May 21st, 2004

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Headed for writing group on the bus. I really need to make a mix CD that's got louder songs for on the bus and so forth, as quiet songs need to be turned up too loud to hear over the noise.

Did a The Artist's Way exercise and wrote up an incident with an enemy of my creativity, and a letter to same. I may or may not type that up and put that in here, suitably polished.

Got there. Long line for signing in -- I think quite a bit the yoga crowd. Gone are the days when you had one person asking about stuff at the desk, and you could sidestep and scribble in to the clipboard. Now the line is at least five long, and everyone takes forever.

There was a healthy debate over book group vs. writing group. The eventual consensus was to not break what didn't need fixing, and writing group is all Thursdays but the third, which is book group, and I forgot Reading Lolita in Tehran to return. Next week. This next month's book is The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and I finished most of it on the bus home and the rest in the bathtub just now.

After book group reconvened upstairs, we had new people downstairs for the writing group. Even when easalle isn't present in person, she gets introduced. P. and I were the only old hands on hand; the Pisky Queen was upstairs with the book group. There were a couple teenagers, and a woman maybe a little older than me, and a woman recovering from a car accident that caused her brain damage, trying to re-gain some of her skills by learning to write about things again. A good group, if a bit quiet.

We had some time apart to write on a moment of perfect contentment. I wrote yet another angle of the trio and the romance. This group, being new, isn't used to the way I can grab a topic and whip out a near-polished fragment in record time. This, my friends, is because of practice. Lots and lots and lots of practice. In addition to the general writing practice, I've been over that sequence more times than I can count. I lived it, I wrote it in my journal while I was living it, I've summarized it in my journal, I've told the tale to friends, I've told it to parents, siblings, strangers... I know how the moment's gone smooth and shiny from so much handling, and I have to strain to recall the sharp bits and the way it wasn't so perfect. I know I'm conflating many memories together into that one perfect moment that I wrote, that the conversation wasn't all over that one fateful lunch, that it was spread out over weeks, that the conversation I represented as having been over that lunch was actually in the Academic Support Center, with me facing north, sitting at one of the long tables. It wasn't actually raining, quite, that first day, not pouring like it could have been, but it was overcast and I was in quiet love with the weather.

So we got into a bit of discussion of the creative process, and I mentioned how the stories don't come out organized, I have to line out and rearrange and piece together, and that sounded more familiar to the rest of the group.

We eventually dispersed, and I missed the 8:00 bus and had to get the 8:30 one, and that put me home at 9:30 instead of 9:00. My batteries ran out halfway home on the Red Line, and after that I listened to the bus noise and tried to remember to look out the window to watch for my stop.
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Why would someone think that a power company would have a plain "Please leave a message" on their answering machine?

Unknown caller, unknown number, and of course in my bleary "This doesn't apply to us" I deleted the message, so there's very little way of calling back the space-case old lady and explaining that I don't know what power company she was calling, but she didn't get it at this number...
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Cute cat tricks

eris_raven has learned to curl up on a pillow next to me in bed, rather than only perching on my hip when I lie on my side. Last night I petted her for a while, and when I stopped petting her, she started washing my hand.
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Fic Preferences: Relationships

If there's a relationship in the story that isn't at least hinted at in canon (for example, Ron and Hermione may at least attempt to date in canon, Harry and Hermione may at least attempt to date in canon, Hermione and Viktor Krum did go to that Ball together in canon) then I would prefer to see it get started before I watch the pairing going at it hot and heavy.

I mean, the author doesn't have to go ahead and write the story of how they got together, although that is often nice. Even a "They had been a couple ever since a stray curse had forced them to snog for hours. After they'd been un-cursed, they decided that they rather liked it, and kept it up," would do. A little implausible, but no more so than the rest of it...

But established relationships where I don't know the background information tend to bore me, especially in a PWP where the words do not immediately seize me by the gonads and strife and/or attention. Harry/Draco? They're all mushy over each other? Back up a second here and hold on -- last I saw the smug little ferret was lording it over the school and especially Harry, and then getting his pants hexed off on the train. Not romance material. Unless you tell me that Draco has reconsidered his political position because he's just realized that hangin' with Moldy Voldie is going to ruin his surprisingly mature good looks (as opposed to making him look good by contrast) and has made a peace with Potter and one thing led to another and now, ta-da! Romance! -- then it's going to severely jar my credulity and I'm not going to follow the fic that much.

Same goes for, say, Mulder/Scully. Unless you make with the explaining pretty fast when you've got an established relationship, I'm going to leave the fic in a hurry because while I want to believe that they belong together, unless someone shows me how it could happen, I'm going to stay very, very skeptical, and that's going to ruin my enjoyment unless you distract me with a lot of plot very fast.

Also, unrelated -- careful with some of your imagery. "... A cesspool of spiralling emotions..." is not something I'd really want to associate with what you're undoubtedly meaning to be beautiful lovemaking. The rest of the fic is shiny, though, and wonderfully cute, just that one *facepalm* image. Nothing like raw sewage to jar a sex scene.
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Cherry season!

This is cherry season. It's the start of the season. Cherries are now on sale.

Insert much of the squee right here. I may well leave for work way early and get myself some cherries for lunch-thing.
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