May 20th, 2004

running, bomb tech

Laundry! Hooray! Also, up too late.

Did laundry, finally. Hooray! Unfortunately, am up far too late for anything approaching sanity. I did, however, finish not only The Last DragonLord, but also The Last Hot Time and my re-read of resonant8's "Transfigurations" (with commentary). (I finished The Fairy Godmother a few days ago. Much to my bogglement, it's a Lackey book that might not set off Az-the-Elder. Might.)

marxdarx got to see, and boggle at, some very well-done fanart, and was momentarily stumped as to the gender of one particular hot person with rather a lot of long fine blond hair. "That's not Legolas, is it?"

It was purse-rearranging night, as some crafty and clever lack of zipping things up properly and some creative setting-down habits led to all my assorted cards spilling out all over the floor. Driver's license, school ID, clergy card, bank cards, shopping club discount cards, bus card... chaos! Fortunately for all concerned, eris_raven didn't try to help. I wound up putting everything back into the planet pocketbook, and stuffed that into the capacious purse, after attacking the handle on the planet pocketbook with unfortunately yellow cable ties.

When I am organized, it happens in very strange fashions.

Sekrit Message to 'Song: I think I should probably try and obtain permission to tell Darkside the exact nature of the head-breaky, on the grounds that it is excessively head-breaky, and he is best suited for peeling me off walls when I am subject to head-breaky things. Your thoughts?
running, bomb tech

Things, also stuff

Yet another decently quiet day. 3 or 4 hours of sleep. I think I'll take a nap. My cat is following that advice: she's curled up in the mesh laundry bin that's sideways on the floor.

Later, writing group. Now: sleeping while the sleeping is good before small Señor Loud gets home.
running, bomb tech


Happy Anniversary as of yesterday to trickofthedark!

Also, there have probably been birthdays, and I may have missed them, mostly because I'm a space-case these days.

Oh, and, um. This went unposted for, like, all day, soo... heh. Bad Lunatic.