March 8th, 2004

Eris Raven, Marah


I grew up as a supposedly-straight female until I was almost 15, when I realized that I was actually bisexual. So I know quite a bit of what bisexual girls go through, personally and socially.

What happens with bisexual males?
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Character Similarities: Vorkosigan and Dumbledore

I actually think that Albus Dumbledore has a lot in common with Countess Cordelia Vorkosigan.

You get to see the inside of Cordelia's mind working in Shards of Honor and Barrayar; you never really do get to see through Dumbledore's eyes. Therefore, Cordelia does not look quite so scary and inhuman to we-the-readers; we've seen her indecisive, and we know how much self-possession it takes to pull it off, so we know that when it may look a lot like "I'm never wrong", it's also a lot of "guess and pray and look like I'm right so maybe I will be". We haven't seen Cordelia make a major wrong decision, like Dumbledore has (leaving Harry with the Dursleys, leaving Harry alone for Order of the Phoenix), but if she did judge wrongly, she would do it on a similarly grand scale.

If you don't know them, they're unstoppable forces of nature. Was it really Dumbledore who singlehandedly did all those things so now Voldemort fears him? Is he really that powerful a force on his own? Cordelia surely did not do most of the work beheading the Pretender -- Bothari swung the blade, it was Kou's swordstick, and Drou was the intelligence -- Cordelia was just the leader. In most of the telling, though, it was as if Cordelia did it all herself, singlehandedly. It was her breath that voiced the orders, and I guess on Barrayar, breath is as good as deed. Who are Dumbledore's unsung backers?
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Whee, going to class soon.

I hope this is a good tri.
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Madam President

The former Mr. President of the GSU is Mr. President no longer -- he shall now be known as Captain Fabulous. Instead, we have Madam President:

In short: Aiiiigh.
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Weather is a neutral word.

According to the Weather Pixie, it's 77°F out there, with 20% humidity. Ugh.

I've already been to school and back. I plan to drop by work before I pick up the Little Fayoumis, because I need to drop off the badge-holder (I've been there two weeks and am thus no longer a complete newbie and no longer need to wear a nametag) and get more laundry quarters. I must also drop by the grocery store.

By Fairbanks standards, this is the height of summer, and is weather for very short shorts and wearing ice. By Phoenix standards, this is just slightly above room temperature and nothing to sweat about.
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Current Loony Schedule

School details will be effective until June 21, 2004.

1 DeVry class, 4 afternoons watching the LF, one GSU meeting, 2 days donating plasma, 3 days working, one class just for fun.

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'Tis the season for sunshine. 'Tis also the season for the Lunatic to start covering up from head to toe to prevent sunburn. So today I'm wearing my 'uniform' -- black sneakers, black socks, black long pants, black long-sleeved T-style shirt, and for when I'm out in the Evil Hot Sun, a broad-brimmed black felt hat. And prescription sunglasses.

To better prepare for the season, I should probably dig out my black fingerless gloves.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Music Addiction

The Little Fayoumis's most recent addiction, music-wise, is the soundtrack from The Crow. Hearing it every day is ... well, old home week. Good ol' Shawn.

The Little Fayoumis does air guitar and lip-synchs. He gets annoyed when I do the same.
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On being the Resident Witches

So there was a knock at the door. I wasn't expecting anyone, and I didn't recognize the face at the door. I opened it cautiously.

It was evidently one of our former neighbors; he introduced himself by name and as such. He asked me whether I could introduce him to a Wiccan group in the Chandler area. As I'm not generally well-connected locally and don't know any organized groups (though I bet I could be if I bothered to), and it's not polite to introduce strangers to groups if they're not public, I was clueless.

He explained his situation: there were a bunch of black cats (obviously representative of stuff I'm not aware of, being only the person consulted) bothering him. I suggested that he search on the internet, and gave him the practical advice of warding the place with salt, especially the entrances, and burning a big-ass white candle and focusing on ("Positive things?" he interjected.) the negative things leaving him alone.

This was evidently useful advice to him, and he went off, thanking me.

I got the feeling that it was either a little thing or a much more complex situation that he wasn't entirely in the right on, but the white candle and the positive things and the negative things leaving him alone should bring an improvement regardless.
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