June 3rd, 2004

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New Client

Got my palmtop set up and synched not only with the desktop, but also with my Yahoo stuff. This is good. I live online.

I also downloaded LochJournal, which is a client I haven't used in some time. I remember it being great except for some freezing issues. Semagic is next. That's been my usual client for the past few years. Then, I'll be getting a client for my palmtop. Hooray for blogging on the go... too bad I haven't wireless connectivity for my palmtop, then I'd be on LJ allllll day, wasting all kinds of time.
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Hooray for midnight writing attacks!

Got hit with a plot bunny about three a.m. and had to scribble down notes. Since it was only a short piece, I got it done this morning while waiting for the plasma place to open. Therefore, I'll have "The Man who Lost his Name", drabble-length, to share with the writing group this evening.

Unfortunately, my growing creativity is fighting with my body's world-imposed schedule, wishing me to return to my natural schedule of noon-to-early-morning for my awake times.
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