May 1st, 2004

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Things, stuff, food, et cetera

After I got off work and chilled for a bit, it was time to go get food for the Temple. We have a chicken problem -- namely, someone cooks chicken, and then it just sits there. And it gets thrown out. Sometimes it doesn't even get cooked.

So this time, I did what I'd been planning to do for the longest time, and cooked the chicken, stripped it from its bones, and shoved it into the dehydrator. Come morning, we will have bone-dry chicken bits, suitable for shoving into random soups as meat. They'll keep quite a long time, one should think, especially if we got a vacuum packer.

If we can refrain from nibbling on them as if they were jerky. Mmm, jerky.

The bones with the residual meat that was too hot to get off are in the crock pot along with the juice, stewing and simmering so that I can toss it in the fridge and go after it with the big strainer later, and have soup ready once the last bits of that stew disappear.

Mama's chicken -- the baked chicken with the garlic -- really spoiled me for chicken cooked any other way. Also, I've found that some chicken isn't cooked well enough for me -- because I know how chickens live, and how clean they are, all my chicken must be fully done to overdone. Any hint of anything that looks like pinkness is enough to make me eat no more chicken, even though everybody else swears it's completely done.
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Icons to make:

The one discussed in filter, the one with the ring (if you're not in the filter, you probably don't want to ask, this means you FatherSir and grifyn).

Some form of "Domestic Goddess" icon, for my householdery posts.

grifyn's making an icon that's got the apple and the bird. Heh, heh. Shiny. Heh.

I want to make some sort of lyrics one, "and every breath we drew was hallelujiah" or some such, but I haven't the foggiest what picture to put with it. The CTY '95 logo would fit nicely, but it applies to so many more things. Not, I think, Shrek pictures. Hmm... Perhaps... (but then, link may die, so, um, here)

I've only got a few spaces left. Now that would be nifty, a LJ tool to tell how many times you've used one particular picture, by name, not by "it's default"...

Memories from the depths...

"It works better if you have an object." --Konstantine Bothari, on beating Barrayaran brainwashing to forget things.

Adults see what's real and what's not real better than kids do. At least, most adults can see between consensus reality and the reality that we spin out of ourselves...

...I think.

All I know is, when you've got reality, and a spinner of realistic tales, and a tower princess, you're bound to have problems.
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Butt Lemming (worksafe, arguably)

Refresh your friends list and reply to the 3rd entry from the top with the phrase "In the Butt." no matter what the content of the original entry.

Then repost these instructions in your own LJ.

Somewhat sophomoric, but since I restrained myself from giggling at kellinator's poooooooooooooooop! entry, I figure I'm due some time off from pretending to be mature.

In other news, marxdarx is still 30. This makes him the oldest member of the household (other household members being 28, 23, 7, 3, and 1 (the last two being cats)). He is still not a grown-up. I might be a grown-up. I'm not sure. I still like things. I see them with my eyes.

In other, other news, "Scampi" can and will drive bad country music out of your head -- for a price. Perhaps a terrible price.
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A little bit of ... countermeasure.

Yesterday at work, I discovered a card in my booth.

Our booths have a flat desk surface, and then a transparent smoked-glass piece of plastic on top of that, for easier cleanup or spiffiness or something. Underneath the plastic, someone had put a card from their church, with a quotation: "Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord," or something. Psalm 33. And the church name and website.

The other side of the card was blank.

The other side of the card wound up facing up under the smoky plastic, with "Love is the Law, Love under Will" written on it. Because, while I haven't studied that school as much as I'd need to if I were to declare myself of it, there are some very useful and good things in it.
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Happy Beltane.

We had a good evening last night, and toasted the season with plum wine and sparkling cider. The debauchery was limited (but, yummm, brownies, wee!) and there was much artificial bloodshed on the LAN game.

As Phoenix dew is about as limited as Fairbanks dew on Beltane, I hope to be forgiven for washing my face in the sink, not with dew. (Back home I used snow to scrub my face.)
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I hit the library.

The library hit back.

I'm exhausted from wandering around in the heat, and I crave orange chicken something terrible.
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Life, and stuff.

Since newspapers and Men in Black are starting to pay attention to blogs, I figure it's my civic duty to complain about gas prices, complain about education, complain about Youth These Days, and so forth.

Oh, and the government.

I think the platform that the US government was founded on was great. I think that the current install is screwed to hell, and that it's either going to take a few generations of writing and installing patches, a wipe and reinstall, or switching to a different platform entirely to get rid of the fucking mess.

I'm almost ready to say "Screw this, I'm headed to Scotland."

But I don't really have job skills, I don't have a place to live, I'm not done with my degree, I'm broke, and I have obligations here.

Waiting is.