May 13th, 2004


The big 3!

Happy Birthday to little shammash. In just three years, you've gone from adorable scrap of kitten that we didn't get until June, to hyper pinball fur-fiend, to bouncy playful grown-up cat with a new friend, and you've finally settled down into being a really nice grown-up stripy cat who actually sleeps some of the time, and isn't moshing into things at all hours anymore.
wild rose

Laundry, mending

When I'm awake, I'm awake. And it was time to do laundry. I'm short on pants, because two of my pairs of pants were in the mending pile, so after starting the wash, working out, and starting the drying, I decided to dive into the mending pile.

I wound up working on all kinds of things. It takes 45 minutes for the dryer cycle to complete. First I sewed up the blown seam on my good pants. All the threads are coming loose from that one, and I'm going to have to tack the elastic back down one of these days soon. Next, I dug up the other pair of pants in need of some work, and fixed the pocket, where it had started to show threads. Both of these pants have been fixed before, for the same or similar ailments. Hazard of the job, I suppose. Different places. Thrift store black pants. Pants go boom. Thread go boom first.

After that, I found a pair of jeans that looked at first glance like they'd nothing wrong with them, but after a second glance, the crotch had worn out. I found another pair of crotch-blown pants and used them to patch the jeans. They won't be good for anything formal, but I can certainly wear patched jeans around the house. This was my first patch, so I did a very crazy job on it, but it should be adequate for the purpose. I won't be smuggling monkeys in my pants or anything, so it shouldn't have to stand up to that much wear and tear.

Then there was that one fluffy black broomstick skirt, which was suffering some seam dissociation. Fixed! It was a little rough getting the fabric to match up to the lace, because it's sewn in horizontal stripes and it's all gathered and floofy, but I managed, I think not half badly.

After that, the nightgown. Yay, nightgown! This is the black with blue roses one, and the side seams down by the bottom keep getting torn because I will walk energetically, and I really do need a full skirt to support that habit of mine. One more reason why full long skirts are for convenience of the wearer, rather than Oppression of the Patriarchy. Sheesh.

And finally, the other nightgown, the half-finished black one. I sewed up the other side and hemmed the bottom and cut a neck-hole. I'll have to hem the sleeves and the neck hole before I can wear it.

Hooray for laundry and mending! Well, that last was hardly mending, but it still counts, because I was at the sewing machine at one in the morning over it.

I still need to sew a button on those old pants of Sis's, and also put together that summer-weight anti-sun robe I was contemplating.


In other news besides the head-breaky, I finally got to talk with Dawn, and I got to share the head-breaky, plus talk about the Amusing Adventures of Mr. XP, and the network woes, and the new job for Sis, and all that lovely stuff.

The head-breaky came earlier this afternoon, just aroud 5 pm, right before Sis called home. I read a journal entry that made my sanity go for a loop, though not in a painful hurtful owwie way, just in the sort of way that makes you smack your head into walls, grab the parties involved by the scruffs of their necks, and pour champagne over their heads after knocking their heads together. Or something like that.

At any rate, someone had used an unfamiliar word that I ought to have seen coming, so I was shrieking said word at about mid-range power of my lungs (which would be the tops of quite a few 'danes' lungs) and Mr. XP was Not Getting It, and when Sis called to say that she was out of work for the day, I screeched it at her, too, and she laughed at me quite extensively.

So, yeah.

In other news, marxdarx officially graduates on Saturday. The source of his Y gene will not be present, and his mother and stepfather will be there, as will Sis and the LF, but probably not the cats. (Sadly, I'm working, and I didn't get notice of this in time to arrange it off, and we do need the money, so, yaaagh. I am considering it more significant than he is anyway.)

But, head-breaky.

I probably will want to grab random people and go "Head-breaky!!!!!!" at them and vent, so I'd better choose people who aren't close to the involved parties to do so, because it's Not My News, even though I'm dying, simply dying, to pound my head on Darkside's shoulder in lieu of a proper wall, because, head-breaky. And he's perhaps the only person around here who can grok just how very head-breaky it is. Maybe he and I will go out (or, more practically, stay in) and get drunk together.
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pretty, Francine

Hooray for sewing! My bra fits!

I was fed up with my bra not fitting quite right, and stomped over to the sewing machine and took the blamed thing in about an inch in the band.

It fits!


It's not time for me to rush out and buy all new bras based on this bra size decrease, because bras in my size are both a major engineering feat and a major investment first of all, and second of all, I have not lost anything in the way of cup size (in fact, this is a cup size too small already as E cups are not to be had for love nor money outside of specialty shops, and finding bras in a DDD cup is difficult enough as it is) and it would be pointless to get new bras when I can easily re-engineer my old ones to suit. It takes me one seam on zig-zag, and that takes five minutes or less. Earning the money to replace a bra is a day's wages at my job, and I do not have a minimum-wage job. (Of course, the fact that we tend to only get 6 hour shifts is another factor.) I'll take the re-engineering...

But, whee, my bra fits! My bra fits! And for once, it's fitting because it was too large and I made it smaller rather than the other way around...
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trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats


A discussion on bowling, which veers off into a discussion of potential movie plans, which gets laced with a none-so-subtle innuendo. As per the usual, I catch it, and then pretend I haven't, so that he has to point it out to me.
"And in three... two... one..."
*On cue, Lunatic splutters with laughter* "I thought we were taking this out of the gutter!"
"I threw a gutter ball."
"One or two? ... Because just one could be painful."
"Now, that's just sick!"
"You were the one who brought it up."
"I most certainly did not!"
*Lunatic breaks down laughing* "All right, you win..."
"Don't I usually?"