May 29th, 2004

running, bomb tech

*sigh* Home...

The head-breaky is still breaking my head. There's a distinct difference between being told about something with regular updates, and watching the glacial progression of something and then being surprised with an iceberg.

Having impacted side-on, instead of dead ahead, my brain is now sinking to the bottom of the metaphorical ocean, and currently there are characters scuttling about with axes, handcuffs, and life rafts trying to save their asses by getting out of my brain before it's too late.

Out of the loop, who me?
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Question for the Friends-List Resource Haven of Doom

Does anyone know of any LJ communities that deal with supporting the friends and family of suicides/attempted suicides? 'Cause I got Priestess-pinged to find some good support groups, preferably on LJ.

Yes, everyone in my immediate family/friend group is OK. I just ran into someone who may well need more hugs from people who have Been There than I can deal out.