March 10th, 2004

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Finally reading "Mirror of Maybe". I'd intended to hit bed at ten.

Only in context is Dumbledore saying "Sexual harrassment is a very serious problem in the workplace" screamingly hilarious.
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Assorted Arizona Joys

Hot. Way too hot. Apartment complex cooling system still not on. LF being obnoxious and thinking it's funny by repeating everything people say. "Because I'm a goofball!" he explained.
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My XD38 introduction mail


I'm new here, and I'm one of your standard odd
writer/geek types. I'm majoring in computer science in
college, taking care of my virtual nephew after
school, working your standard
boring-job-with-loopholes (I write while at work), and
spending most of my free time on Livejournal.

Some highlights of my XD38 (does that sound like a bra
size to anyone else?) -ness:

* replacing the water pump in my mother's Saab with
the car manual and no previous car repair experience
* Understanding a particular program design on a
near-instinctive level but not having the words to
convey it to lesser mortals; explanation to same
required much use of whiteboard markers, arrows and
exclamation points, frantic gesticulation, and a
somersault (in computer lab at school)
* I like both Macs and PCs, and am at least relatively
comfortable in Windows and Linux.

* I write constantly.
* In the past, I have painted.
* I have dabbled in calligraphy.
* I make afghans.
* I draw wacky workplace cartoons.

* Large Livejournal friend/friend of lists, many of
other actual or possible XD38 types.
* Friends with Real Grown-Ups, and being seen as older
than I am
* Still able to talk with children down to the age of
6 fairly sensibly
* Two adult roommates, one child roommate.

Meaning of Life
* Yep.

Et cetera
* Explosive.

So, yeah. Hi!

(There's an Az-the-Elder on at least two mailing lists
I'm on; I'm Azure, she's Azalais, and it's sometimes
confusing to sort out between Azz and Az.)
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Comics for today (Loony's bookmarks, being at school and unable to view comics)

My Onion horoscopes:
Gemini: (May 21—June 21)
You never thought smoking in the forest endangered you, but that was before an angry Smokey decided to stop fucking around about the fire-prevention thing.

Cancer: (June 22—July 22)
You have a right to be happy, but that might not outweigh the feelings of the dozens who so enjoy your misery.

Virgo: (Aug. 23—Sept. 22)
Uninvolved bystanders will witness your crime, but due to its graphic nature, they can no longer be considered "innocent."
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Hooooooo boy.

Whee for class. Went to class. Sandstrom was subbing. I was late thanks to staying up too late and also traffic -- the corner traffic light was out (has been out since yesterday afternoon) but class hadn't yet started.

I think I mentioned Bambi from a few tri ago. She's back. She's enthusiastic, ex-Army, and slightly obnoxious. OK, perhaps more than slightly. And she's in this class. Whoo boy.

But she's sweet.
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Falling apart again...

My right knee has decided that it does not approve of this little scheme of mine, this "walking a lot every day" thing, especially the "walking quickly" bits. It's been clicking some, and aching, from "I just kinda feel funny" to "I can still walk but I'd appreciate knowing where my cat hid my walking stick."

Sadly, it's a bit of a catch-22 situation. As I'm relatively heavy, my knee is rebelling, but I won't reduce the load on the knee unless I walk enough to make a difference. Which I have been, despite the knee. It's in the category of "minor recurring annoyance", not "major crippling thing" as my foot injury was last summer (which was very bad for me, physically, since I couldn't walk, and I rely on walking to keep me healthy as well as for transportation). I intend to be sensible, though, and not go out of my way to do things to piss my knee off.
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Phone *purr*

A few seconds on the phone are not half enough, but hearing his voice is better than nothing. Far, far better than nothing.

When did the man learn how to purr?
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Modesty & sweat, sunburn, skin problems

I was just out getting a few things (including lunch) and it's a typical Arizona spring day out there. That is to say: Hot, hot, and getting hotter. 86°F and 15% humidity. I'm, again, in all black, with a wide black wool felt hat.

I was pondering, before I went out and more as I walked, the thought of taking up wearing a veil when out of doors for extended lengths of time. I would probably want to cover a good deal of my hair as well as my face from the nose down to enough past the neck of my shirts to make sure there were no gaps.

I've been wearing clothes that are far more covering lately, for sun, mostly, but also somewhat for modesty. It's my own choice. I'll post photos of my cleavage and sex toys on the web, but I sometimes prefer to not show much skin at all when walking around town. A less immediate audience is better for me, perhaps. It's very hot, and I do get very sticky, especially in humidity, but I would also get hot and sticky, and sunburned, without being covered, and when I wear sunscreen, enough to make a difference, I tend to wind up more sticky, itchy, and quite often breaking out.

I think I'd like wearing a veil when outside. It suits my preference for extreme changes, and I've got a very good reason -- I'm hiding from the sun.
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On Molly Weasley Slash

Posted elsewhere...
Molly Weasley slash

Slashing Molly would take an equally unique woman to pair her with, and I haven't seen anyone that she could get that close to in canon at all.

Were I to slash her, it would be with a "the witch next door" type of character, and she does not strike me as the sort who has made any strong female friends on a personal level, or any strong friends on a personal level, for that matter. She strikes me as too devoted to her family to put much time and interest into anything outside of it; Order of the Phoenix is serving her family by getting rid of Voldemort to make it safe for her family.

If I knew more about her past, she might be slashable as a schoolgirl, but not after she got seriously involved with Arthur.

If she were to be involved in any romance after she got together with Arthur, I could only see it in foursomes -- her and Arthur meeting up with another like-minded wizarding couple for some fun. And I don't see anyone like that in canon either.

Then, I just realized that I see the Weasleys as an outsider might view a Heinlein Family: redheaded, smart, et cetera, keeping fairly low to the ground. Only a Heinlein family would be more unrealistically perky, and the Mater would not be worrying about cash so much and the Pater would be more popular at work.

(And if they were a Heinlein family)

'cept Molly would have to be bisexual, then, and so would Ginny, and Weasleycest would be totally canon, or at least Weasleycestuous!UST. Though probably not so much between the boys.

And the elder Weasley boys will come home with lovely brilliant redheaded brides. And there will be multitudes of cats, and everyone will start reading Kipling, Mark Twain, and the rest of the Muggle Classics, because they were written by wizards and they got leaked to the Muggle community.
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Traffic Light

After nearly a full day of being on the blink, the traffic light on the corner is now in working order. There were tremendous lines of cars, but strangely, no honking, no accidents, no motorist fury. A few cars tried to cut around, but they were thwarted by the lack of connection between parking lots.

Pedestrians had it the worst. A few cars at a time would go, and left-turning cars even got their chance. Pedestrians had to wait until cars going through their path had ceased to go, and dash across with the parallel cars, and avoid getting hit by the next bunch of oncoming cars. Someone in a wheelchair or scooter would have had a hellish time of it. I had a bad time with the Little Fayoumis.

I'm glad it's working again now. I was contempating detouring perhaps half an hour out of our way just to cross at another light, if this kept up until I had to pick up the Little Fayoumis from school today in a few minutes here.
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More chocolate ritual (reproduced)

The Chocolate Ritual
Copyright 1993, John Shepard, Performed at Dragonfest, August 1993

Materials required: On the altar there are brown candles, a Tootsie Roll (the great big one---as the athame), a large glass with milk in it (the chalice), a small dish of Nestle's Quik and a spoon, a small dish of chocolate sprinkles, a plate of cupcakes and some Yoo-Hoo along with a goblet.

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I might use some different items and names, myself, but ... yum!
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