April 19th, 2004

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What kind of moron installs Windows 2000 on a 2 gigabyte disk?
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Whee, I'm evil.

A plot bunny whacked me last night while I was putting together something to eat, and I wrote it up while inspired. I looked it over again just now, and it's definitely decent, but has some rough edges that do need polishing -- phrasing and all that.

Mad props to amberfox and grifyn for helping me with my very bad Latin and generally listen to me plot evilly.

Warning: it's a "Snuffles" story. Actually, both of them are. (I took a very old joke I'd made with sionainn and adapted it as well, when the first one turned out so dark...) Sirius Black comes into it nowhere, though. Asimov might be proud.
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Personal Violations

Some of you may know this already, but several years ago, my roommate's then-boyfriend violated my computer. For some time, I've been very reluctant to have anything to do with the insides of my computer. I haven't wanted to do routine maintainence tasks... I can't remember the last time I ran ScanDisk or defragmented. I was still using my computer every day, but not as responsibly as I should have been. I was taking all kinds of risks.

You can get in some very weird mental places when you start thinking of your computer like some people think of their homes, as an extension of themselves.
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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: "Something Wicked This Way Comes"

http://jwfan.com/audio2/SomethingWickedThisWayComes.mp3 -- 53 seconds, just over 1 meg, courtesy of the John Williams Fan Network.

Save it while it's hot!

This was what I was trying to download when I discovered that there were serious problems with my system, which is when I discovered that on my C: drive, there was 0% disk space left, of 2 (1.95 effective) gigabytes. This led to me doing some serious housecleaning, and shuffling old large documents and musics to my F: drive, which is where I keep all downloaded musics & so forth (which drive has 75% of 2 gigs remaining).

I spent most of the morning cleaning and defragmenting, and managed to reduce the fragmentation down to those files that will never defragment because they're in use 99.99% of the time, especially while the system is powered up.
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Have taken down the fly strip over the cat box in my bathroom, and replaced it with a fresh one. (Damn fruit flies!)
Changed air freshener in my room.
Must get new plunger for toilet. Old one has become of the Nast.
Must get new large plastic laundry bin for West bedroom. Old one was stolen.
Must check out Lolita from the library, in order to appreciate Reading Lolita in Tehran better.
Must vacuum.
Must scrub kitchen floor.
Must scoop cat boxen.

Bonus: Mr. S. Sands His Study.
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I stumbled upon the proper folder for the Bejeweled music. *laughs evilly* I knew these tracks were familiar, but not why...

I also found my fishnet gloves. These will be good for helping minimize my sun exposure. They look very cool as well. I probably will not get away with wearing them while working, but one never knows. I can still type quickly and accurately while wearing them.

Lunatic wearing fishnet gloves
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I'm going to go to the library!

Happy Lunatic.
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Comment back to pyrogenic, to be shoved in the appropriate slot

(when LJ's heavily armed monkeys let me do it)

That would be the kind of moron who's a slacker with a 2000 Dell Latitude CPt with a 6g HD who'd planned to make the sucker dual boot with Linux and partitioned accordingly, but never got around to putting on the Linux bits.
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Spoons: Living with chronic illness

"Spoons": an article on explaining what it's like to live with chronic illness.

I met a woman who'd had chronic pain for a while. She'd just kept going and going, and when it finally had been too bad to bear for some weeks, she went to a hospital emergency room. She was a nurse. She waited, and waited, and finally saw a young doctor who didn't listen to her, and told her there was nothing wrong with her.

She went back home and sat down Collapse )

They came and got her to someone who listened, and they drugged her up for a good night's pain-free sleep, and got her something in the way of pain management and recovery. And she's alive today.