May 19th, 2004

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Sometimes I crack myself up.

I just had a Harry/Ron plotbunny. I may actually write it.

Technical question, on Obliviate: what happens when you've had it a little too much?
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Hellooooo class?

So I dragged myself out of bed at before seven on a Wednesday morning to get to class. This is the class that I'm never on time for. I was early, even, today. Falling over my own two feet when I tried to sit down, but early.

What happened?

The instructor was sick.
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Right Cookie, Right Moment

FatherSir taught me about timing and things. You're going to want to be able to have the right things on hand, or get them, so that when someone notices that they need or want something, and they don't have it to hand, you can produce what they wanted, or didn't know they wanted.

It's a combination of foresight, empathy, and timing.

This morning, I was able to come through for my roommate.

It was one of those things that you just can't predict. She made a crack to marxdarx along the standard "You learn well, grasshopper!" lines. I made a crack at her, asking if she was comparing him to the dessert that involves mint and perhaps chocolate that is called a grasshopper. This, of course, set her up with a powerful chocolate/mint craving, and grumpiness that there was nothing to hand to calm it down.

I'd had the foresight. Tucked away in the secret parts of my room: girl scout cookies. Thin Mints. I know she likes them -- I know the whole household likes them. I'd gotten extra, and put some aside for those moments when a Thin Mint or two is just the thing to make the whole world just that much better.


I got tacklehugged. The cookies got cradled and called "precioussssssssss". We did not get between her and the cookies.

Hee. I love it when I can do this sort of thing.
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Phone, whee!

Almost half an hour. We talked about electronics, and notable family engineering stunts (namely, my uncle Davy and the magnesium...), mostly...


Oh, and Star Wars.

Oh, and I talked around the head-breaky with him, even though I couldn't actually tell him. He failed to guess it. I'm guessing that it'll be very, very head-breaky for him, and I may want to be prepared with the "there and absolutely silent" for him.

He gave me helpful, creative hints for dealing with certain local stressors, such as tattooing common household tasks backward on foreheads.
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Several Mean Things to do to someone on your LAN:

  • Unplug them.

  • Give them a broken cable. Rewire the switch so their port looks like it's working.

  • Reconfigure the firewall. Block port 135.

  • Reconfigure the firewall. Tell it that when it's the five websites that the person uses the most, to send them on to /dev/null, but otherwise let things be.

  • Reconfigure the firewall. Divert all incoming packets for their computer to /dev/null.

  • Reconfigure the firewall. Intermittently lose all their packets.

  • Lose their password for them.

  • Give them an IP address out of range of what the router will accept.

  • Change the gateway information and don't tell them.

  • Give them an IP address conflict with another device on the network that they're trying to use.

  • Divide the bandwidth fairly -- 90% for you, 10% for them. Even if they're the one who's downloading stuff all day and you only surf a little.

  • Script them popup messages. Obscene popup messages.

  • Give them the number of the least competent person you know for tech support to "help" them with their issues.

  • Replace their Network Interface Card with an old Pokémon card.

  • Give them a bad attack of nannyware.

  • Convince your network security software that they are an intruder. Make sure your network security software has heavily armed monkeys.

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LJ alert -- Lost child -- Courtney from Brooklyn, 3 years old.

Lost child: Courtney from Brooklyn
May 19, 2004 BALTIMORE, Maryland (AP) -- Authorities appealed to the public to identify an abandoned 3-year-old girl who says her name is Courtney, she's from Brooklyn and she wants her mommy.

Officials asked anyone with information about Courtney or her family to call the Department of Social Services at (410) 361-2235.

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Help Courtney find her mommy: pass it on!

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