April 30th, 2004

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Oy to the motherfuckin' vey...

Twiddled with things. Got Sorcha sharing the connection. All is good there. All is not good on Acknar, who is riddled with spyware (as Mr. XP downloads interesting things and had SpyBot S&D turned off for a bit) --

-- I learned this when I saw that pinging www.google.com was redirecting to, and that www.yahoo.com was redirecting to www.yahoo.akadns.com (I would not recommend that, from the sound of it...)

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Hee, hee: All running smoothly...

So I was on the phone with some random Bastard Operator from Dell, and we at first had a hellacious time sorting out exactly which product that they did not support.

I had explained it so vaguely, and he had filled in the explanation with assumptions, that he thought that the modem on the system was one that talked to the NIC, and they didn't support something or other. I asked him whether or not they supported the Network Interface Card that had come with the computer. He said that yes, they did, and that they did not support the internet connection, however, and it sounded to him as if the LAN were the problem. I wanted to know where this was coming from. He told me that since I was getting out onto the internet fine, then the NIC was just fine, and it was the problem with the configuration of the LAN. I wanted to know where he was getting this. He told me that my internet was going through my NIC. I told him that this was not the case, very definitely. He made polite, but skeptical sounds. I grew annoyed, in the fashion of my paternal clan. I could tell that he was not about to believe me. I straightened him out, with the object lesson of unplugging and removing the NIC and surfing the internet. He could hear the tweedles as the card was ejected, I described what was in my spamtrap folder, and I described the error message I got from unplugging the card without asking.

Once he got it in his head that yes, I did know what I was talking about, I described our actual DSL modem (in mildly colorful language), where it plugged in and with what kind of cords, and then the LAN. Evidently this was more complex than what this poor tech support fellow had dealt with before. (I did get put on hold a few times, and since I now know that on hold is often for talking with one's supervisor or telling co-workers what an idiot this one is... heh. Poor guy.)

After we got that straightened out, we got into the actual business of checking error points on the actual network, to rule in or out actual NIC problems. He put me on hold after having me check for any visibly bent pins or any such (now we're cooking!) and I puttered around pinging and ponging and plugging and unplugging. I found that through some whackhappiness, now Sorcha could get on the 'net (hmm, maybe a bad port on the switch?) but Acknar was still having errors. I pinged from Acknar, Google and Yahoo, and found the aforementioned redirects.

The tech support guy got back on, and I clarified that yes, plugging and unplugging shit seemed to have cleared up shit for the one box, and the other roommate's box ... well ... it had some serious spyware bad mojo going on, so it didn't look like a NIC problem after all, thank you for your time and help sir.

So I sat down with marxdarx and Spybot S&D and we poked at things. We tweaked some things, and tworked some others, and then he stopped pinging entirely (just sat there, no pings). He restarted, then when he was still unable to connect, we went back in and tworked back the things we'd fixed that were not obviously bad. Lo and behold, connectivity.

Who's the alpha geek?
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Fun for entire family! Woot! Files!

There have been shufflements in the doings of the LAN around here, and perhaps everyone is happy with their connection speed now?

In other news, I'm finally getting to shuffle the files off Tigereye and into temp storage on Sorcha. Of course, I can't say as I'm doing this quickly, because of that whole thing where I have to read things as I go through them. There are a lot of locked files that I'll have to read after I've WordPerfect installed again, but there are a lot of unlocked files that I've been reading, which is why the whole schmear isn't already transferred.

With LJ, I forget how easy it is for me to lose my past. Just by reading myself at 2000, I gain experience, maturity. I integrate the past selves into me. Reclaiming Shanna. Reclaiming Marah. Re-learning Joan-prime-who-was.

And there were some things I'd forgotten. BJ, for all his other flaws, dealing with me in full-on panic crisis, keeping me from cutting. (Of course, what did he do to prevent the crisis before it happened, I ask myself with perfect cynicism.)

There's only so tight that you can compress history. There are only so many ways to distill the knowledge that you got into something your mind can handle all at once before it moves on to the next thing. Is eternity really something we want that badly? The fractals and I say yes.

I'm remembering my beloved through another woman's eyes. They had a different kind of ease between them, the guarded ease of new friends, the easy intimacy of Kit and Nita mind-to-mind when it was all fresh and new. She did not know how dear he'd become later. He did not know how close she'd insist on getting. They did not know that they'd keep in contact four years later...

I named us different names, then. We were not weighted down by history. Can he and I re-learn the steps? O, Michael, angel of fire... I don't think we get that back, not after we've seen into the basement of each other's minds, and we know the dirt and grime and things that the world doesn't see.
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Miss Piggy quote, via manifestress:

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye."
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Ooo... Beltane.

I wonder what's up for us this year? Here's hoping that it shan't be as uncomfortable as other years.

I've got plum wine chilling in the refrigerator. Maybe I'll send virtual flowers to my blonder half as well.

Of all the holidays, this was one of the ones that my family celebrated when I was a small fayoumis.
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Online Relationships

Asking someone if you may have web space with them is nearly as intimate as asking if you might move in with them.


So, for the moment, I'll content myself with, erm, not asking. Not for one year, at the least. Though asking to put your stories in a fic archive is a horse of an entirely different colour.
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Books of late:

Thief of Time, Terry Pratchett
The Tower at Stony Wood, Patricia A. McKillip
Song for the Basilisk, Patricia A. McKillip
Wyrd Sisters, Terry Pratchett

Tomorrow, after work, must go to the library and swap books out.
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Underpants, duly stolen.

Went to work. Worked. Happily sat next to dustraven, and across from trystan_laryssa until she got moved to a different job.

Shared my silly fanfic. Got more written on The Necromancer's Prayer, a good several pages handwritten. Not so much journal, though.

It was a slow night. We were out by seven or so.