June 1st, 2004

old school hacker, bug


That was relatively painless. Reinstall OS, and am now slowly working my way back to full capabilities. Since I've been running crippled for the past couple weeks, I won't be too frustrated. Hooray for sorcha007's hard drive space! Yay!
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Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Kid Quote of the Evening

"I broke your milk." --dustraven's 8 year old son, after attempting to use a knife to remove the sealing ring from a gallon jug of milk and instead slicing the plastic container entirely open all over the floor before Daddy was awake.

You see, I called dustraven because I didn't know how long my computer would be down for the count. And I chatted with him while reinstalling and so forth. And of course kids came up in conversation, and he explained to me why he had to get up early: to get breakfast for his son.

I mentioned how Little Fayoumis is seven and fairly self-sufficient in the kitchen in the mornings.

That was the problem, he said: the little one is a little too self-sufficient. And he proceeded to relate the tale -- milk, finding the (well-hidden and ordinarily not in his way) knives, opening the milk, cleaning up the milk with several towels, and in general being too cute for words and ... well ...

I probably haven't laughed so hard since something Shawn-related.
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Typing username with body parts fun & games

hlynna jumped off the cliff first, so I put on the parachute.

nose: azurelunatic
elbow: awqujrtel. gtik vc
tongue: -- not doing this as my keyboard has become gross
feet: zxiu9tr6erppuiatr6uix
eyes closed and one finger: azutrkubnaEIX
back of hand: asurelunmjasticv
palm: zselounmasicv
mouse: -- this is a body part? -- azyureklunjatic
wrist: sc ujy7 ve3lkunaqu

As you can (probably not) see, I had my shoe on while typing with my foot. Also, the caps lock key is uncomfortably close to the A key in the QWERTY layout.

Furthermore, I have not yet got a client on the new install, and am angsting because of this.
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grammar bitch


When I get drunk, I use longer and more precise words. This is because I speak that way naturally, or, at least, I used to. Then I started having to interact with mundanes, and started using shorter and more common words. There's an inhibition in place against my using the more esoteric words in my lexicon under normal circumstances. But when I get drunk, I am stripped of the restraint and there I go.

When I was on the bus in high school, the Nash brothers commented that they could tell when I became angry, because they stopped being able to understand me. They could hear the words just fine -- they just didn't know what half of them meant.

I should take up reading the dictionary again. I don't want to actually lose my vocabulary.
silly, bunny ears

Shawn Story: The orange flowers

At my 18th birthday party, That Idiot Shawn walked into the lake. Then he tried to dry his shirt out over the fire. Then, he threw the shirt back into the lake.

"What did I do that for?" he asked, wading out to get it.
"It was on fire," I pointed out.
"It was not on fire!" he objected.
"I could see the flames, Shawn."
"Those were not flames! They were ... little orange flowers. Yeah."

sionainn called for entertainment, preferably featuring fire, squirrels, or bonky flashlights, so I went for the fire.
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