April 25th, 2004

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Snark, wine coolers, and unlimited long distance

Sensing a friend in need of a good, long girl-talk, I wound up calling kellinator, and we had a most delightful time sharing stories of, you know, stuff.

I must therefore write up a somewhat coherent account of what, exactly, transpired at the Bachelor Party from Hell. I'd started getting into the (literal) fireworks when her battery started dying.

It was, in all, an interesting party/wedding, especially when the would-be best man is permafried and doesn't organize worth shit, and has to be replaced as best man at the last minute. (I organized the bachelor party, and it was... memorable. For reasons outside of my immediate control.)

Much silliness, in all.
running, bomb tech


Magic words: I know magic words to make roommates screech and wash dishes. Sadly, they involve That Woman's housekeeping, and are therefore a very low blow.

Hell: my roommates work in the job I've lovingly dubbed "hell". So do I. I am holding up to it better than they are, since I'm used to it.

Wine coolers: are good.

Police blotters: are funny.

Cats: are silly. And come when called. ('cause she knows that if she doesn't come when called at bedtime like that, I chase next.)

Dishes: Dishes are put away by roommates when I ask them to "help me" (now), rather than "do it" (later). Even though my contribution to the dish-putting-away effort is standing there washing the next load.

Kids: Kids like to play and be silly. Little Fayoumis likes to help me with the dishes when I am doing them. Mostly this is playing in the water, but I am not really discouraging him, because he will get better at it as he gets older, and Mama discouraged us from wanting to help at all by saying no too much when we did want to help (I think).

Seagulls: Little Fayoumis has to be discouraged from mimicking the Finding Nemo seagulls too much. "Mine?"
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Fandom Survey for the Sith Academy

(filled out here for my convenience)
Hey all,

I'm a long-time lurker here who happens to currently be taking a
course at Harvard on the Anthropology of Science Fiction. We've been
assigned to conduct "field research" and write a paper about fan
experience and community. Of course I thought immediately of this
group [the Sith Academy]. I've put together a rather haphazard survey and would love as
many people as possible to respond. I'm sure most of you have run
into some survey about fandom/slash/sci-fi before, but that should
make it extra easy to dash off some quick thoughts on the subject.

Be as vague or detailed as you want. Any and all thoughts are
appreciated. There are lots of questions and questions-within-
questions. Feel free to ignore anything you don't feel like
answering. Only answer one question if you want. Any response is a
good response. Email your answers to me at sierraluna2000@yahoo.com

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running, bomb tech

Well, that was a bust.


Looks like I'm re-arranging my schedule again. Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday sounds good, for certain masochistic values of "good".