April 5th, 2004

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*makes faces at people*

I showed a nude picture of myself to someone on my friends list!

*taunts the rest of the friends list in general, on general principle*
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Stressmonkey Weekend & Morning

I've picked up the word "stressmonkey" from shadesong, and I've been using it heavily.

This weekend, I wasn't online much of at all -- Thursday I was pranking my best friend, Friday I was working a six hour shift, Saturday I was working an eight hour shift, Sunday I was working a ten hour double shift.

The entire weekend, I was dealing with spyware/adware. I swear there should be counseling for people who have gotten spyware who are also very connected with their computers. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: when Slackerprep (the obnoxious young man in my first tri of my attempted Business Information Systems degree who wound up flubbing his role as Business Project Group Leader) fondled my thigh while I was trying to help him with a paper, that was less invasive than having spyware on my machine. It's also easier (for me) to turn around and give a full-grown man a decisive wallop than it is for me to hunt down the people responsible for writing the ware that invaded my computer's personal areas and give each of them the same.

Because of all this activity, plus trying to maintain sanity, I consequently haven't been getting the sleep that I have attempted to outline in my schedule for myself. This morning I was hitting the snooze button again and again, trying to get back to my dreams. Darkside was having a conversation with me there. There was something about bus schedules that we were trying to talk about, and he was talking about his father making him do laundry instead of talk to me, or something... it was altogether the ordinary sort of happy quiet mundane conversation that comforts me best, and I kept being woken from it.

I finally came to full consciousness at 7:40, with class at 8:00. I zoomed around, and screamed out the door just as votania left, at about 7:55. Three minutes into my walk to school, her car pulled up alongside me, and I hopped in. We cracked jokes about her having picked up a hooker; as she dropped me off, I shouted, "Fo' dolla'!" after her. (Someone read South Pacific too many times when she was a kid.) I was actually on time, not that the teacher was.

Somewhere on the way to school walking, my head was playing Grateful Dead, and I was trying to figure out how "Casey Jones" lined up with ASP.NET -- "Bad code ahead, bad Codebehind..." and I figured that while I could probably replace the cocaine lines with something interesting that still fit the rhyme scheme, the "watch your speed" pun would be utterly lost, which overloaded meaning is one of the things that makes the song good. *sigh* The things my brain does in the morning.

I've got a computer with a mouse that needs to watch its speed -- the left-click is funky and starts flickering when I'm just trying to drag something, so I wind up dragging a little ways and then double-clicking, which would be OK in certain circumstances, but is not OK when you're monkeying around in this IDE -- I wind up seeing the raw HTML behind my ASP.NET without really wanting to do anything more than move the bloody image.

GSU meeting later on today. Not sure who else, if anyone, will be showing.
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Schedule Shuffle

Rearranged potential schedule for work/household. I'd be working Wednesday/Saturday/Sunday, and Marx would be working Thursday/Friday/Sunday. I can submit my schedule change any time, probably Tuesday before picking up the sprogling. (Erm. That's not a word.)

I went in to the office, you see, and got some technical consultation on possible schedules. So, Friday/Sunday is not a valid work option.

We can do this. We can definitely do this. As it stands, the only day we'd need any aid on kidwatching is Sunday, and Mommy's got that day off, and if it were so that she did not have that day off, we could always do the whole "Okay, I pack up kid and bring with on my way to work, and you grab the kid as you're coming home from work" handoff, working opposite shifts.

The household's schedule is turning from a confused mass of chaotic crap into something far better regulated.
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Drugs: Caffiene.

I got a soda from the cafeteria this morning after lab but before class. I must say that Mountain Dew Livewire is my favorite soda ever, because it combines two very good things into one excellent thing: orange soda with caffiene.

I haven't yet finished the 20 oz bottle, but I'm wired past any sane state. *nods* Very not sane. Very.



Did I mention that I've been avoiding that drug for a while, because it has very marked effects on me when I avoid it and I want to have the effects when I actually do consume it?

But then, building up a tolerance for it would also be recommended. So I'm not sure what I should do. I like this drug, though. I like the rush it gives me.
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Psychotic Meme: Re-post...

This is that weird meme with the very random questions that you answer.

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says.

...around in confusion. "He sounds like he's having a... (from Diane Duane's Wizard's Holiday)

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?

The phx_devry West Lab North on MFE printer.

Collapse )

20. George Bush: is he a power-crazy nutcase or someone who is finally doing something that has needed to be done for years?


Specifically, he is a power-crazy nutcase who is proving that power-crazy nutcases are fricking dangerous, and he has taken Saddam Hussein out of the power structure in the Middle East, which has needed doing, though I highly disagree with his methods. If there had been a constitutionally sound vote to involve the US in this to the degree that it is, I would be all for it -- that is to say, taking out Hussein. The actual methodology of the restructuring I think may not be the best, that is to say, I wish it looked actually sociologically sound.

I do not, however, like the idea of saying, "Oh, we're everybody's friend... what do you mean you hate us?" If the US wants to be a rich fat imperialistic bastard, let us by fuck make no bones about it. And the rest of us can move to Canada. Please. (Note that Alaska should probably, in this political worldview, be a separate country. I'll go there.)

21a. Imagine your first child is a girl; what do you call her?

Elizabeth. For any number of reasons. This would probably be shortened to Beth in short order. It would be a toss-up between Elizabeth Anne and Elizabeth Carol.

21b. Imagine your first child is a boy; what do you call him?

That would depend on the last name. David and James are high up in the running; Brian is right out. Probably some uncontroversial Biblical name, or a family name from the sire's line.

22. Would you ever consider living abroad?

Of course. *insert snarky comment about already being a broad here*

But seriously, since the only land I have strong ties to is Alaska, and my family/friends are widely distributed because the Internet is my home country now, I see no reason why I couldn't live in another country.

I would probably opt for an English as first language country, or a strongly English-speaking country with a Romance language as the alternate, because despite my ability to pick up useful words and phrases from other languages quickly, I don't think I have what it takes to learn a completely new language to primarily function in as an adult.

I do enjoy the US, but I think that other countries might have many of the same freedoms without the hollering and flag-waving about them. I might want to be local to the E and John, actually...