February 24th, 2004

wild rose

Song Obsession: "Hallelujah", and a sad song mix disc idea

I've loved this song since I first encountered it, in the movie Shrek. For a while, the Support guru rahaeli had "the holy or the broken hallelujah" as her name, and that reminded me to go on a lyrics search...

Among the other burning tasks I need to do, I need to burn this, as well as a few others, for a sad songs disk... "Hallelujah", "American Pie", "Crying in the Rain", "Near Wild Heaven" ... what others?

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So what does a Lunatic do when she's still awake?

She cleans the kitchen, is what. There is a lunch packed for votania. Things are wiped off and put away and set on wash. There's a loaf of bread baking. I need to vacuum tomorrow morning. I need to pack a lunch for myself tomorrow morning. I need to pack my Bag of Work Essentials -- binder, paper, pens, water bottle, sweatshirt.

I need to set out the goldfish, the cheese crackers, the granola bars. I need to pray that the LF does not slack at school like yesterday. I need to scoop the catboxes; I need to trim shammash's claws. I need to do that thing with the bathroom where I make sure that the litter that the kitling tracks out gets up off the floor.

I'm actually not a tidy person. I just act like I'm supposed to look like one sometime. And I need to make sure the refrigerator won't cascade down on anyone's head.

When (I think it was) Storm Fayoumis came out of the henhouse in the mornings, she would pause halfway down the ramp, look around, scream, then keep on walking. It wasn't a crow. We know what a crowing hen sounds like. This was something like Great-Uncle John's ritual morning curse. I think Storm and Uncle John would have gotten along fabulously.
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A portrait of the Lunatic at ten

Imagine one of those scratch pads -- the kind that had the black coating on top, and you scratched it away to reveal a color underneath. OK, now imagine that the color underneath is not one color, but interesting rectangular patches of different colors. Now imagine that all the colors underneath are neon. Now make a pseudo-tribal pattern all over this. Got it? Great.

Now make this into fabric, and make that fabric into pants. Like bellbottoms, in a way, only that big all over. Add suspenders for good measure.

Wear it with a screaming pink shirt, too much makeup, and badly curled hair.
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Musings on a trait to describe personality, from freshstartwrite 2004.04.12

I'd known him for at least a month before I noticed that his hair was the same color as my mother's. Most days, he had it bound back, a shoulder-length clump of dark blond curls that bleached straw-gold in the sun. Some days he wore it loose, never brushed to hide the receeding hairline. I saw him from behind one day with his hair loose, and for one moment, I saw my mother. His hair always made me smile, after that.

He came to school with it cut one day, and complained bitterly that he'd been given no peace until he agreed to cut it. I patted his shoulder and told him it would grow back. That cut flattered him, after one got used to his missing mane -- little curls, lamb or lion. He came to school a few days later with the Business Clone Cut. It hadn't been short enough the first time. He brushed off my commiseration, saying the only reason he'd kept it long was because haircuts were such a bother.

He looked just like anyone else with that haircut. What hair he had left was a lifeless, neutral brown, and there wasn't enough left to curl. the bald patches at his temples looked bigger.

Millimeter by millimeter, it grew back. The exposed layers started to glint gold, and it was forever getting in his face. He didn't cut it.

I gave him a package of hair elastics for Valentine's Day that year.
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There's a mathematical term for the things that lie a certain distance outside of the norm. Outlier.

They're so far outside the norm that if they were averaged in to the normal statistical curve of things, they'd break it. These are hardly indicative of the typical way things are, but nevertheless, they are there.

These are not the things for which the normal rules are written. These are the things which make it necessary to have loopholes, exceptions, case-by-case coverings with attention to detail, to figure out why and how it's an outlier, and deal with it as it is, and not just by the numbers, because by the numbers, it shouldn't be there.
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Voting Lunatic

I finally bit the bullet and registered to vote in the state of Arizona, making me resident.

For the past few years I've been waffling over whether to live here or in Alaska; for a while, I was Alaska resident on leave of absence.

But with part-time school, and job, and driver's license, and now voting -- I'm here.

I just wish I were here as an Alaskan.
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Walking yesterday

I walked the full half hour yesterday, plus some more over. Yay, me.

Though it isn't really "yay me" when I have to anyway, for picking up the Little Fayoumis and so forth.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Plans have a habit of doing that.

The plans for today changed at one of those last-minute things. Originally, easalle and JD were going to be over here this afternoon to be with the Little Fayoumis. However, marxdarx is staying home today, and since he's probably got a migraine or needs sleep or something that requires quiet, then I figured the simplest solution was going to be leaving the Little Fayoumis home with him, without the presence of easalle and especially JD.

JD is four. JD is LOUD, to the point where the Little Fayoumis (who is himself generally rowdy) will tell him to chill and turn the volume down. (Nothin' wrong with it, just notable.) LOUD mixes well with PS2 gaming, but does not mix well with marxdarx napping.

So, it is to be hoped that marxdarx will be up and running tomorrow. Plans for tomorrow have not changed, as far as I know.

I should be off to pick up the LF, then...

After that, I'll be off to my first day back on the job, training.
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Lunatic has survived first day of training. Lunatic helped slow-on-uptake potential co-worker through understanding the training survey. Lunatic suspects that they are rushing training versus what she did three years ago.