May 24th, 2004

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Shiny new duffel bag!

On the PowerShopping trip yesterday, we ran into some duffel bags, the sort that generally retail for $50+. Sam's, and on "Please gods get rid of these things!" so they were $18.

I got one for the trip home. Whee! This is so that I will have two luggages to lug, rather than lugging one huge and too-heavy one. Happiness is mine!
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Happy Birthday to me...

A certain someone who shall remain nameless got to go to the press screening of Prisoner of Azkaban. Now, as this is someone whose taste I often agree with (my tastes are somewhat more broad; this person is far more picky), when this person said that it rocks, and that this person is going back on opening day...

Well then.

Happy Birthday to me!!!

(My birthday, you see, is on June 4th, the same day that Prisoner of Azkaban comes out.)
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Declaration of Insanity

So you people know -- this is me commencing on a 46.5 hour work week here. Eight hour shifts five days, a six and a half hour shift on Sunday. Plus class. Plus writing group. Plus whatever else I choose to stuff into these hours.

So. Anyone wanting to make sure that I see something, pop me a link. I may or may not go insane partway through.

This is to make up for the three and a fraction days I was out sick so that all the paychecks work out in the end.
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Geek Points

Getting rated in the positive points at Slashdot makes me feel all warm and happy and validated as a geek and an interesting person.

Sensible? No.

But worth looking into on paper at work the next time I'm doodling.

(I got rated Informative, +3. One point for being logged in and not a troll, and two points for being informative.)