June 2nd, 2004

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Went, bled.
Came home, checked e-mail, et cetera.
Took a nap.
Went off nearly late and definitely grouchy to work, forgetting my purse and having to turn around as soon as I got ten paces from the door.
Confirmed that I do have Friday off. Yay, birthday.
Hashed out the premises and characters in a story, and hacked out the beginning. Poor Dolores.
Got off work.
Got snagged by trystan_laryssa and dustraven. Got to see chaos in action. And I thought I was chaos!
Note: trystan_laryssa will be driven bats by our housekeeping (or lack of same).
Eventually, wound up coming home.
Eris Raven, Marah


There were cats there! There is one big black huge one, and one mostly-white one with a few black markings. My brain did not remember the cat names.

And then over at the other place, an adorable little part-Siamese kitten, just a double handful and with still mostly only baby fluff and those still-squishy claws that are the little needles. Her name is Tommy. Adorable, and vicious.
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running, bomb tech

Overheating and the Standard-Issue Lunatic

When the Lunatic is overheated, the Lunatic droops and becomes sleepy and more cranky than is the norm. General listlessness ensues, and can be cured by cool air, ice packs, cool beverages, less clothing, and the like.

The Lunatic generally does best in an indoor temperature of less than 80 degrees.

This can be difficult to come by in Arizona summers.

In the future, the Lunatic should probably supply her own tank tops and ice packs.
running, bomb tech


I'd thought that I would have to install more drivers for things off of disks. Turned out that some of the updated stuff at the OS company homepage had some of the drivers I needed on there.

Unfortunately, there was a bluescreen when the camera tried to install. I have not quite a Bad Feeling About That, but a sufficiently mildly uneasy one.

But, when I restarted after the bluescreen, I got sound, which meant that the audio driver was in the whole bucketload... sweet. One less thing to hunt down in all the boiling madness.

Still haven't got IM programs back in and running. If you need private words with me, I'm always at my LJ address, given that I'm a permanent user, yay me.
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"Weekend", and birthday plans...

This is my "weekend" -- no work Wednesday nor Thursday, though there is other stuff going on.

I hope to be awake at a decent time to call Darkside and inquire rather more urgently about his schedule, and potential plans, as what I'm going to do for my birthday varies, depending on whether or not he'll be around to spend time with.

Plan A involves me spending as much time as I may be allowed to grasp with him, preferably in relative solitude that I may be allowed uninterrupted conversation and/or silence. I need the most to be in the company of him, merely that, to bask in his presence. No matter some of the man's shortcomings (especially when measured by the cultural distance between Army Brat and not-Army), he's still my own dear friend, and he and I have so much glorious history that we still do mesh together better than any other close male friend I've found.

Plan B involves the unavailability of Darkside, and features good fun times with the other local people dear to me. Hooray for good fun.

Whatever happens, I'm determined that a good time will be had by all.
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Eris Raven, Marah

Anyone in Georgia need/want kittens?

I don't want to guilt-trip anyone into taking an animal that they don't really want or can't afford to take care of, but suffice to say that if anyone in the Georgia area wants kittens, this would be the place to look first for humane reasons.

Our two lovely cats were strays, and are winding up to be lovely, pretty, loving little mutts. shammash was a kitten when he came to us. eris_raven was a teenage cat, and does have a few lingering issues, but is still a very loyal and caring cat who loves being petted (usually at 3 am).
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Voter Verification on electronic ballots

MoveOn.org has a petition project going for voter-verified paper ballots for electronic voting machines. Whichever side of the United States political issues you are on, note that electronic voting with closed-source software made by an organization with political preferences is not generally worthy of trust.

My addition to the canned petition text is as follows:
As an Information Technology student nearing graduation, I have had ample experience with computers and how they can go horribly wrong. I do not trust electronic voting machines, especially ones that have not laid all their code bare so that I may inspect it and verify that there are no errors that I can find that will cause my vote to go astray. I do not trust closed-source software with the future of my country, and neither should you.

Maybe I'm a reactionary, but I don't trust untested electronics without backups their first time out. Just -- no. Especially not with all the rumblings I've heard around about the machines and the company and political agendas. If candidates that I do not favor get elected, I'd rather it be fair and square without the pall of doubt cast by machines that may or may not have been compromised or even working right to start with.

[Edit: do correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I'm right in saying that the software for these things is not being shown to the public?]
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Living in Fairbanks

As a 20-year resident of the Fairbanks area (1980 to 2000), I offer the following:

Beautiful summers, lovely winters, good schools, few "snow days", good teachers, a very active small-town school district, an excellent library, swimming pools, sports, a world-renowned symphony orchestra where you can attend in bunny boots and Carharts, a good university with plenty of real research going on, wildlife, the aurora borealis, wild roses, birch trees, spruce trees, aspen trees, Summer Fine Arts Camp for kids, stuff for the space-crazed organized by UAF's Geophysical Institute, the Midnight Sun Run, the way sunset doesn't start until 10 in the summer, and dawn's 4 or so, and sunset/twilight/sunrise lasts all night, Hot Licks (mm, ice cream, comparable to Ben & Jerry's only local).

Cost of living, temperature in the winter, amount of snow (up to three feet), lack of pop culture (this can also be a pro), occasional lack of plumbing in the cheaper-rent out-of-town residences, moose as public nuisance, red squirrels as public nuisance, wind chill (not so bad in the hills in Fairbanks proper, but down North Pole way, worse), darkness, major medical procedures (such as many operations) taking place in Seattle, bad public transportation, yellow jacket hornets, ice fog, thermal inversions causing air quality alerts for violation of carbon monoxide standards four times a year in the winter (never in summer), mosquitoes.

Summer weather:
80 is hot. 60 is average. Rainy season in July/August. Frost in September. Breakup in April/May. Roses at the end of May/start of June.

Winter weather:
20 is warm. 0 is typical. -10 is also typical. -20 is too cold for outside recess. -40 is where propane kept outside gets too cold to flow. -50 is either school out or attendance optional. -60, definitely no school. '89 was the last time I think it hit -60 when I was there. It's a dry cold. A large snowfall will give you 3 inches. Black ice with a slight dusting of snow on top is the most dangerous. Studded snow tires are supposed to come off May 01. Shovel, sand/kitty litter and chains must be in trunk of car during winter by law of common sense. A down jacket is a serious investment but worth it.

Moose, red squirrels, the odd caribou, the odd bear, mosquitoes, dragonflies, damselflies, horseflies, yellowjacket wasps, baldfaced hornets, red-backed voles, shrews, foxes, sled dogs, and more.

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wild rose


The cherries are now on sale for $0.99 a pound. I love cherries, and the Little Fayoumis likes them too. I wound up buying six pounds, at a quarter the cost it would have been if they hadn't been on sale.

Mmm, the cherries.

I have enough of them that I may well make some project to sit in the back of the refrigerator until winter.

These cherries are rich red and bleed on everything. They're mostly sweet, but there's something just slightly tart about them that makes my tongue sticky.

The Little Fayoumis approves: he likes cherries, especially with the stems on them.
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Cleaning things... finding things!

One of the things on my to-do list for a while has been the sorting of all my bottles of nail polish into different baggies, by color. I have far too much nail polish, but it was all Necessary when I got it...

So I sorted, and then, much to my surprise, I found a bag at the bottom of the nail polish bucket that contained some glitter, the perfume I'd been looking for, and my missing jewelry!

Hooray, me.

I'll be smelling like myself tomorrow. Not that the one cookie-scented perfume (Auric Blends, "One Love") is a bad scent, it's just not quite on.

I'll also be having blue nails tomorrow, because I'm trying to use up the one tiny bottle of blue nail polish. After that, maybe pink. Or maybe not.
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Fic rec, also, the beginnings of my position on angst

“Good. I will be in my office all weekend. Should you find yourself planning stupid-Gryffindor exploits, come see me straight away.” -- Snape, "Tempting Fate". Warning: Contains small hints that could be interpreted as the start of Hermione/Ron. Main paring is Harry/Draco.


The thing that I like about angst fic is that you get to see depths of characters, the ends of loyalty, or how deep it actually goes, what it takes to make someone turn around and do something they'd sworn that they'd never do, the depths of love and how much it hurts when someone who's attached is in danger or estranged.

I'm one of those people who likes putting characters through the emotional wringer. I'm so callous to poor Rose, because a) I've gone through some of the same stuff, and b) even when she doesn't know it, I know what's going to happen next and I really can't properly feel for her anymore.
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