April 7th, 2004

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boojum introduced me to the phrasing "counter-prejudice" for the prejudice that springs up in response to an initial prejudice. For example, prejudice against men by women in response to an initial condition of prejudice against women by men is a classic example. One of the bad phrasings I've heard was "reverse prejudice", "reverse racism", which just do not cut it for me.

It's come to my attention, rather forcefully, that I envy shadesong's general work position as high-powered, invaluable, busy secretary. I'd really like a secretary position surrounded by absolute hackergeeks, where my general geekiness would come as a plus, so I could understand and help debug and occasionally do things of my own, and be invaluable in "What the hell are we doing here?" design sessions, but still have a professional life outside of the traditional realms of IT. I like filing, organizing, scheduling, and the like. I glory in it. When the household needs shit scheduled, I am the one who does it.

I need to update the faith section of my profile. I'm eclectic technopagan with strong Kabbalistic and Quaker elements to the faith, and that's not even mentioning Naomi. (She says that she finds the final working of Yeshua "extremely logical" and is definitely in support of it. Go figure.) I'm ordained through the Universal Life Church (they ask you to please not try to ordain your houseplants) and my ministry is generally other active practitioners (primarily in similar/related pagan/pagan-like traditions) who don't really need much in the way of spiritual leadership as they do a comfortable ear and a different perspective. I occasionally do pull something brilliant out of my ass, but I consider that far from my primary function.

I'm exhausted. I sleep.
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PSA: Mercury Retrograde

For all those affected by same, it's starting a Mercury Retrograde.

I think I'm just going to go disappear now. (Apropos of non-LJ non-events)
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Mercury fucked with my phone line.

All the kerfuffle: Mercury fucked up some equipment between the Temple and gods know where else on the phone line. This was causing very bizarre errors that I'd never encountered before, and I freaked out.

All is well and all shall be well, and now I'm going to go ask the apartment complex management how they deal with phone trouble repair billing.
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Mercury fucked *both* my phone lines.

So I try calling from the cordless in my room. Error. Twice. I try from the corded phone in my room. Error.

I try calling from my cell phone. Four rings, the swapout, another ring, voice mail. As per the usual.

I try the Temple landline again. Still with the error. I try calling the phone company. Yep, there sure are problems on the line!

I try calling my roommatesister's mom, who lives within easy (for me) walking distance of Darkside. Line works. I try calling Darkside with the cellphone. What the -- ! Error! Same error! I try with the landline. One ring, then straight to voicemail. This is per the usual if the line's busy. So the landline now works for calling him. Evidently. I called the phone company back again, and suggested that there may be problems in the Phoenix/Mesa area.

It's been about half an hour. I'll try again. (Saith the Queen of Bad Timing.)

Don't stand for bullying.

I will not stand for this
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The trouble with bullying is that children are expected to put up with behavior that would, in a modern workplace, win harrassment suits from here until 2014. We tell our children that this is normal, they're to just ignore it, that kids are being kids. Sometimes we even go along with the bullying. Four of my little friends and I conceived a dislike for another girl at school and we quietly made her life hell until she told the teacher who caught us at it, and subsequently we were not particularly happy. I never pulled that one again.

Bullying can be stopped, if you catch it early enough. The Little Fayoumis had the distinct potential to be a bully. We knew this from his family history, so we were on the watch for it, and when it transpired that he'd bullied another kid in preschool, he was so grounded for a week. Of course, I don't know what he'll get up to when he's a teenager, but I'm hoping that he'll stay a decent human being, because we're training him to be that way at home. Spiderman's a better role model than Strongbad, and he does get to watch the Strongbad e-mails with the knowledge that Strongbad is a very, very bad role model for being polite and nice to other people. (Of course, he's also in danger of becoming the sort of whiny, sanctimonious prig that gets picked on and doesn't know why. We're working on that one too.)

Girls Just Want to be Mean is an article on some of the adolescent bullying that goes on with girls. I am happy in that I escaped most of this. I didn't really try to fit in with girls my own age. I stayed to myself, I had a few friends, I tried to stay out of the fights (and there were quite a few social group upheavals, especially in middle school) and I stayed in my books. In high school, I was mistaken for a senior during my freshman year.

I would say that probably some of the best things you can do for a kid who is not interested in fitting into the local child power structure would be to groom and arm the young person into adult manners and so forth. Kid's not interested in high school? See if you can't work a few college classes in. See if there are any friendly local or online interest groups who could mentor the kid. People like ataniell93 are known to take an interest in young people who have no problem interacting with adults, ones who have no real interest in interacting with high school society, and introduce them to some of the more interesting things out there. The trouble with young people who are ready to act like adults, though, is that they balk at being treated like children, even if they still legally are.

Does the adult world still have bullying? Of course it does. Some of it's very insidious. But it's easier to sue and point it out and have people listen to it as being a problem and do things about it and leave, rather than being locked into a school you hate with people who hate you.
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Mercury fucked *his* phone line.

I called, and got his mom. Darkside's at work. I explained that the rather panicked voicemails were on account of the phone being screwed up, She understood that -- she'd gotten home and had a hard time calling out, because the phone was all screwed up, and tried any number of things before it finally started working again.

I told her that in the past day, a lot of people's communications gear had started screwing up. I thought she might appreciate the warning, though I didn't mention the specific Mercury retrograde thing.

Maybe I'll get him tomorrow.