March 27th, 2004


Way to go at work!

Today's work was a relatively boring day. I spent the entire shift transcribing one of my monster notes to Darkside onto the palmtop. The reason I had the time to do this was because I was on the paced dialer, and you get into a rhythm with that, and there's plenty of time in between active moments when the writerbrain can function, or the transcriptionistbrain.

I had to do that, because I said some pretty heavy stuff in there, and I want a record of all the Interventions I do, especially on him, and I didn't feel right about starting a new note to him without taking care of business first. So I went null doing that, and time passed without me counting it down.

I started a survey with someone who drank 60 (!!!) beers in one week, by his estimate. I pointed this out to the girl next to me; she made the same face that I was making, the "I could not make this shit up" face. He did not finish the survey -- he was too drunk.

New fun insult (courtesy of a CSR): "Were you born that stupid, or did you have to study?" Very anti-nice, but perfect for those certain moods. I've heard the sentiment before, but had to be reminded...

As the shift drew to a close, we were summoned into a meeting room (then sent to another one, then shuffled back to the first one again) for a surprise meeting. It turned out to be people throwing surveys and screwing them up, either by idiocy or by not telling their supervisors when the person on the other end of the phone realized that they'd forgotten something.

Before the meeting, there was general socializing. The Star Wars fan guy, a former DeVry student in a wheelchair, mentioned the "Masters program", and I inquired -- turns out that if you're really good, you can apply to join this, and when your monitor reports keep coming back good, you work your way through it, and when you've finally gotten through all the hoops, you get an extra twenty-five cents an hour. I spoke with the leader of the monitors (who's also the head trainer) and she said that it's for the people that they don't have to worry about on the phones, and that I'm pretty much one of them (imagine my glee) and I haven't been there long enough (just a month, now) to qualify, but at my three month review, please do bring that up with her, because then I should be able to do that.

Happy Birthday to Me, it seems! (My three months there will be coming up right before my 24th birthday this June.) When I was working there last, I was an excellent little fayoumis, except that my attendance was spotty. Since it's been perfect and is likely to stay very good, I'll be getting my raises in a timely fashion, and other good things will be happening as well. Say yay for a schedule that has time for sleep! Say yay for not having to worry about the kid!
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Whee, work.

Not enough sleep, but clean laundry. And awake. And Bitchy Witchy Week. Heh. Let's hope that I've got the ibuprofen in my purse...

(Yes, I do. It was there last night.)
exhausted, tired, Azzsleep

Work, the thing that drives us all mad.

Didn't get enough sleep last night. Therefore, by the seventh and eighth hours at work, I was nodding off and starting to have dreamspace catch up at me when I theoretically had my eyes open.

I must never repeat this.

The Viking's spare cats did not arrive today, despite the evidently somewhat-frantic phone call last night while I was still at work. The Viking's house is getting bug bombed, and the cats need cat-sitting while this goes on, and we've agreed to do it, but there have been all sorts of delays in the process. We still don't know when the cats are going to be here. The Viking, despite the fact that he's the one arranging for the cat-sitting, has been the last one to find out about many of the developments in the entire situation.

Today my dear roommate-sister was in Shiru mode, and got all sorts of things accomplished around the house. I feel sluggish in comparison. Tonight is evidently pizza and movie night. Yay pizza; yay Anastasia. I was zombified in the store. When I'm exhausted, don't stress me or question me closely; this went exceptionally well, since I gave explicit warning on that and stayed out of the way. I just zombied along.
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Movies & Beauty

We watched Disney's Anastasia together as a family tonight. I was definitely amused at the constrasts between the historical story (as told by Sherwood in history class, very colorfully, complete with how many times Rasputin was killed and how the jewelry sewn into the garments of the ladies acted as body armor) and the movie. It was a charming movie, though. I utterly enjoyed it.

Disney!Rasputin has the most sheer style of any Disney villian I've seen to date. (Then, I haven't seen many of the latest ones...) He makes undeath look good. I kept wanting to see more of him and of the bat.

I was also happy to see Sophie. While Anastasia is the main female romantic interest of the movie, Sophie is clearly the sexiest woman in the movie. Vladimir is all over her. She's sexy, she knows it, she flaunts it, and she clearly gets some. I approve. I highly approve. For those who haven't seen it, Sophie is lovely and plump and cheerful, and it's great to see the body type who'd usually be portrayed as the bustling cheerful sexless type as being very sensual and sexual. In a family movie, no less. It's nicely subtle, or at least it would be so to those who aren't used to the games that grown-ups who are going to be jumping into bed together next are playing. It comes off as "very silly" to kids.

Pretty movie. Sparkly dresses. Snark. Heavy snark. The sort of UST sniping that I adore. Plenty of UST -- that is, Potential Romance. Dancing. Mmm, the dancing. Did I mention that I love dancing? Anyone hoping to seduce me, take note and learn how to waltz. Anya kicking serious undead ass instead of waiting around to be rescued. I loved that part too. Oh, and lost memories being unearthed, and "coincidences" always get me teared up, too.

After watching the movie, I posed in the bathroom mirror. My hair is long and cascading now. After I settle out more reasonably, and the financial situation gets better, I think I'll start shopping for a good pair of boots again, the sort that goes up to my knees with the serious heels. I'd like to be wearing a pair of those, my spiked collar, crimson lipstick, and not much else, sometime, just to pose and look very very cool. It's the hair, I swear. It makes me look like a very bad girl in a very good way. "They make me wear LEATHER!" I'll have to break out my sketchbook and try to draw myself as a sexy Disney princess now. I've got the hair for it, finally!

I noticed that Anastasia's breasts seemed to reduce in size throughout the movie. They were unremarkable until she changed out of her orphanage rags and put on the dress, at which point they were huge. After that dramatic debut, they decreased to a less startling size, having made their point. Interesting.

And the song and dance routine with the bugs! Hysterical. I wanted so much more of that. And explosives! Usually when you've got a box marked "EXPLOSIVES! DANGER!" it's there to add suspense, because it's going to blow sooner or later. Instead, it was a truly Bujoldian piece of good luck. (One of LMB's writing rules is that while there is no limit to the bad luck that she may heap on her characters, she is not allowed to give them any good luck by Authorial Fiat. However, she may give them good luck provided it's disguised as a piece of sufficiently bad luck at the time.) Instead of a lengthy and rousing chorus of "Oh no! We must get this fixed or all the explosives will go up!", Anya grabs a piece and employs it handily. (I want to learn demolitions with flair like that too!) And the trees and the snow! As an Alaskan, I mark that snow and those trees Authentic. Ah, the homesickness.

Yep. I liked it.