May 5th, 2004

running, bomb tech

In which there is much bitchiness...

These are the days of the Temple Raven Moon, and our hair-raising
adventures. Tonight is 2004 May 04 (May the Forth be With You!) and I
am installing a modem.

That's right, boys and girls. The Lunatic is playing with her network,
for reasons only known to the gods and herself. She is also on the
phone with Tech Support. In fact, she is still on hold waiting to talk
to Tech Support for the first time, to confirm that in fact the VPI and
VCI numbers are what she was guessing they were.

It appears as though all is in order on the modem, but of course
everything is being stupid flaky bitches, which is about par for the
course. Modem says that everything is up and running fine, but not only
am I not pinging out, I'm still on hold with tech support...

I had to play guess-and-check with protocols. Still on hold with MSN tech support. Sheesh. All this could have been prevented by asking them... but noooo... they're not there to ask. Or they're really fsking busy.

Tigereye's being a little grumpy about this, but that will pass (I hope). Sorcha loves it.
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Evil Laughter

Doooooom! Internet connections! Doooooom!

...basically, the numbers were what I thought they were, and it wound up being the last flavor of PPPoA that I tried.

Now, however, there is flakiness on my side, because the Xircom 10/100 Ethernet card that came with Tigereye is still doing that shit where it won't go above 10Mbps, half-duplex, reliably. What the shit is up with that? This is still, eng1ne. (The joys of having someone whose job involves your box when you call in to tech support on your friends list...) I should call sometime and go over that little bit of flakiness yet again to see if someone in the great call center can help me figure what the shit is going on there.

The 'net connection, however, is working in a fashion that I must describe as "just peachy". Namely, Yahoo's being a flake, LJ's good, but everything is subject to change...

...and I suspect that reading the docs on your new modem with one hand and typing with the other is not the usual meaning of one-handed typing.

And I still have to hack my schedule for the new order of things. Yaaagh.
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So there's this RPG going on, and our protagonist character is a Christian paladin, going by the somewhat improbable name of Dire Salvation. He opts to have his companion beast be this huge bird of prey. So what does he decide on as a name for it?

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Let's see if we can get something other than client error: no mode specified here...
running, bomb tech

(no subject)

Ah. We also got Error updating journal:

Client error: Missing required argument(s)
from the web interface.
running, bomb tech


Errors, errors, everywhere.

Today is not going to be a good LAN day. I can feel it in my, um, you know how there's this too-tired headache that wants to kill something? Combine that with the "I'm hungry but not hungry yet" feeling, and the "I hate all computers and I want them to die" and the "Mr. XP knows jack squat about networking and connectivity", and we've got me.
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Got to talk with Darkside. Yay! We were silly together. Happiness! Our being able to see this next Harry Potter movie together depends on his transportation, and its state of fixed-ness.

I read him the "defraggle your motherdisc" article. There was much "WTF!!!!" and much silliness.

He was tired.

Yay for talking with Darkside.
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running, bomb tech

Muscles, work

Crashed out for a while, then called Darkside, then went to work. Work was long and not-there: I was on a study calling a panel of people who'd already agreed to do these studies, so it was pretty much nonstop work. I barely had time to fill out my schedule change form between calls.

By break I was zonked. My arms are aching as if I'd severely worked out yesterday. I think it was carrying heavy computer components around under my arms for quite some time at Fry's Electronics last night that did that. My eyes are nastily dry -- Arizona weather plus any sort of meds that dehydrate me will do that. And one of the fun side effects of claritin is dehydration. Jooooy.

We wound up getting out of work at eight. I was going to invite Darkside to show up tomorrow to use a computer here, but he was crashed by the time I called. I still may call tomorrow, provided I can pry my ass out of here soon enough in the morning. I may well go and work out more tonight, just because my body feels like it might want to.
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Mama wants me to come visit home this summer on my break. That's ... late June, early July. She'd thought a week.

I talked it over with the household, and they agree that it would be a good thing for me, and also financially feasible.


Mama's looking into getting me tickets for going up there on 1st July, and coming back on 8th July.

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