March 23rd, 2004

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Body Observations

I have noticed that all this walking has toned my calves and made them more shapely (I didn't know that this was possible, as they were already pretty), and I noticed my butt as well. Definitely getting more toned, more attractive. Even my arms, which aren't getting much of anything done to them, are starting to have more muscle definition. I have more energy, and when my body thinks it hasn't gotten enough exercise, it starts pestering me by having too much energy and then I have to go do something with it.

I think that's part of my new sleeping problem -- I don't want to sleep because I'm too bouncy to do so.
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Day Things

Woke up, under protest. Dragged arse to school. Woke up slowly in lab. Pretended to slack and did the lab things that I could do whilst half asleep. Got textbook for class from bookstore. Took impeccable notes in lecture. Zonked more in computer lab. Got sandwich from cafeteria. Chatted with the teddybear gayboy, former secretary of the GSU. Described my job. He has job envy now.

Attended club meta-meeting. The dude had gotten us pizza. Questions were answered.

Came home. Mommy was home sick. Got call from LF's school: clubs over for the [time period], so time to pick up kid, and oh, the haircut's got to go.

Tuned out for a bit. There were some minor things over homework, and then some nice severe gas pains which may or may not have been either psychosomatic or caused by lunch or caused by swallowing too much air for fake burps and not burping it all out again. I got him started on the deep breathing just before Mommy got there with the antacid; either may have helped. Marx tried to explain it, and there was not comprehension/listening; I explained the same thing, and something about either me or the way I did it got his attention and he understood. The process was repeated later -- he was upset over something, Marx tried to figure out/explain that it wasn't so bad, and there was no connection, but then when the LF and I had nearly the exact same conversation, and the lights turned on.

I seriously think that it's more than just the LF ignoring Marx. There's got to be some hidden trick that I'm using, or some hidden button that he's not pushing right. I can't put my finger on it just yet, but I get closer to it every time I listen to them interact. I think a huge part of it may be that I make an effort to really keep as much whining/anger/annoyance out of my voice when I'm talking with him as I can. I know that when he thinks something's his fault or he's going to get in trouble for something, he shuts down completely. And one of the sure cues for letting him know he's in trouble is to show anger or frustration in your voice. I select my vocabulary for him like he's a kid, and remind him constantly about stuff like he's a kid, but speak to him like he's an adult colleage but I'm just in charge and training him. It was how I responded best to my father, after all.

I wound up going to Fry's Electronics to get another cat-5 cable. Lord Mark was all set up and running, but we had to do some juggling to make it all work. The initial setup was blue cable from tigereye to the first switch, grey cable to the second switch, loose short grey cable from the first switch to nowhere. So then we added Lord Mark in the living room, and I ran the too-short loose grey cable to Tigereye, and ran the too short for that purpose blue cable to Neo, leaving the grey cable to the second switch alone. I got a red cable at Fry's (avoiding more grey cables ever since that embarrassing incident) and now the blue cable is back where it belongs, the short grey cable is loose again, the grey cable to the second switch is untouched, and the new red cable runs to Neo.

I also got another switch (it's still packed up because we don't need it yet) for when we get Lord Mark working. And I got a tool/toy, useful for the upcoming hectic schedule hell. We'll see how that works out.

I'm planning to start saving my money to get myself a shiny new laptop, because I have serious envy of the hot little systems that my classmates have.

I must not covet my neighbor's wife.
I must not covet my neighbor's wife.
I must not covet my neighbor's wife.
I must not covet my neighbor's wife.
I must not covet my neighbor's wife.
I must not covet my neighbor's wife.
I must not covet my neighbor's wife.
I must not covet my neighbor's wife.
I must not covet my neighbor's wife.

Especially when said "wife" has wireless, a DVD burner, a large hard drive, a fast processor, and an OS that I still cross myself whenever I encounter it.

Then I went grocery shopping, and wound up getting water, soda, and two hair claw things that will actually hold my hair up. I've broken two hair claws in the past little while, so this is a good purchase. I notice that I keep my hair down while out, now, but put it up when I get home, mostly because I have a lot of hair, and it gets hot and icky fast.

I trimmed eris_raven's claws. She's been wanting people to pet her, and she was needling me. Ow! Prickly fayoumis.

Sleep soon. I think I'm sleeping in tomorrow.
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I rarely have the mainstream preferences...

Underworld was on at the plasma place today. Since I was doing something more interesting (re-reading Ethan of Athos), much of it didn't register, but I was drawn by the lichen lycan man Lucian. Mmm, yum.

The actor Michael Sheen isn't as haunting to me; I suspect it's the long hair and short beard in combination with the thin features and feral expression that does it for me.
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Bounce, perk, and several species of ow.

Slept in this morning, where "in" was about nine. Did a leisurely read-through of e-mail, and then went off to the plasma place with Ethan of Athos. I was up too late anyway reading Bujold digests. The movies today were Bruce Almighty (I'm getting better at guessing a movie that I've never seen by the actors and context) and Underworld. I came back home, had lunch, and then went out with marxdarx to retrieve the Little Fayoumis.

Leisurely afternoon. Read some Strangers in Paradise (Volume 1). As if it were not yet proof enough that the former Joan-prime is more and more alien to me, Francine-with-Freddy is no longer me. In fact, I'm identifying more and more with Katchoo now, only without the sordid past.

Started up some bread. I had an incredible headache, the sort that's related to nasal congestion. I did the "Welcome to my sinuses" sneezing this morning, and though there was not much to sneeze out, what did sneeze out was truly disgusting. I'm glad that I'm largely unaffected.

Yesterday I read Shards of Honor (Bujold) and then some pure trash -- Wicked Widow, Amanda Quick (well-written romance novel). I like those because it's not PWP, there's actually a reason for the hero and the heroine to meet. It reads reasonably well the second and third time, though I doubt I'd read it again within the year unless I need some fluff to fill my time.

Finance crunch, mild. Still an ow, though. Yay for parentals? I'm not feeling guilty about the palmtop, though, because I know how organized I am in its presence, and how organized I am in its absence. Sadly, this version of the Palm OS does not seem to have "floating events" in the datebook. *sigh* Ah well.

Went shopping with votania; got essentials & so forth. I'm plotting to make her co-worker who thinks I'm hot some spotted dick. Hee, hee.
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Copy of Spotted Dick recipe, which disappeared since the time I found it

Make Your Own Spotted Dick

The following recipe is a traditional one for making this great pudding and will serve four normal people, two greedy ones or one pig.

Recipe for Spotted Dick 2 oz white breadcrumbs
2 oz self raising flour
4 oz shredded suet
8 oz prepared stoned raisins
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/2 grated nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/8 teaspoon mace
1 oz whole candidied peel, finely chopped
grated zest of one orange
3 eggs
3 tablespoons brandy

Mix the breadcrumbs with the suet and flour in a large bowl. Add the raisins making sure that none are stuck together. When these ingredients are well mixed, add the salt, nutmeg, ginger, mace, candidied peel and orange zest, mixing thoroughly.

In a small basin beat the eggs well and add them with the brandy to the mixture, stirring for at least five minutes to amalgamate the contents thoroughly. Pack the pudding basin with the mixture, cover with greas-proof paper and foil and tie down with a string. Steam for four hours, making sure that the saucepan doesn't boil dry. Serve with lashings of hot custard.