April 2nd, 2004

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Spotted Dick

As most of those who I have listed as friends know, I've been plotting this little April Fool's Day joke since Darkside and I had the conversation about the British dessert "Spotted Dick" -- a steamed pudding with lots of raisins. Darkside is not fond of the name, and doesn't want to be reminded of it. I think it's hilarious, and delicious besides.

So, I practiced. I made one pudding according to the recipe, but it did not do well, being too dense and too spicy, as well as probably other things. Given that I don't have a kitchen scale, I was also only guessing on the measurements of the flour and the bread crumbs, which made for a very unhappy Spotted Dick.

At my roommatesister's suggestion, I modified a spice cake recipe to work with the Spotted Dick instead of making it a boiled/steamed pudding, and I made that last night. I had the foresight to grease not only one large loaf pan, but two small glass tart bowls, so I made the two individual servings of Spotted Dick (modified) as well as the large elongated Spotted Dick.

Taste-test proved that my Spotted Dick was tasty (hooray for my foresight with said individual servings) so I packaged the two remaining Spotted Dicks up with aluminum foil and set them aside.

I had previously arranged with Darkside's mother that I should drop by on April Fool's Day bearing Spotted Dick to slip to her son -- she was in giggles over the plan. I arranged with my roommatesister to give me a ride to Darkside's house after she got off work. So I took the bus this afternoon, bearing my two warm firm Spotted Dicks -- one for my best friend, and the other so that his household would not accuse him of hogging all the Spotted Dick for himself, so that there would be enough Spotted Dick to go around.

I took the bus, and arrived in excellent time to meet up with my roommatesister. I fussed over minute details of my appearance, and we took back streets to Darkside's (on account of traffic and dust storm). We eventually did show up, and Darkside's mother popped out of the house as we hopped out of the car.

Sadly, Darkside was called into work for an extra shift today, to make up for someone who had to be out, and he wouldn't be home until late. I produced the Spotted Dick, and also my copy of Irresistible Forces for Darkside to borrow. I mentioned my FatherSir's suggestion of including a marker so that Darkside could make his own Spotted Dick.

There was much merriment as my roommatesister, Darkside's mother, and I discussed the trials, pitfalls, and amusements of raising boys, the public school system, being a working mother, the job market*, how even the military isn't really paying enough anymore, how the Red Cross has unethical business practices, being in the Wrong Part of Town, and ever so much more. We gossiped for at least half an hour before we had to depart. We may have passed Darkside's father coming in as we were going out.

After so much anxiety preparing for delivering the Spotted Dick to Darkside, it was an anticlimax. However, I'm sure I'll hear far too much about it from him the next time we speak...

* If anyone in the Phoenix, Arizona area has a position for an entry-level Computer Information Systems major with a bachelor's degree in same, one who shows a gift with databases, is a hard worker, is reliable, and is disinclined to enter into too much in the way of Heavy Office Politics (because role-playing and console games are so much more fun), do let me know, because I've got an ideal person for you. He's l33ter than I am...
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Note: Any process running with company name "tmax" is bad news. Squash it like the bug it is. Thanks to AdAware and Spybot Search & Destroy (recommended to me by sraun, IIRC) I'm getting decent at this.

AdAware's log files give me more complete information on my processes than the Task Mangler Manager does, so I can make up a list of what does belong and what does not belong. In fact, some day when I have time, I'm going to make up an explicit file stating what does and does not belong as a process on my computer when pretty much everything is closed.

Oh, and Lycos is on my shitlist too, because I didn't ask them to install anything. C:\Program Files\Lycos gets installed without me asking. Grr, argh. "Clearsearch" is what it gets called.

These two are tmax:

My strong suspicion is that someone with an unclean system slipped me the tmax thing, possibly over AIM; I've heard (much to my regret) that now certain bad things can propagate over AIM without the user necessarily knowing about it, grr, argh.

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Note: Unless you're good at monkeying around with the innards of your computer, I strongly suggest you leave it to the professionals, or just look and don't poke. If I fux0r my own system, you will certainly hear me crying about it, but I won't be crying for help so much as I'd just be crying, mostly at my own stupidity.
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Tattooed makeup?

The divine Manifestress manifestress pointed us towards http://www.makemebeautiful.net/ -- tattooed makeup, done by an artist she knows and trusts.

I'm of two minds on this. Of course, with any thought of a tattoo, there are always the risks and costs to consider -- safety, time, money, pain. I'm not averse to the idea of getting a tattoo

First, my taste in makeup, my long-term taste in makeup, is sufficiently subtle and flattering enough so that I could get a touch of eyeliner added and have my lips quietly colored up a touch around the edges -- permanent lipliner the same color as my lips, smoothed in so only the expert eye could tell the difference. I'd still look like me, only a little more polished/tidy/professional. I would like the ability to always be able to look like I'm wearing that tiny bit of makeup that I would wear on a regular basis if I had the time and inclination to put it on. Tattoos don't rub off, wash off, or sweat off, and those are my constant enemies with makeup. It would be a definite job accessory, given that I don't always have the time/energy to look my absolute best when running out the door, and every little bit helps.

Second, though, is the fact that my lips do not always stay the same color. When I'm exhausted, when I'm angry, when I'm excited, when I'm turned on, when I'm stressed, frightened, worried -- these all come with changes in lip color. I more than occasionally go into mild shock, and my lips turn dead white. I don't want to compromise my own safety by hampering the ability of my friends and those who know me best to read my face. They know when to just grab me, sit me down, and make me have something to drink. A large part of being to tell whether I'm just a little freaked or if it's time to grab me and get me seated before I pass out or start gibbering is my lip color.

I think if I limited it to just edgework, so the majority of my lips would go white if there weren't lipstick over it, it would be safe enough in the way of body language. But I'll have plenty of time to think it over, since I won't be in Atlanta nor have the money any time soon.


his_angel posted a relationship poll on what people consider internet-communicating relationships.

I have more to say about this besides my comment, but that can wait for later... meanwhile, my comment from there reproduced.
My criteria for selecting the intensity of a relationship go like so:

Extremely actively avoid: block all possible contacts with, avoid mutual contacts, avoid places where they may be, keep tabs on where they like to be to avoid them.
Actively avoid: don't visit places where they tend to be, if they come in, leave.
Avoid: Don't seek out contact with them, and don't continue contact with them if they initiate it.
Neutral: Don't seek out contact with, and respond or not as appropriate when contact is initiated by them.
Contact/acquaintance: Occasionally initiate contact with them, and continue a dialogue with them when mutually interested in same.
Would not be averse to meeting in person: if we should happen to be in the same place at the same time, we could arrange to hang out, and further developments might happen. Might or might not give out further contact information.
Would like to meet in person: if we're ever local, we will meet up. Will probably give out contact information at least for the sake of meeting up.
Would seek out to meet in person: Would go out of my way (at least 40 miles out of way) to find in person if we're reasonably close, and would communicate if both traveling to see if there was a chance we could meet up. Contact information and schedules regularly exchanged.
Will meet in person: Someday, somehow, will meet this person face to face. It may be after some years, but we'll meet up. We will have already exchanged contact information and correspondance.

There are refinements, and everything's subject to change after I meet them. I know that for me, how someone looks does enter a lot into how attracted to them I am, as well as their voice, and energy -- I have to factor all of those in.

I start considering it a real-life friendship if the medium in which I'm contacting them becomes irrelevant. I've got one IRL friend I've never met face to face, but we have exchanged phone numbers, talk regularly, chat in IM, read each other on LJ and comment there, e-mail each other, and will eventually run into each other face to face.
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Walking Thursday

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I just hit paste to try and put that figure in there, under the automatic (but mistaken) impression that the paste function would shove what I'd just been looking at into the current window. Sadly, what I'd just been looking at had been my watch, and I can't yet cut and paste from my watch just by looking at it, selecting it and copying it with my eyes, and pasting it across devices like that.

Someday, though.
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Today was really domestic.
I got out of bed late because I don't have to work until 3 today.

I feel happy because I had some coffee. Espresso plus ice cream plus secret flavors in blender = frappucino. Homemade.

I'm so wired. See: frappucino, two glasses, with leftovers in blender in fridge.

Last night I had to actually get some sleep. My body got mad at me and I got nauseated because of lack of sleep so I finally did crash.

I want to tell the world that I'm gay.

I am wearing a lot of black today, as per the usual. And makeup, which is sort of not, but I'm trying to clean up the bathroom, and part of doing that is wearing makeup.

You should all do this quiz! It's amazingly accurate. You just put in your name and birthday, and it will tell you you're a moron.

I wish my roommates would manage to turn off their lights more often. My one roommate is getting annoyed with me for always turning off the lights that he's left on. But our power bills are down.

That's enough for now. But I'll leave you with this thought - sharing your life with strangers on the internet is the cheapest form of therapy available. Leave a comment and tell me I'm beautiful.

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Computer & other to-do list:

  • Reinstall mouse, since somewhere in the orgy of deletions, the thing that allows the wheel to do its wheel thing got hosed.

  • Label all CDs, and file in CD case for computer CDs.

  • Have more firewall happy fun

  • Replace broken item (2 AA type).

  • Get quarters from quarter change machine at work for laundry.

  • Smile.

  • Mail letters to Darkside.

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