February 25th, 2004

running, bomb tech

Things that get old really *** quickly when you're working phone research:

"Oh, you're working for telemarketing?"

No. It's not fucking telemarketing, because I don't fucking sell you anything. There's a distinct legal difference, which makes it so the company can call you even if you're on the telemarketers' do not call list.

"If you call me, I'll be so pissed at you."

If I call you, the odds are mightily against it, I don't pick the numbers, the computer does, and if I even notice it, I can't interview you, because company policy prohibits us from interviewing family, friends, or even anyone we know.

"I never answer the phone when it comes up all zeroes. I hate it when they call."

If you never answer and firmly and immovably request to be taken off the list and/or put on the company's internal do not call list, whichever, you're going to get called by computer repeatedly until the study's over, just in case you might be home.
running, bomb tech


'k. Went, did plasma thing.
Came home, got lunch.
Am trying to catch up on e-mail, do dishes, do bathroom floor, and anything else that needs to be done before picking up LF. (E-mail is decompression time which I need right now.)
Pick up LF. Make sure all is good with easalle and JD.
Then I pack up lunch or something for me and go ZOOM off to training, where I'll be on live phones.

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running, bomb tech

Yay partners.

I was talking on the phone with a man this evening, and I had occasion to ask him if he was married, single, divorced, or widowed.

None of the above, actually. Partnered. Domestic partners.

There was no place for it on the survey. I had to ask him which he felt it fit best. He picked marriage. I reported the need to my supervisor.
running, bomb tech

Work (ow)

Went to work. Fixed mistakes on paperwork. Wrote in paper looseleaf journal. Was bored. Got on phones. Was bored. Wrote in paper looseleaf journal. Accumulated surveys. Is surprisingly easy to do while fully awake. I must have been running on exhaustion and more exhaustion (OK, let's do the math -- fulltime school, fulltime work, watching a small child halftime, and still taking time for self... yep, exhaustion) to find it so hard back then. Saw hot guy with long blond hair, rowr. Saw many familiar faces.

Ran into someone interesting-looking at the water cooler. Was on a survey at break time. Took break, ran into same person from water cooler. The book in her hand (Stargate) settled it: she was One Of Us. I sat down next to her with A Civil Campaign and my Star Wars lunch bag. She tagged ACC as science fiction from the cover (most people tag it as romance) and then knew why Smallville is also called "Slashville", and had heard of the Academy, and also knew Motley.

Oh, and furthermore, she's together with the hot guy with the long blond hair.


And then did more surveys. I wound up being one of the people tied for production -- three of us had eight apiece. I was the one with nothing but good (all plusses, no minuses, not even checks [checks are for okay but not great]) on my monitor report. Go, me! We took a tour of the building. I want to move up into IT, maybe. We'll see. I was drooling over their dinosaur pen.

Walked home. Ow. That's a lot of walking in one day for one Lunatic. It's not so much the walking as it is the walking in these shoes, which are big and black and I swear weigh a few pounds more than the other shoes.