May 6th, 2004

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Switch. Hey, nonny, nonny.

That switch is dead.

I mean, it's already dead, but it's deader. Like, seriously. It's been the cause of the half of the network woes that the old skank-modem was not the cause of.

This has been driving me to near tears for the past week. And it's the bloody switch. The bloody, stupid, useless, smegging switch.

I am going to hit it so hard that it's going to take God Almighty and all the king's horses and all the king's men, and they still won't be able to put that switch back together again, that's how dead it is. It is more dead than a roadkilled skunk on a bad, hot, scorching day. It is more dead than Dr. King (Junior). It is more dead than the brain of G. W. Bush, and that's saying something. It might be on par with the deadness level of John's father-in-law, only on a more immediate timeframe. Only I think I'm going to use a hammer, instead. Not the bonky flashlight, because I am probably going to be hitting it hard enough to bust lightbulbs, and the bonky flashlight doesn't deserve that kind of punishment. (Hmm, maybe if I used John's father-in-law to hit it...?)

Allow me to back up for a second and give you a brief layout of the network, past and present.

For the entertainment of all, I have done these up in graphical format, to celebrate the happiness of the network and the harmonious swapping of packets.

Old layout
Here, Sorcha and Acknar have poor connectivity to the 'net, and Tigereye has poor connectivity to Sorcha and Acknar.


Tigereye and Acknar have shitty connectivity to the 'net.


Happy! Happy! Spiffin'! Sweet! Harmonious! Felicitous! Joy!

So, you see, it was the switch at the centre of all the troubles.

Now, I shall go move myself some bookshelfage to get at the plug and plug the new one in all right and tight, and then I shall go with the camera and get me a "before" picture.

I don't know if there will be enough left for an "after" picture.
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Injokes: "Hey, nonny, nonny."

"Hey, nonny, nonny," is what I say when I'm too angry to say anything else without swearing or screaming.

This is a nod to Much Ado About Nothing --

"...but be you blithe and bonny
Converting all your sounds of woe
To 'Hey, nonny nonny!'"

So, whenever I have sounds of woe that are too woeful, I run that little conversion routine.
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Affording tickets to Alaska

After Mama explained it to me, I don't feel guilty about the idea of going to Alaska both this summer and sometime over winter break. You see, FatherSir is funnelling my college payments through the credit card that gives him Alaska Airlines frequent flyer miles.


One racks up quite a lot of miles quite quickly that way.
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Invisible Friends progress

Little Fayoumis has only one of his invisible friends anymore, it seems: Sim, the robot. Both the Colshins seem to have disappeared. Sim only shows up occasionally. Little Fayoumis does talk about "his spyhunter" (which is in some way connected to the father archetype) but mostly he plays by himself these days, or with characters from the fictons of others. (Finding Nemo, Scooby-Doo, Star Wars, and occasionally others.)
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Blood, sweat, Star Trek, and phlebotomists

Went to give plasma. Got there half an hour before the doors opened up, which was evidently the thing to do -- I was out of there just after 10 am.

It was still a fair wait, though. HOT! But not as hot as it could have been.

When they opened up the door, I was hit with familiar music. I listened to my happy CD of pretty symphonic Star Trek music a lot back in the day, and put things on mix tapes. Turned out to be The Motion Picture. And, indeed, my editorial eye was looking at it with an eye to cutting... and the words "ship pr0n" did indeed spring to mind with the loving shots of the fair lady in dock...

My phlebotomist this time set the collection weight of the plasma for about 50 grams under what they were supposed to have taken. There was slight befuddlement. I was somewhat amused.
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Got pickup slip for package yesterday. Office was already closed, but I thought I knew what it was.

Went out too early for the office to be open this morning. Came back, office closed. Came back again... yep, a somewhat battered overseas parcel!

Choooooooocolate. From wibbble. Or that's what it says on the customs sticker.

Now I get to open it. Whee!
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Chocolate! And then some!

Harry Potter Chinese Fireball chocolate dragon egg (slightly smushed) -- chocolate outside, squishy stuff inside, with a jelly dragon (yum!)

Polo mints -- very much like peppermint Lifesavers. Except, of course, for the name. Also slightly battered.

Jelly babies! *plots to share with roommatesister*

Turkish Delight! *gets big-eyed thanks to childhood tales involving same*

Smarties! (Somewhat melty. They don't mail well, it seems.) Ohhh. Smarties bar. That won't be half so melty, then, mostly just banged up.

Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar! Ooo, promising.

Cadbury Dairy Milk with Crunchie bits! Hmm... *ponders* Woah.

Cadbury Dairy Milk with Caramel! Oooo. Chocolate and caramel. Ooo. *bounces*

Cadbury Dairy Milk ... Bubbly? Hmm. Have never heard of this variant.

Aero ... another bubbly bar. Hmm. Shall definitely investigate.

Ahh... confections from far-off places. Nothing like studying other cultures via chocolate. (Actually, studying other cultures via marketing is a very revealing sort of thing to do. Learned that in high school with the unit on the global economy in acadec. It's entirely different than studying another culture by immersion or socializing. Ads play on buttons that the culture isn't always aware that they've got...)

Things Learned...

  • Pixy Stix are fun. And more fun to dump in soda.

  • In an emergency, a hunk of Laffy Taffy can be used as an earplug when standing about six rows back from the stage at the Soul Asylum concert.

  • Relatives sometimes buy you condoms.

  • I really don't give a flying fuck at the moon about pretty much any show on TV anymore. By the time I was hooked on TNG, it was over. By the time I started liking DS9, it was over. I haven't seen enough of Enterprise to get into, and, um, I'll never be able to take it entirely seriously because of the captain. I liked Dark Angel and I liked The X-Files up until Mulder left. I randomly watched other very silly comedies, but those two were the only ones I actually, you know, followed.

  • People originally resistant to the idea of importing hacker/cracker jargon words such as 0wn and fux0r sometimes do so when referring to computers/computer issues.

  • Sometimes I just need sleep.

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Microsoft Tech Support vs. Psychic Friends Network
(via simoncion)

*giggle* That makes me want to keep a pack of Tarot cards with me if I should ever get into a help desk position. I'm not half bad with the suckers, and it might help me think up probing questions to ask the user if it seems very apparent that this is a PEBKAC* problem or I-D-ten-T error**, or even ways to phrase myself so that the user in question can actually understand me.

I wonder how many help desk technomancers actually do use any given divinitory system to help them with their work...

* PEBKAC: Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. In other words, the user.
** I-D-ten-T error: Write it out with numerals instead of the word "ten". ID10T.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

More Little Fayoumis progress: address

Posting the address and phone number on the wall in the living room was actually a pretty good plan. The Little Fayoumis has it memorized, now, and can spit it out when prompted. He had to be probed for it in an alarming number of ways at this point in time last year.

Holy shit, and the school year's almost over.

Welcome to the wonderful world of "kid home for summer". Unlike some parents, we don't get to ship the kid off for camp in the summer (though it would be delightfully refreshing...) we're going to be doing ... perhaps less than the usual schedule-juggling.

It's amazing watching them grow up.
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Emergency Antidepressant

Back in '98/'99, when I was feeling absolutely miserable, I had one recourse if I thought I was in danger of doing harm to myself.

I would take .75 liters of Jolt cola, and watch a comedy.

The caffiene was to shock my system into a place where the comedy could make me laugh. The comedy was to actually cheer me up.

It was a temporary measure, but it got me over the worst bits without doing actual physical harm to myself.
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Chakra test (again)

Chakra Test

My results:

Root: under-active (-13%)
Sacral: open (38%)
Navel: under-active (-6%)
Heart: open (19%)
Throat: over-active (81%)
Third Eye: open (63%)
Crown: open (44%)

Last year's numbers:
Root: under-active (-19%)
Sacral: open (56%)
Navel: open (13%)
Heart: open (44%)
Throat: open (63%)
Third Eye: open (56%)
Crown: open (63%)

What it means:
I need to be better about asserting myself in groups without letting others run roughshod over me, and also without running roughshod over others.

Furthermore, while I'm more personally secure than I was last year, I still have some ways to go.

I've gotten more talkative/expressive, and also am more careful about expressing myself, which also showed up on the test, probably with some of the underactivity. I was formerly more prone to exaggeration as well as underconfidence. I'm reaching more of a balance with that, which will throw my testing off from former.

I've also got some Crown issues, but I think those can be balanced out with the root issue. Heh. I'm the one who lives in here...