April 20th, 2004

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I ran into one of the writing group people on the bus on the way to the library. I didn't recognize her at first, but she recognized me. She's one of the younger ones, the perky one who reminds me of someone I knew in elementary school. We chatted. I got to vaguely meet her man and baby.

It turns out that the Cholla branch of the Phoenix library system does not have Lolita in an acceptable format, nor do they have The Great Gatsby (which I really should have read back when swallowtayle was reading it). Huffily, I got some Pratchett, some McKillip, and the only Peter S. Beagle book they had in the science fiction/fantasy section, and checked out.

All the checkout terminals are automated now, but the two McKillip books wouldn't check out. I actually had to see a human librarian for those.

Terry Pratchett's Thief of Time has a character who's somewhere on the autistic spectrum. As I've read the descriptions enough to recognize the clues when I see them, they jump out at me now. There is also a reference to The Matrix within the first few pages.

I'll have to do my searching on the online card catalog from home, pick out the books I want to read for background on Reading Lolita in Tehran, and get them before writing group from the Burton Barr branch downtown when I'm out that way anyway on Thursday. I'll have plenty of time assuming I don't get lost this next time. And since the timing to catch the McDowell from the 19 at McDowell is so abysmal, I may just take the 41 to Central, catch the Red Line, hit the library, then grab the McDowell, rather than the frustrated wait for the next McDowell that I do every time. There's not time to cross that huge hub of an intersection before the bus leaves, even though the connection theoretically works.


votania got home from work early, and that was nice. I ordered the DVD burner that Marx wanted. Then we sat down and watched some anime. No clue what it was, though it involved a lot of fighting. There are these ninjas, see, and they're battling each other. There's this one guy who's all gothed out who's a sand ninja with a beast inside him or something, and he's got this excellent sand armor, and then there's the rather creepy team of sound ninjas, and of course Fuzzy Eyebrows the Hard Work ninja.


Shared with the rest of the household my potential step towards some sort of resolution on the self esteem/attention issue. When the kid displays low self esteem, you try to counter the negative message he's telling himself. But when he's displaying low self esteem on purpose to get attention, you don't want to reward this. My thought: writing lines. Positive self-esteem boosting lines, but lines nonetheless (after all is calmed down, et cetera).


Despite the conditioning, I've been getting split ends, probably because it's been a while since my hair got a trim. So, snippy! My hair's fractionally shorter, but will be much easier to deal with. It's not like I haven't got enough hair to start with...
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swallowtayle, the English teacher, and the soapbox

We once had the most interesting high school English teacher. I got him first, I think on his first year teaching. He was a character. He was fresh out of school himself, and still young and quirky. He'd have fit right in with this crowd around here, actually.

He did all sorts of silly stuff (sometimes unrelated to class) -- there was somewhat of a contest to name the plant (Guillermo, it was eventually dubbed), he was trying to grow a goatee, and made a "goat-meter" to track his progress, and he did not abide the word "sucks" in his classroom. He put up a hand-lettered poster with a surfeit of synonyms for "sucks" -- substandard, disgusting, lame, ...

Whenever he was expounding at length on something, he would warn us that he was getting up on his soap box. It was one of his cute little things, especially cute considering that I think I was taller than he was by this time. swallowtayle noticed this habit of his, and got a wooden box, decorated it accordingly, and presented it to him. Ever after, he would step up on his actual soap box to deliver a lecture.
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Pet Peeves: LJ cut text

I have a pet peeve about LJ cut text.

I think that an entry should be readable both on the friends page/journal page/day view, and as a stand-alone entry that can be read when linked to (or if you'd forgotten what the cut text was after you opened it in a new browser tab).

See, say you've got something like this:

I went to the hospital, and the werewolf was Collapse )

That looks just fine if you're reading along and click the cut tag. But, inside, you have:

I went to the hospital, and the werewolf was

He was hacking and coughing and did not have long to live. He gave me a message to pass on to the elders.

The werewolf was what? Those of you arriving at this via their friends page, or via a page in my journal, can answer: he was gravely ill. One can figure it out from the context, but the actual cut tag text is lost unless it's deliberately duplicated just behind the cut tag, as so:

I went to the hospital, and the werewolf was <lj-cut text="gravely ill">gravely ill.

He was hacking and coughing and did not have long to live. He gave me a message to pass on to the elders. </lj-cut>

This makes the passage flow, whether you're reading it on the friends page/journal page, or reading it directly in the entry.

There are some places, of course, where the text of the cut tag is deliberately not duplicated. For example:
That night was a rough night for poor Harry. He stumbled home, not entirely sure whether his feet were still attached to his legs. He was barely home before Collapse ).

There, the sensibilities of the reader are protected from which exact "rather disgusting details of overindulgence in alcohol" the writer would have included. In this case, visitors to the entry via a direct link are reading at their own risk. Still, there is no information lost.

In the case of a straight, no-frills LJ-cut tag, not included as part of the flow of information, there is no content to lose.
Chocolate is a good thing. I like chocolate. It is a dark, sensual flavor, one that is sometimes coyly disguised with milk and sugar, but is never truly hidden. Collapse )

Even if I tweak that LJ-cut to have the text="And I continue...", it still doesn't lose information. Readers on the single entry view will see you continue. Readers on the friends page will get to choose whether or not to read your continuation.

It's only, really, when there's information vital to the entry that's contained in the cut tag, and the information is not duplicated or paralleled in the remainder of the entry, that my peevishness is peeved off. But when it is, trust me that I'm peevish indeed...
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I suppose I would have heard it all over LJ...

When two nutjobs shot up their high school some years ago, my high school best friend predicted that in a year, no one would remember the incident.

I hope no one decided to commemorate this in any sort of inappropriate way.

I've been thinking about the necessity of remembering this day, with the intent of never letting it happen again. Music and clothes and gaming are rarely the problem. Isolation and bullying are the problems, and it needs to stop.

In high school, I was the one everyone thought would snap violently. That was before Columbine. That was before CTY. Gods know, without CTY, without the library_monkeys, I might have...