May 4th, 2004

bleeding, Ryoko

PSA: Suicide note = immediate Abuse request

From tyrantmouth, just quoted:
If you ever have a friend on your friends list threaten suicide or leave a suicide not in their LJ (public or friends only) contact the Livejournal Abuse Team immediately.

The Abuse Team does have more info on each LJer than most of us may have and can contact the users local police department and get them help a lot sooner than an LJ friend could if no one knows his real name or address... Abuse team handles these situations frequently.

jpallan, a member of the LJ abuse team says: file a request with the LiveJournal Abuse Team with *all* IRL contact info you have". Sometimes people forget to do that, and in suicide requests, seconds count. ( how the LJ abuse team responds )

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon that people leave suicide notes in their LJ, but very few LJers know to contact the Abuse team in the event that someone on their friends list leaves a suicide note... can you each take a minute today to post this info in your own LJ to spread the word throughout LJ as for how to handle this type of situation. Like jpallan said, "seconds count" and contacting LJ abuse for a friend is what may may save the life of someone on YOUR friends list.

spread the word.

I've never left a suicide note in my LJ, nor have I seen an explicit suicide note in the LJ of a friend, but I have left my fair share of "I know I need someone to talk me down RIGHT NOW" notes. (The right person called in response to a frantic e-mail, and when my roommate got home, I was lying unresponsive crying on the couch with the phone talking, this being a step up from lying unresponsive crying on the couch without the phone not talking.) If I hadn't had someone there when my emotional defenses got walloped like that, I could very well have been posting a suicide note.

These days, emotional defenses doing a decent job, and I have a much better understanding/harmony with the only person who can breeze right through the defenses as if they weren't even there.

That specific incident was triggered by the explicit clarification of a long-standing verbal/physical communication disparity, one of those "I should have known better but I did it anyway" moments that makes you feel like the unworthiest shit on the planet.
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Read for a while in the morning. Tried to nap. She got the new job, yay of all possible yays! The co-workers seem promising too. The commute is t3h sux0r, though.

Went, gave plasma. Finished up Memory & Dream, Charles DeLint. Why have I not read his stuff before? Because I was mostly staying out of fantasy, that's why.

Evidently I am more of a control freak over the LAN than I thought I was. *ponders* Hmm, perhaps it's time to go 'head and hit Fry's for that mofo. ("that mofo" being the router.)
running, bomb tech

*does the geek dance*

Zoom ADSL modem/router/firewall/gateway shiznit.

We are happy, and we are RTFM right now, and then we're going to be setting this shiznit up, and then we are going to be very, very happy.

Thank you, Mama! (Thanks are due to Mama because she made it possible to get this now rather than later...)