May 18th, 2004

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Home sick from both school and work. I feel dreadful, and when I'm not feeling dreadful, I'm coughing. My lung capacity is about 2/3 of what it should be.

I did manage, however, to hit the library, though I think I took a third again as much time walking around from here to there as I should have given that I'm short of breath and I resent that.

It turned out that I did have one overdue item, but the fine was less than a dollar, hooray, and next time I should be more careful.

I ran into a schoolmate there, one of the guys from the procrastinating gamers' club. It turned out that he's a Bujoldian too. I recommended her latest two to him, and when I retrieve Irresistable Forces from Darkside, I may well lend him that. He's not following Lackey as much as he used to, because he read the Last Herald-Mage series, and Vanyel was shaych and he's Mormon, and the two don't match up well. We failed to have the obvious "Um, honey, some people don't think the way you do..." because he knows that I'm active in the school's GSU. We had a very nice conversation over the science fiction section. I recommended Bester and Dick to him.

Since my intuition has been getting better about things like this, I flatter myself that the young man may have been flirting with me, a bit, though certainly not overtly. Hee.

Found a couple books, checked 'em out. Hooray libraries! Hooray online information from libraries!
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Slogged my way back from the library, and continued on the bus down to the nearest sane McD's, where I got one of the salad/water/pedometer Happy Meal things. The pedometer is a cheesy little piece of junk electronics, but it's sufficient for playing with. (It's evidently "not a toy". Hah.)

Now, reading happily. And coughing.
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Pedometer Calibration

The little McDonald's pedometer is cute, but (on me) it counts about double the steps that I've actually taken. So I'll have to take that into account when taking a look at things here and there.
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Plot twist, free to good home. Harry Potter universe.

Dumbledore's cure-all for horribly upsetting things is whatever sweet he happens to have on him at the time.

The standard cure for Dementor exposure is chocolate.

A particularly fiendish poison or malific potion would be one of those that's innocuous until mated with another ingredient -- in this case, chocolate.'s what I would do.
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In which I figure out why I was so dizzy and bad-feeling this evening...

I lecture myself.

I'm perfectly capable of absentmindedly either eating immense quantities of junk food without realizing it, or absentmindedly not eating until I happen to think that oh, I might be hungry or something, even though my stomach isn't nagging me.

This is what carrots are good for.

Now that I've had something resembling a proper meal, I feel not half so dizzy, and therefore I am safe to go to sleep or something.

Also, my cat is being a little snugglefiend.
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I had fun with mine.


View source to see what names I used. Hint: Darkside makes me blush.

<font color="yourusername">yourusername</font>

For those of you who want to know how I made the HTML display without spaces or "replace the [ with <": the escape characters for < and > are &lt; and &gt; respectively.
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On the illness front:

I'm feeling less absolutely miserable, but I'm still coughing loudly every few minutes, so not well enough for work. (Why do I have a phone job, again? I could have gone to a desk job today and yesterday.) I do have most of my upper register back, though, but not enough to make the Annoyed Loud Fayoumis phone post that I was going to make for nalidoll.
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Spell-check is actually not really your friend.

Some perfect howlers from student essays.

Some highlights:
One scene that caught my eye in particular was the scene that was done in the sewer for the floating crap game.

One sister has crumpled the family reputation with an illegitimate son.

I can put more, but I assume this is enough.

From that point on it's all dropping bodies.

The exact crisis is that everything goes wrong and everyone dies.

Every time he appears onstage he arouses his son in the way only a father can.

Barnaby exemplified the look of a butler with his gold collar, black bow tie, and white testes.