April 3rd, 2004

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Underpants, hey!

1.) Go to work.
2.) ...
3.) Profit!

That's about how it is these days. Today I was on BTS Replacement, which is an easy job on the paced dialer. It was a quiet day, which means that I was nearly asleep all shift, nice and quiet and easy. Time is moving faster for me these days, I think.

The dialer broke down midshift, and we were sent off to break about five to ten minutes early. I had a rousing conversation with a tiny white-haired lady who looked like someone's grandmother. She may have been working with computers before FatherSir even started with them, and we went into detail about how much the computer system at work sucks it. trystan_laryssa, dustraven, and their DM were there too, and a great time was had by all. Evidently the dialer did this yesterday and the day before too. It evidently only freaks out a few times a year, but when it does it, it does it badly. I remember doing a tarot reading on the dialer once, when it was in breaky-phase. The reading was correct, saying that the dialer wouldn't be coming up for a while... at least, that's how I remember it. (I had my deck at work with me a lot at that point, and I was doing random readings on everything.)

The computers weren't entirely fixed by the time we came back from break, and we had to sit & wait for a while. Eventually things calmed down, and we got sent home around eight-ish, when 10:30 is the scheduled shift-off time, and 9 is more likely to happen.

I volunteered for a doubleshift Sunday, just because. marxdarx is contemplating applying there, and is deeply contemplating it after he found out the pay scale.
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Slackerprep groping my leg wasn't half so invasive.
I'm boiling pissy, and didn't get enough sleep.
running, bomb tech

Assorted Chickabirding

Having that conversation with Darkside's mother the other night was very interesting to me. I feel like I'm growing grey feathers. Roommatesister pointed out some of the current financial disadvantages of the military to his mom. This was a good thing. For someone in her family, being a truck driver was more financially stable than going into the military.

I'm planning for Responsibility. I'm nesting.
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I was mildly evil at work today, and I think that the prank I pulled was worthy of FatherSir.

First, let me tell you a little background about my job. Collapse )

For those of you who forgot the point, or didn't bother to click the cut tag, a funnel is a number of groups of (often randomly generated) numbers that the computer dials for us. When we are on certain jobs, we are notified by a paper memo in our booth informing us what funnel we should be using.

I came to work and noticed that one of the ceiling tiles in the main interviewing room was out, and in its place was a duct-taped contraption of plastic sheeting redirecting into a garbage can. It's been raining, lately, and evidently the roof leaks. This normally isn't a problem, being as it's Phoenix, Arizona, but when it does rain... heh.

This would have passed without comment but that the trash can was labeled "Funnel trash -- Do Not Move!"

This called for some action. Handily enough, I had a spare sheet of paper (a shift change memo) in my booth, and a nice dark pen. Some font-imitation later, I had two sheets of paper, one reading: "Your funnel is Overflow", and the other one reading: "[ +OVERFLOW CANYON$AREA1_NORTH ]" (which is a good imitation of the typical names of the queues in any given funnel). I asked a supervisor for some tape, and crept over to Area 1 (north side) in the Grand Canyon interviewing room, where the roof overflow plastic sheeting funnel and trash can were, and taped the funnel label to the funnel, and the "Your funnel is" sheet to the trash can.

There was assorted giggling.
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