bottle.

Since there were still fruit bits in it, I had to strain it. Since I was already slightly intoxicated, this became a slight issue. HOwever, I managed, quite well, and the end product is remarkably free of little floaty things. There wasn't quite enough to fill the entire three-liter bottle, and it was more runny than I'd wanted, so I I added almost three cups of sugar, to help thicken, sweeten, and make more evil.

It's also remarkably thick. In the bottle, it looks almost black, maybe a bit red-purple around the edges if tilted. I wanted to know if it would glow red if held up to the light. No soap. It is always dim in my room, so I got the big bonky flashlight and shone that through. Amazingly, it only lit part of the bottle, instead of making the entire thing light up.
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These are my last few days of quasi-freedom, before I become a slave to the timeclock again.


And, can I afford to not take the GSU presidency? I mean, hello, internship...
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The yelly lady is certainly in fine form. Indeed, she's unusually coherent; I hear that there's something about "God damn mental retards" -- for whatever reason, this has been the latest (all today, all yesterday...) theme...
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Fwd: Testicles

A man is lying in bed in the hospital with an oxygen mask over his mouth. A young nurse appears to sponge his hands and feet. "Nurse," he mumbles from behind the mask, Collapse )
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Sleep? What's that?

It is a mistake to say, "I got six hours of sleep on my own last night." Left to my own devices, I probably would have slept another two or three hours, but alas, such was not to be. Household noise woke me up, and thus I am awake. To combat this, I tried settling down with a book, but I couldn't focus on that very long either... Collapse )
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Lack of Plans

I think I need to get out tonight. Get out and do what, I'm not sure.
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List of Things

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LJ Dudes in progress

A few more additions to my LJ dude mood theme in progress: three variants of patriotic (the Russian one is defeating me for the moment), a sneeze, and another sick.
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Good Citizenship lessons for the Little Fayoumis

When Little Fayoumis and I hang out, we usually get to discussing theoretical things, like behavior, and what's acceptable and what's not, and science, and all sorts of things.

Today, my lava lamp was the lesson on convection, and we clarified that "worthless" is "totally not working for anything", and a lava lamp that wasn't doing the convection thing right wouldn't be worthless if the light was still working.

Today we discussed "cool" and "awesome". Little Fayoumis said that Mommy's co-worker who was over the other day was his best guy; I asked what about Darkside? Evidently they are all his best guys, because they are cool, and what makes them cool is that they are awesome. Clarifying further, some of the things that actually make people awesome is if they're funny, if they like games, if they have cool hair and cool clothes and like Strongbad. Then he digressed about how Strongbad had played some trick on Homestar. I firmly told him that being mean made someone mean, not cool, even if you thought they were cool, if they're being mean to someone else, it's still mean and not cool.

Then we got into thornier ethical territory: what if someone asks you if they're cool, but you think they're not cool? If you tell them they're not cool, that's mean. If you tell them they are cool, that's a lie. So what you do instead is find something that is cool about them, and talk about that! Like, if they're good at spelling, tell them that. That way, you will be telling the truth and being nice!
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Spring Cleaning in templeravenmoon

Everybody's been spending the afternoon cleaning stuff. Little Fayoumis has been hanging out in my room watching me doing stuff. I've been putting away laundry, sorting things, and making sure that things are put away in the general right place. I hooked up the speakers that are in the top shelf of my wicker green Dreadful, and we've been utterly rocking out.

You can almost sit on my couch again. I've been contributing to the cleaning out of my closet by sipping happily at the sour apple booze. Not bad, especially after you've had a bit of it already.

Evidently you can see my floor now. That's mostly because I got my bed back up on my bed, and also got the tech stuff into my closet, and the couch is almost visible again as well.
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Happy Loony

Chickenburger, chocolate ice cream, and a decent sound system. I have the couch all cleared off now, all the laundry put away. The "thinking of you" candle is burned down to the base, and the Happy Household candle is on. The lava light is happily playing with convection, and the blacklight is on, and a few small lamps. (Light is something I like to play with.)

After I embroider more beads on that shirt I've been working on for a few years, and maybe finish it, I'm going to do some crocheting.
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12 things to introduce me to a blind date

rainstorm13 had a conversation today, and it sparked the idea:
So, say you were meeting a new person--blind date, new friend, who knows. And you wanted them to have some idea of what kind of person you are, and who you are. But you can't actually tell them in so many words. Instead, you have to give them a box, with a dozen things in it for them to look at/read/listen to/taste/whatever.

What would you put in the box? And a copy of your journal or a link to your LJ would be the same thing as just telling them directly, yourself, so that's not allowed.
My box:

  1. Cyteen, C.J. Cherryh.

  2. Spock's World, Diane Duane.

  3. Support Your Local Wizard, the first several Young Wizards books in one volume, also by Diane Duane. (hee, cheating!)

  4. R.E.M.'s album Out of Time.

  5. Blondie's album Parallel Lines.

  6. One of the self-portraits I've painted.

  7. A photo of me with Darkside, one of the ones where we're sparring or joking around and we're fairly wrapped around each other and focused on each other.

  8. A charm bracelet with my computer charm, a penguin charm next to the computer charm, my tiny pentacle, a cat charm, a phone charm, and a pen charm.

  9. A country music CD case, with the CD inside smashed repeatedly and also burned somewhat and scratched up or a box of Trader Joe's chocolate orange sticks.

  10. An industrial-size bottle of St. John's Wort.

  11. A wallet-size photo of the Little Fayoumis.

  12. A photo of my desk in its usual (messy, cluttered, insane) state.

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Beaded Shirt

I finally finished the beaded shirt that I've been working on since 2001. It's a navy blue cotton T-shirt, and now it has lighter blue beads around the hems of the bottom and the sleeves, and a fringe of beads around the front of the collar. It's pretty, and it's done. It's related to that white shirt with the same blue beads, but somewhat different.

Maybe I'll post pictures later.
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In dreams he sang to me, in dreams he came...

Last night, a little after eleven, I had the strongest feeling that Darkside was thinking of me. There was a moment where, if we'd been talking in person, I would have teased him for being awake after his bedtime, and he would have made a face at me and talked about how addicted he was to his anime, and would have teased me right back.

Dreams are nothing but the wistful fantasies of an overheating mind.
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"The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me"

Author: azurelunatic
E-mail: azurelunatic@livejournal.com
Fandom: Harry Potter
Genre: Gen, Mood Piece
Archive: Ask me first, please.
Disclaimer: The Harry Potter universe obviously does not belong to me.
Summary: An unnamed Slytherin muses on the other things the House does.
Author's Notes: I don't tend to write long things these days, do I? Nope. Also, thanks to betas amberfox and hlynna for elbowing me in the ribs to make it better.

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