April 15th, 2004

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Dream: Elements

I had a science fiction dream that a group of us were led by a teacher (or someone) into a large room that had a number of clearly defined areas. The teacher told us that we had to discover which element the areas represented, and which person went with which element.

We started out by each going into an element and trying to puzzle it out. It turned out not to be entirely a mental exercise, as some people were clearly in elements that disagreed with them very much, and we had to swap around some. My almost-twin from first grade was moved to hide behind some very cluttered corner.

It turned out to be a very clever logic puzzle. We had been thinking of physical elements -- it turned out to be the more metaphorical kind of element -- as in, where someone is "in their element" in something, and the names of the elements all ended with "um" in some way. (I keep thinking that there had to have been "auditorium" around there somewhere, but that's a waking thought. It never had a chance to show up in the dream.)

I can't remember the first one I discovered, but once the person for that element had been discovered, I went around in search of another place to sit. The only unoccupied area left was a thin pink spongy strip, and I hopped up there -- and I discovered that it bounced and flexed, but not in a way that made me scared that I was going to fall off. Experimentally, I tried a hop or something, then, excited, hopped off, and went from standing on the floor to a handstand on the floor to flipped on my feet onto the beam, all with form where I could feel the places it was right, and feel the errors as well. "GYMNASIUM!" I called out in triumph, and beckoned my old elementary school friend Gaia (of the Ginger, Gaia, and Galadriel trio) to come over. We watched her as she performed in her element.

Nearly all of the elements were identified and were on their way to being identified. My old friend my almost-twin was over on the other side of the room, perhaps still hiding. There was one element, though, an area on the west side of the room up in a loft, with a window, that had not yet been identified. One person had gone in, and had stayed in there, and when someone thought to check, he'd been pulled out as a dusty set of clothes full of dusty bones. After that, someone had put up some things over the window -- made the glass appear frosted, put curtains over it.

A group of people were going in now, and the window could not be seen through. I inhaled sharply -- the connection had just come to mind as the last of the exploring party disappeared. "Mausoleum!" I gasped to my roommatesister, who was suddenly there with me, in the way of dreams.

In turn, she gasped. "That will kill them!" she said, and charged into the anteroom, up the ladder, and into the element.

Sure enough, she started hauling out unconscious bodies, elaborately costumed as we all were in the large Room of Elements. I think absentmammoth was hauled out first. I sent her back in to get someone else and dealt with getting the unconscious people beginning to head back to normal. That was her element, sure enough, now that it was identified, because she was unaffected by it.

In the middle of all the hustle and bustle, I woke up.
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They Got Lost

It was one of those days for the Lunatic. Lunatic sleeps in most happily. Lunatic eventually calls the Darkside, and gets the voicemail. ("Evidently you two have gotten to know each other really well." --Darkside, on Lunatic vs. his voicemail)

Lunatic wanders out with the rest of the household (we all have this day off except for the LF) to get some lunch and some light shopping in. At the grocery store, we encounter Wol, our neighbor the very talkative 60-something former porn star with health problems. Poor Marx had his ear talked off.

I scramblingly get ready for the rest of the day, and we're off to get the LF and do assorted errands. I am dropped off at the plasma place and I do my thing there.

Movie of the day: Swordfish. I was giggling over some of the computer speed and GUI issues, but was overall impressed with the portrayal of a cracker at work. They included the caffiene in liquid form. That is very key to the type. I'm going to have to watch this again so that I can actually get the whole story instead of, you know, vaguely realizing that there's some spy stuff and lots of cracking going on.

Then the Lunatic got lost. The Lunatic, instead of proceeding South down 19th Avenue on the 19, proceeded East down Indian School on the 41. The Lunatic stopped for dinner, but failed to realize her mistake until about 14th Street, two blocks East and still quite a ways North of her eventual destination. So she got off and caught the 16 to McDowell, and walked the rest of the way West to freshstartwrite.

Still early, though.

The chick at the computer next to me was boggling at my typing speed. Last time my typing speed was measured, I was at 69wpm. She guessed 60. I really want to be a lot faster typist, but that will take a lot of practice and a lot of keeping my brain and my fingers moving at the same speed. Right now my brain is a lot faster and my fingers sometimes just take letters out of sequence -- that's where 90% of my typographical errors come from.

agent139 has some interesting musings on memetic programming through advertising in mass media over in discord_society. Y'all may want to take a gander. It's a little thick for me, but it looks like some heavy shit.