May 27th, 2004

loud fayoumis

Dratted Feline.

Pissed off.

That's how you'd describe me, Sis, Marx, and eris_raven.

Cat piss on their laundry.
Cat shut in bathroom (litterbox, food, water, pillow) awaiting decatting.
Loud cat.

She's going to, with all good timing and good luck, be decatted Friday. Then maybe she'll stop with the hormonal skeeviness.
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running, bomb tech

Work, hormones

I had a decent to good day at work today. Evidently doing Tarot readings on the phone router gets me strange looks in the break room.
running, bomb tech

Cat Containment

The cunning plan to keep the cat inside the bathroom until tomorrow morning failed. She's now in my closet, as the bathroom door will no longer latch, not even when you pull it hard. Am not about to try locking the door.

Instead, will hope that cat comes out of her own accord by tomorrow morning, and snag her then. Will close toilet & remove food & water from room at midnight or thereabouts.
running, bomb tech

Notes from writing group

Venetian Knights (the blinds, not the planet)

single grey tortoiseshell queen, almost 2. Looking for strong handsome tom for fun and fulfillment. Reply immediately!
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