May 11th, 2004

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And to think what I saw on Mulberry street... (canal, police officer, fun getting home)

The news article:
A Phoenix police officer had to be pulled out of a north Phoenix canal Monday afternoon after becoming tangled in grates during a dive team exercise.

The officer's condition isn't known. The officer has been taken to John C. Lincoln Hospital.

The officer, along with three other dive team members, were diving at 19th Avenue and Hatcher in the Arizona Canal.

Just before three o'clock, police say four divers were looking for evidence from a drowning last March.

One of the officers came loose from a rope line and became stuck in a grate.

The 43-year-old officer apparently lost his breathing apparatus.

He was pulled from the canal and transported to the hospital in critical condition.

By the time I got off work and got home, the roads around home were pretty much deserted. There were a few cops, and some caution tape, and cones marking off where no one was to turn. I walked home quietly, aware that there was some fufurrah up, and curious as to see what, in fact, it was. I saw lots of police cars up by the canal, and resolved to poke my nose that way later.

My roommatesister filled me in on what happened. She'd been trying to come home, had seen the blockades, had been unable to get in, saw ambulances, and had bad flashbacks. She was in a state. Fortunately, she was able to get to Clover's, where the news was turned on and everything was calmed down. They came back here, and all was good, though still in panic-aftermath.

Bodies in the canal just happen, around here. The one guy who Sis used to work with was sort of deterred from moving into this apartment complex because they found a body in the canal just before he was thinking of moving here.

I think I may be growing too accustomed to Phoenix in that when hearing about bodies in the canal, I shrug and consider it a thing sort of like mosquitoes in Alaska -- "Yeah, it happens..."
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twilight, Fairbanks to Phoenix, two worlds


Confirmed! Tickets! Mama's sending me relevant info. I called and checked. She'd neglected to e-mail.

*does the happy dance*

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Filk at Midnight


I do not need to be attacked by midnight filk bunnies.

Even though the bunny bit me already yesterday.

Even though it's an Original Song, and fairly decent, and probably soon to be a classic ballad among those who also come by it honestly as much as their families might be in denial about it.
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Hiccups. Cats whining. Cats bouncing about like mad creatures. Inability to sleep 'cause it was too damn hot. Refilling cat water with cat standing by, and the result: cat drinks out of toilet. Again.

Add to that, Yahoo webmail is being a bitch. Again.
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Day: sleep, bleeding, sleep, working, ... underpants?

Had a horrible time trying to get to sleep. Had a worse time trying to stay asleep. Finally dragged awake and spent over an hour trying to get out the door.

Gave plasma. It was evidently Cartoon Day: old Popeye (loud and disruptive to my reading), then Finding Nemo, then Shrek.

Came home. Ate, read, crashed.

Zoomed off to work.

Nice mostly-boring day at work. I wound up working 6 hours instead of the formerly-usual 4. Yay hours, anti-yay exhaustion.

I got one caller trying to convince me that this was supposed to be a phone sex call. I got another caller who lived by himself, and was somewhat bemused by the phrasing of the survey for dealing with a household with more than one person. I grinned, read it in a painfully verbatim fashion, and the guy and I cracked up together.

Wouldn't you know, I got monitored while on the phone with the guy living by himself. And I got rathed "above standard" on reading verbatim...

...good job I didn't have the Rules Lawyer Monitor for that, is all I can say, because she would have taken marks off for making the remark "You can tell my supervisor makes me read this exactly as written...", I just know it...

Came home, exhausted.

Where's supper?
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Hooray for teachers!

The one interview I got today was with someone whose job was high school science teacher. I took a very unprofessional moment out in the middle of the survey after asking her the "What is your job?" question, and thanked her for doing what she does and being able to put up with high schoolers.

Because, you know, you can't give the teachers too much love.