May 31st, 2004

wild rose

Oooo, birthdays.

Happy Birthday, metaphorge. May this year continue to see improvements with stuff.
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running, bomb tech

Mind over matter: things to write about...

I need to write out what, exactly, happens when the Inner Geek and the outer persona are different people.

I need to write out what happens when the Inner Geek is the Inner Child, and the Inner Child doesn't get to come out because babysitting's too exhausting for the front.

I need to write about trying to pass as human, some days.

I need to figure out what the hell is going on with school.
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trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

Ooo, schedules.

Called a Darkside. He was putting the computer room back together with his mom (carpet got replaced, probably a long story) and his schedule is sucky and sucky and unpredictable. It's the week of the event, and he still doesn't know what his schedule is. (He often knows two weeks in advance when things are sane.)

I think I'll try calling later. Who knows.
flaming, angry

Drunken IM conversations from last year...

Late one night last year, I had a conversation with a high school friend.
azurelunatic says:
Gods you're drunk.
Fuzzy Modem says:
Fuzzy Modem says:
no not really.
Fuzzy Modem says:
I just have to fucos a pit to typr right.
azurelunatic says:
azurelunatic says:
"fucos a pit to typr right" says it all.
It might really be a good idea to have sobriety tests that must be passed before you can log into certain chatrooms or purchase-type websites.
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Chocolate Report (continued)

"Tell me that's American." -- Sis, upon trying a piece of the (UK) Smarties bar (mini smarties inside a chocolate bar).

Sadly for her, it isn't.

"OK, so we'll all just move to Scotland..."
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Eris Raven, Marah

Couch, and Cat Urine

Earlier today, while I was mostly passed out from exhaustion, my roommates opened up all the windows and doors to air out the apartment.

After the smoke from breakfast had cleared, it became apparent that the big black leather couch (recycled) in the living room was the source of the stench of cat urine. (Evil little cat.)

So today they hauled it out to the dumpster area, and we moved the small faux leather love seat (recycled, from the apartment that marxdarx had years ago) out of my room and into the living room.

There were, of course, problems. I have bookshelves too close to the door, and we had to try several times before the love seat actually would squeeze past and go out. The Little Fayoumis was trying to help, but wound up being set on my computer chair and told to stay, quietly. And he did.

The scratched-up faux leather love seat is now back in the living room, and I have all kinds of space in my room. Maybe I'll be motivated to actually put together that dresser.

The cat carrier has been moved to underneath the desk that I do most of my magic stuff on (the type with actual spell components, that is...) and loaded with catnip. Right now, the silly eris_raven is rolling around on the floor in front of it. I want her to associate it mostly with catnip and my pants and her pillow and a place to hide, rather than associating it mostly with a place where she is trapped.

Spaying appointment is 7:00 am on Friday, June 11th.