March 12th, 2004

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How odd. (New spammer tricks)

Oddly enough, some of my latest spams have been filled with scrambled lines from Fight Club. "You can't go up to the unit. No one's allowed up there." It was the single-serving friend that tipped me off to what it was, though.
running, bomb tech

Icon themes

What is up with the cartoon people who are drawn with very simple, distinct lines and have Xs in their ears? Does anyone know where they are coming from?
running, bomb tech

Bwahaha: silly quizzy, battle cries, songs, bus kids

"In the name of Thor the Mighty, I hereby void your warranty, and send you back to God!"

I love random battle cries.

The other day, I had to tell the Little Fayoumis that "Responsible for genocide" was actually not a good battle cry. (Well, it's a great battle cry; it's also a bad battle cry.) Responsible for that battle cry: The Crow soundtrack.

On the bus this morning, a woman probably younger than 30, with two small children 4 and up. Kids are being subduedly rowdy to each other back there with her, under control but notable to the Parental Ear. She wound up telling one kid to stop singing the Rob Zombie and White Zombie, and to please sing something else. I quashed the impulse to suggest Marilyn Manson to the kid. I probably looked freaky enough.
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'k. I should sleep now. Night, world.
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Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Small kids, tight spaces

The Little Fayoumis is getting taller and bigger, but he can still slip through a wide 4 to 5 inch gap.

We found this out when playing some mutant variant of Limbo the other day.
running, bomb tech

Work soon.

I hope today's going to be a good day. It's payday. I'm still exhausted. Not sure why.