April 8th, 2004

sad, greensad


There are two problems with me leaving my windows open at night, even in gorgeous weather such as this.

First, I'll get to hear, whether I like it or not, repeated banging upon doors, the Yelly Lady ranting and raving to people who may or may not be visible to the rest of us, and someone, or several someones, at least five units down, having or simulating very vocal, raucous, sex. I guess they don't call Wednesday "hump day" for nothing.

Second, the breeze. The breeze in the trees disturbs the bees, and more specifically, it delivers me a faceload of vegetative genetic material. My nose, not to be outdone, manufactures slime in prodigious quantities and has me forcefully expel it, thus making the bukkake illusion complete.

Tomorrow, I think I'll stop in at the store on my way home and try switching allergy medications, to see if something else will work any better.
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running, bomb tech

Dreams: Zombie... things?

Imagine what would happen if you crossed Heathers with the visual effects from the Men in Black movies, with the general "These things are ick and we must destroy them all" from, say, Resident Evil. Oh, and a dash of atmosphere from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix #12 Grimmauld Place thrown in as well.

That was my dream last night. See, I was at this school (I was in my late teens) and I'd just been accepted for this school-related job I'd applied for. And I'd just been added on LJ by someone whose name I didn't recognize, but who I knew was connected with the school. I visited the campsite, and it was strewn with various grafitti and printed-out signs all relating to her and things she did -- [username] is an evil bitch, [username]'s place, don't fuck with it, and I knew, instant flash of backstory, that she was one of those people around whom drama bloomed, just because she in fact was a backstabbing bitch, but of course I had no way of knowing this at the time.

I was about to wander off when she came up, and she was sweet to me: she'd been interviewing for the same job (related to the one she already had) and wanted to know who'd been more qualified than she was. She invited me to join her group, and I filled out information such as my name, where I lived, when to call, the thing I was apt to say most often ("I miss Darkside"), and we were getting into a debate about when she could actually call me (she looked at my "8 am to --" and said, "OK, I'll call you at 6 in the morning, then," and I told her quite bluntly that if she did that, she'd be hurting) when the creatures started to show up.

Evidently you had to do a lot of wandless, hands-on type banishing on these. And there were a lot of them. A lot a lot of them. We were doing that, and I was panting, exhausted, by the time some of them stopped showing up in some large plastic tub in the closet that we needed to use for something or other. We were just about to get back into the thing-banishing when I woke up.

I can probably tell you how it would have, could have, should have ended. There would have been plot developments, more kicking of ungood ethereal creature ass, high school power maneuverings, a return of the chick's clique, but somehow I would have managed to save the school, the town, and the day, vanquishing not only the ethereal ungoodies but also the dramastorm chickie.

But I woke up.
running, bomb tech

Memeishness T. Gallbladder

Snagged from tyrantmouth:

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1. How old are you?
2. Who do you live with?
3. What do you do for a living ? If you're a student what do you study?
4. Are you single?
5. Do you liketh the boys or liketh the girls... maybe goats?
6. What would you prefer - a good book, or a good movie?
7. What was your least favourite subject at school?
8. Do you remember what your first ever best friends name was?
9. What one thing at the moment would make your life a whole lot easier?