February 28th, 2004

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I had a weird crossover dream, between Torg Potter and the Sorceror's Nuts and some cop show or other that I'm sure I don't watch. There were too many secret agents, and half of them had betrayed Gandledorf in some way or other.

I didn't exactly have restful sleep.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Kid/Adult Translations

This morning just now, I introduced the Little Fayoumis to the polite, adult translation for "Booooo-ring!", which is, "I don't find that very interesting."

It's really the same thing, although one of them sounds ever so much more adult.
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I thought it was just that I couldn't read A Civil Campaign when my high school best friend had dumped me to get married to someone who used to be my friend. It turns out that I can't even read A Civil Campaign when I haven't seen my (current) best friend in two months.

You can imagine how terribly thrilled this realization is making me.

It's been over a year since we got any quality time alone together.
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bleeding, Ryoko

Work Summary

Got there on time/early. Worked. Must avoid adding too much of the caffiene to the morning beverage in the future, as the ladies' room and I were having too much to say to each other. Talked briefly to The Anti-Tech Redneck From Hell, a man two years younger than I am. Got 15 minutes break and then we were all dispatched in a generally homeward direction. I went and, as I was feeling less like a used snot-rag, gave plasma. They were showing Kill Bill, which I saw most of, dug, and really dug. TOES! Bwahaha! Whee! I gave one guy The Hairy Eyeball when he asked me, "Isn't this the stupidest movie you've ever seen?" and replied, "No." (If it has neither Jim Carrey nor fart jokes...)

In other news, votania brought home Thin Mints. Mmm, half-baked girlscouts.
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