May 8th, 2004

fangirl, _schools4303

omiGOD, con.

I'm going to a convention. My first con. Um, eek?

And me with no boots.

I know I'm lovely. I know I'm prettier than many girls. I'm going to a con! I'm bringing my cards. I'm bringing a notebook and pens. I made a new bag for my cards. I'll bring my crocheting. I stop at the fabric store for a new crochet hook and ribbons, white and cream, to pin the Bastard's colors to my sleeve, pilgrim/cleric, I.

I need to get out, you see.
fangirl, _schools4303

My First Con: The Checklist...

Hair brushed, check.
Clothes on, check.
Legs shaved, check. (Wearing just-below-knee skirt, higher when I sit.)
Fingernails ... not check. Don't wanna mess with them. Which means chipped nail polish.
Waterbottle, check.
Makeup, check.
Snacks (and chocolate covered espresso beans to share) check.
Journal, yellow pad, and WIP, check.
Pens, check.
Contents of small purse transferred into capacious purse, check.
Running out door to LepreCon 30, check.
(This con is older than I am.)